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As a California-class Utility Vessel, the crews job isn't going to be posted on the front page of every news outlet. But it's work that needs doing, the often overlooked aspect of regular Starfleet activity. And as a stepping stone to a young career, Logan Walker is more than happy to do his part.

USS Brawley (Archive)


The USS Brawley is a aging California-class Utility Cruiser. Commissioned in 2371 at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, which is 30 years ago to date, she has just went through her first refit a decade ago. The ship has only had one prior commanding officer before her current billing and is used in support of larger, and more important, Starfleet vessels. She serves performing important but quotidian missions ranging from minor scientific surveys, to medical and engineering support missions, and routine transport assignments including diplomatic attaches. Though she won’t be the center of anyone but her own crews attention, she serves to function as a single cog in the greater Starfleet apparatus. The work she does may not be glamorous but it is certainly essential to fleet operations and civilian infrastructure.

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30 November 2023

Part One: Arrival

USS Brawley: Maiden Voyage

The USS Brawley exited warp a week after it’s initial departure from Starbase 86. The crew had spent that time getting to know their new stations and especially their new colleagues. Some, like Chief Petty Officer Dukarn, had spent years on the ship. But most, like her entire senior staff, were [...]

27 November 2023


USS Brawley: Maiden Voyage

Captain Logan Walker stepped out of the turbolift and was met by his new First Officer; Commander Samantha Haynes. He smiled warmly and nodded to her. They had served together before on a prior ship and had even attended the Academy together, though Logan was already a Junior Cadet by the time she [...]