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USS Vallejo (NCC-75586)

Embark on the voyages of the USS Vallejo, a California-Class starship navigating the vast Thomar Expanse. Join Cadet Jeremy L. Ryan and an eclectic crew as they unravel mysteries, forge alliances, and confront the unknown.

USS Vallejo

California-class • NCC-75586 • Task Force 47

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Launched Stardate 45703.1 (14 Sep 2368), the Vallejo served under several capable commanders. However, after years of distinguished service, the ship was decommissioned and mothballed in 2396 due to changing fleet requirements and modernization initiatives.

In 2401, following the shocking Borg attack during Frontier Day celebrations and the infiltration by Changelings, Starfleet faced a dire need for experienced vessels.  The Borg attack and Changeling infiltration shook Starfleet to its core. Many experienced officers were lost or compromised, and the majority of the fleet suffered damage, leaving a leadership vacuum.

Cali Class

The 33-year-old Vallejo was recommissioned after a thorough refit to make her space worthy once again and put back into service, focusing on the Pathfinding Operations of Task Force 47 of the Fourth Fleet, and supporting Task Group 13 in utility functions, supply missions, and diplomatic endeavors throughout the region.  Led by her new Captain, Commander Day Renora, and her untested crew, the Vallejo moves into the sector to begin her assignment. Captain Day is the seventh officer to command the vessel and has a legacy of service to the fleet to live up to.

As a symbol of Starfleet’s commitment to peaceful exploration and cooperation, the Vallejo represents the unyielding pursuit of knowledge, diplomatic relations, and the continual quest for understanding in this universe teeming with wonders.

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Content on this command is rated at 111 on the RPG Ratings Scale, per the Bravo Fleet Content Policy. Mild swearing, occasional violence, and sexual innuendo may be present. It is intended for all audiences.

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16 June 2024

Revelations: Part 2

USS Vallejo: Among New Stars

Cadet Jeremy Ryan lay on his bunk inset into the corridor wall of Deck 11, the hum of the USS Vallejo’s engines a constant companion. Privacy was a luxury for junior officers on a California-class ship, but he had grown accustomed to the confined space over the past month. He activated his PADD [...]

3 May 2024

Revelations: Part 1

USS Vallejo: Among New Stars

Captain Day Renora walked into the conference room off of the Vallejo bridge and took her place at the head of the long curved dark wooden table. Standing behind her high-backed chair she steadied herself by gripping the headrest, forcing herself to not let the exhaustion take root; there would be [...]

23 March 2024

Beyond the Veil: Part 1

USS Vallejo: Among New Stars

Velenia did her duty to her people. As she stood among the swirling tempest of blinding red energy of the Spire, she prepared herself for the Crossing. The once blinding crimson light pulsed around her in concussive waves, almost overtaking her. Soon she would be with her people again and forever [...]

1 March 2024

Desperate Appeals: Part 2

USS Vallejo: Among New Stars

As the senior officers gathered in the conference room, tension was thick in the air as they awaited Captain Day’s instructions. Captain Day stood at the head of the long curved table, her expression grave, while the rest of the officers took their seats. Mehta, Rax, Valis, Vex, Loran, Kellan, [...]