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Profile Overview

Akane Sone

Human / Trill Female


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Sone


Assistant Chief Stellar Cartographer
USS Luna


Akane Sone


USS Saratoga


A human trill hybrid serving in Starfleet.


Akane Sone is the daughter of a human Science Officer and a Trill Science Officer who met aboard the USS Saratoga. Despite her heritage she looks human, with no evidence of the distinctive Trill markings visible on her. She appears to be a normal human from the Japan region of Earth with dark hair, and olive skin. Sone is slightly smaller than the average human female of her age.


Akane Sone grew up aboard starships as her parents were a married couple in Starfleet. Thus in her early years she would learn to chart their ships’ progress on star charts. As she grew up her parents settled her on Kinora IV to attend grade school and she kept up the habit, charting her parents’ course throughout the stars. By the time she was in high school she was an expert at stellar cartography, and it was her hobby and possibly the thing she was most passionate about.

She is outgoing, making friends easily. She is not overly brave, and likes her job in her stellar cartography lab. This does not make her a coward, but she very much got involved in Starfleet to explore and see new worlds, not for the military aspects.

With both of her parents still in Starfleet, she is committed to the goals of the organization. She is what’s known as a Starfleet brat, having spent large chunks of her childhood aboard starships.


2370 – 2382 – Starchild

Born to two science officers aboard the USS Saratoga Akane Sone grew up with her ‘space legs’. While the ship did not have a Galaxy Class amount of families aboard she was able to make some friends and grow up in a supportive and loving environment. One of the things that she began to do, encouraged by her parents, was to keep star charts of where the ship had gone. She essentially was doing stellar cartography from the age of five, though she got better at it as she aged.