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USS Seattle (Archive)

Task Force 86

The USS Seattle is crewed by the senior staff from the USS Anaheim, a California Class that served ably as a medical starship responding to crisis situations near the Cardassian border. After a violent altercation with True Path separatists the ship was damaged and while it was in spacedock being refitted the crew was largely transferred to this newer and sleeker class of ship.

Now capable of packing a punch, their task is to protect the Federation from terrorists and pirates, and not allow other ships to suffer the same fate as they did. Along with that they hope to engage in some exploration, and other adventures worthy of any starship.

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3 February 2024

Coming Backwards

USS Seattle (Archive): Welcome to Task Force 86

—- Starfleet Academy, Classroom —-   The building, as it had ever been, was mostly glass and chrome. Like one of those historical Apple stores that had once existed everything seemed clean and prone to fingerprints. Captain Adriana Cruz adjusted her uniform from the USS Seattle and watched [...]

2 February 2024

Things Get Broken

USS Seattle (Archive): Welcome to Task Force 86

—- USS Seattle, Holodeck 1 —-   Lieutenant Junior Grade William Hume hurt in muscles that he did not even know he had. As Lieutenant Commander Jake Dornall the ship’s Chief Intelligence Officer helped him to his feet it was clear that one of them had years of experience under his belt [...]

1 February 2024


USS Seattle (Archive): Welcome to Task Force 86

—- USS Seattle, Security Department —-   Entering the ship with her duffle bag of personal belongings the young Bajoran woman headed towards Security where she had been assigned. Much of the crew of the ship had been given leave and rooms on Starbase 415 for the duration of their stay but [...]

1 February 2024

Date night

USS Seattle (Archive): Welcome to Task Force 86

—- Starbase 415, Section E ——   The USS Seattle’s Assistant Chief Security Officer was not by nature a dancer. He was not a Neanderthal, in his own opinion anyway, but dancing was not something that was in his wheelhouse. Yet his friend and fellow Lieutenant Junior Grade Thomas [...]