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Profile Overview

Yuhiro Kolem

Betazoid/Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Kolem


Chief Counsellor; 2XO
USS Luna


Yuhiro Kolem




A Betazoid half Human Lieutenant (JG) just out of the Academy serving as a ship’s counselor in Starfleet.


Dark black eyes like a full Betazoid Yuhiro Kolem looks more like her Betazoid father than her human mother. Slight and frail she is in good health but is not likely to be considered a physical threat to anyone. Long dark hair frames her pale face, and it looks like you could blow her over with a stiff breeze.


As only a half Betazoid Yuhiro is only empathic and not a fully telepath. Given that she grew up in a mainly human environment, while Betazed was occupied by the Dominion, she sees this as an advantage rather than many half Betazoids who see it as lacking a sense (almost like being blind). She is generally optimistic and cheery often to the point of being annoying. She was certainly known as a “keener” during her Academy days never complaining or seemingly put off by any orders or lessons she was given.

Kolem hates being told about the adventures of Councelor Troi, and though she’s never met the woman is sick of living in her shadow. Kolem may even hate her fellow half-Betazoid counselor at this point.

She is nervous, and ashamed at being promoted so fast so quickly. Feeling that she did not earn her position but rather was bumped up out of need.


Early Life (2371 – 2391)

Yuhiro Kolem‘s father was a Bajoran lecturer on Earth where he met her mother a human student. The couple were friendly until the woman’s graduation from university at which point they engaged in a relationship. The couple moved to the Mars colony in the Solo system where they eventually gave birth to their first and only child Yuhiro Kolem a daughter.

It was during these early years of Yuhiro life that the Dominion War came to Betazed, and the family was cut off from half of their extended family. A few years teaching turned into something more permanent. Intentions to taking Yuhiro to Betazed for education and potentially arranging a marriage fell through, and she remained on the Mars Colony until graduating from High School.

In 2390 she first travelled to Betazed as a nineteen year old to learn about the other half of her heritage. Sadly during this journey that she undertook accompanied by her father he passed away as an unexpected seizure claimed his life enroute. She remained with her parental grandparents for a few months and then returned home to Mars to be with her mother.

Counseling (2392 – 2395)

Yuhiro Kolem had always been empathetic, both in the human term of the word and empathic, and so it made sense for her to follow a career in counseling. She attended university on Mars and became a counselor doing social work for the Federation for several years, often working with Andorians who she seemed to have a connection with.

After two years working for the Federation she wanted to try something new and so enrolled in Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Academy (2396 – 2400)

Yuhiro Kolem was an eager student. Having only travelled a little, she was eager to see the universe and the meet the challenges that Starfleet presented. Known as a keen student she was almost too optimistic, annoying some of her fellow students with a bright and sunny attitude at seemingly all challenges.  She excelled in most classes, though lagged behind in strategy and security work.

Though not a full Betazoid her dedication to the Betazed belief in non-violence. Though pragmatic enough she was able to pass her Bridge Officer’s Exam and qualify in the shooting range with a phaser. However she has never, and hopes she will never be forced to use such a weapon in an offensive or destructive capacity.

Graduating from the Academy she left Mars for her new posting.

Starfleet (2401 – )

She was fast tracked to being the Chief Counsellor on the USS Anaheim following the Borg attack on Fleet Day. She was given her first assignment on the USS Anaheim were on her third mission she was able to identify a shield weakness on an attacking ship, and thus save the Anaheim. She was promoted to a full Lieutenant shortly afterwards.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2396 - 2400 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2401 Chief Counsellor USS Anaheim
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2401 Chief Counsellor USS Seattle
2401 - Present Chief Counselor USS Luna