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Jeremy L. Ryan

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Cadet Ryan


Cadet Trainee Tactical
USS Vallejo




Jeremy Lucius Ryan

23 January 2379

Goshen, New York


Jeremy Lucius Ryan, a vibrant and dedicated Starfleet Academy student, hails from the picturesque Hudson Valley NY, born on January 23, 2379. At 22 years old, he embarks on a journey shaped by a profound passion for history and an aptitude for tactical systems and strategy.


Standing at 5ft 10in, Jeremy boasts a lean yet athletic build, a testament to his disciplined cadet lifestyle and passion for various sports and martial arts. His hazel eyes exude both curiosity and determination, often sparking with intellectual fervor. A mop of chestnut hair, styled neatly yet casually, complements his sharp features. The sun-kissed glow of his Irish and Italian heritage hints at outdoor adventures, be it exploring the Hudson Valley or engaging in Starfleet training exercises. His easy smile carries the charm of someone who appreciates the lighter moments amidst the challenges of academy life.

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Pursuant to the Bravo Fleet Judicial Code, Section 6: This image was generated by starryai.
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Jeremy Ryan possesses a spirited and determined personality, shaped both by the challenges he faced early in life, and his passion for being part of something greater than himself. His vibrant character reflects the resilience and curiosity instilled in him by his father.

Jeremy possesses an unwavering passion for history. His inquisitive nature drives him to delve into the narratives of civilizations scattered across the stars, sparking his eyes with the fire of intellectual curiosity, traits his father always assured him were a gift from his mother.

In the realm of starship tactical systems, Jeremy is in his element. His nimble mind and quick reflexes make him a standout cadet in this specialized field. Whether immersed in tactical simulations or tinkering with the inner workings of a phaser array, he approaches challenges with dedication and a determination to excel.

As strongly as Jeremy excels in areas and subjects that interest him, he struggles with those he finds uninteresting.  This lack of engagement in tasks or topics he doesn’t see as essential to his education or personal growth can come across as arrogant and standoffish.  It has led to conflict in his education and as a result conflict with his father in his youth.  While he has learned to better apply himself more equitably to his studies, this shortcoming does come to the surface from time to time to this day.

Despite the tragedy of losing his mother at a young age, Jeremy carries forward an optimistic outlook on life. His easy smile reflects the charm of someone who appreciates the lighter moments amidst the challenges of academy life.  Jeremy tends to be quiet unless he feels he has something to add to a conversation, his friends often joke that he speaks the least but says the most.  He is fiercely loyal to his friends and family.

Jeremy envisions himself as a guardian of peace in the vast expanse of space, driven by a dream to contribute to the harmony of the Federation. While disciplined and focused on his studies, he also values the camaraderie and shared experiences with his fellow cadets. His personality embodies a balance of resilience, intellectual fervor, and a genuine appreciation for his journey at Starfleet Academy.

As he progresses through his training, Jeremy emerges not only as a promising Starfleet officer but as an individual whose character is shaped by a deep connection to his family and friends, and a commitment to forging a brighter future in the uncharted realms of the cosmos.


Early Life (2379 – 2385)

Jeremy Lucius Ryan was born on January 23, 2379, in the serene town of Goshen, nestled in the picturesque Hudson Valley of New York. His parents, both esteemed professionals, provided a nurturing environment for Jeremy and his younger sister Cailin.

The course of Jeremy’s life took a profound turn when tragedy struck at the tender age of 6. His mother Angelica, a dedicated professor of Xenohistory at Fordham University, met her untimely end while conducting field studies in the Beta Quadrant. The Telurian Plague claimed her life, leaving a void that resonated throughout the Ryan household.

In the face of this heart-wrenching loss, Jeremy’s father Kenneth Ryan, an engineer at Beta Antares Ship Yards, chose to retire from active service. He embraced the role of a single parent, raising Jeremy and his sister with unwavering love and commitment. Despite stepping back from his professional life, Jeremy’s father continued to share his talent for engineering through consultations on ship design, fostering a supportive environment for his children.

Adolescence (2385 – 2397)

The years following the tragedy were marked by Jeremy’s resilience and a deep reflection on his mother’s legacy. This period served as a crucial juncture in Jeremy’s life, propelling him toward a path that transcended personal loss.

During this time, Jeremy focused on honing his intellectual prowess and academic dedication. His interests gravitated toward history and the intricate workings of starship systems. A thirst for knowledge led him to explore the narratives of civilizations scattered across the stars, planting the seeds for his future endeavors.

Jeremy’s father, though retired, remained a significant source of inspiration. His engineering expertise and commitment to familial values influenced Jeremy’s mindset, laying the foundation for the cadet he would become.  Together they would build model ships from various civilizations, and his father could talk for hours about the different systems, power sources, weaponry, and shielding each used.

As the years unfolded, Jeremy’s dream of joining Starfleet Academy began to take shape. The preparation for this pivotal journey involved rigorous academic pursuits, physical training, and the cultivation of a disciplined mindset. The echoes of his mother’s passion for Xenohistory resonated in Jeremy’s pursuits, driving him to seek a path that would intertwine history and the exploration of the cosmos.

With the turning of the years, Jeremy, now equipped with a resilient spirit and a wealth of knowledge, embarked on the next chapter of his life – a journey through the hallowed halls of Starfleet Academy, where his dreams and aspirations would find a canvas on which to unfold.

Starfleet Academy Journey (2397 – Present)

Jeremy’s first semester at Starfleet Academy in 2397 did not go as well as he and everyone around him thought it would.  His aptitude for martial arts, weaponry, and passion for history found fertile ground at the Academy. However, he was not prepared for the intense workload expected of him.  He had always been a strong student, and even in subjects he was not interested in he was able to obtain high marks.  He quickly learned while at the Academy this would not be the case there.  He struggled and found his grades dropping dangerously low, especially in Biochemistry, Temporal Mechanics, and Botany.  At one point Jeremy considered returning home and following a different course for his future, but his best friend at the Academy, Renn Tanara, wouldn’t let him accept defeat.  She helped him to look at school as a tactical scenario, one that with effort he could not just survive, but win.  He redoubled his efforts, reached out to peers for tutoring where needed, and finished his first semester strong.  From that point on, while the subject matter only got more and more difficult, his mindset allowed him to tackle the coursework with renewed vigor.

His mother’s legacy lived on as he delved into the narratives of civilizations across the stars. Late nights listening to his father discussing ship systems or theoretical upgrades with colleagues back at the shipyards helped Jeremy grasp the most complex engineering concepts. This journey of exploration extended beyond textbooks, shaping Jeremy into a cadet with a profound connection to the living, breathing history of the cosmos.

The camaraderie with fellow cadets and the shared experiences at the academy became integral to Jeremy’s journey. His personality, forged through resilience and intellectual fervor, found a harmonious balance in the disciplined yet vibrant atmosphere of Starfleet Academy.

Within the academy’s hallowed halls, Jeremy’s true calling emerged in the intricate dance of starship tactical weapons systems and defense mechanisms. While still passionate about his love of history, it was as a Tactical Officer Jeremy knew he would best be able to serve.  He excelled in his years of training and testing and looks forward to the day he can put all his education to work for the good of the Federation.

Jeremy is currently completing his senior year at the Starfleet Academy annex at Mellstoxx III and hopes to earn a Cadet Trainee role in Tactical on a starship best suited for his talents,

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2397 - 2398 General Education and Basic Starship Operation Starfleet Academy, Earth
Cadet Freshman Grade
2398 - 2399 General Education and Basic Starship Operation Starfleet Academy, Earth
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2399 - 2400 Advanced Starship Operations - Tactical Specialization Starfleet Academy, Earth
Cadet Junior Grade
2400 - 2401 Advanced Starship Operations - Tactical Specialization Starfleet Academy, Mellstoxx III
Cadet Senior Grade
2401 - Present Cadet Trainee - Tactical USS Vallejo