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Profile Overview

Brittany Curry

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Curry


Chief Science Officer
USS Brawley (Archive)


Brittany Curry


Aboard USS Lex


Brittany Curry is a promising Science Officer that grew up aboard multiple Starfleet vessels. Her parents both served Starfleet and were SOs themselves, making Brittany something of a legacy.


Brittany is a caramel skinned, thick in all the right places young woman. Her drive to be the best at everything seeps into her appearance and one would never catch her without looking her best. She has dark black hair and mesmerizing almond eyes. Her stature is average.


Brittany is a outgoing and sometimes reckless young officer with a penchant for doing before thinking. She is eager to explore space and every anomaly she can get her hands on knowing she has something to prove, her chip on her shoulder sometimes clashes with her crewmates as she tries to constantly better herself at the expense of others more often than not.


Brittany Curry was born in space, aboard the Starfleet science vessel USS Lex. Her parents were both Starfleet Science Officers and ensured their daughter had everything she needed to eventually follow in their footsteps. While she tends to push pass others in her climb to the top to be the best at everything, one does have to admit her childhood does give her an advantage going into her first starship duty as its CSO, something she is quite proud of.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2395 - 2396 Cadet Freshman Grade Starfleet Academy
2396 - 2397 Cadet Sophmore Grade Starfleet Academy
2397 - 2398 Cadet Junior Grade Starfleet Academy
2398 - 2399 Cadet Senior Grade Starfleet Academy
2399 - 2400 Science Officer USS Erin
2400 - 2401 Science Officer USS Erin
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2401 Chief Science Officer USS Brawley