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The Sausalito is a Federation Support ship and is based out of Starbase 10, near the Romulan Neutral Zone. The crew travels the area as a second contact vessel and offers much needed assistance to any and all.

USS Sausalito (Archive)

Task Force 93

As a part of Task Force 93, The USS Sausalito is part of Starfleets Humanitarian Operations. The California class starship, with it’s relatively new crew, has been used to provide Engineering, Science, Logistical and Medical support. Their main recipients as of late have been the Romulan Republic but many others benefit from their presence as well. Using Starbase Ten as their home base, they can easily resupply and adapt to whatever need must be met within days and be on their way.



Content on this command is rated at 111 on the RPG Ratings Scale, per the Bravo Fleet Content Policy. Mild swearing, occasional violence, and sexual innuendo may be present. It is intended for all audiences.

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9 December 2023

Do Not Disturb - Pt 4

USS Sausalito: A Probe of Our Own

“Sir. We’ve dropped out of warp just outside the probes scanner range.” said Helm as the Sausalito same to a stop. “On screen.” ordered the Captain. The image of the surrounding space vanished and was replaced by the Borg probe and the planet Coppelius. “And what are our scanners [...]

23 November 2023

Do Not Disturb - Pt 3

USS Sausalito: A Probe of Our Own

[Briefing Room] “I still don’t think we’re the right ship for this job, Sir.” said the XO. “If they expected us to engage,” began Alen, “I’d agree, Number One. But we’re going to keep our distance and observe only. I think the Sausalito can handle that.” “It’s not our ship [...]

7 November 2023

Do Not Disturb - Pt 2

USS Sausalito: A Probe of Our Own

[Bridge] “Helm. Set course for the Ghulion system. Warp six.” ordered Krolo as took his place in the command chair. “And drop us out just at the edge of the system.” “Aye, Captain.” came the flight officers reply. Alen looked over and noticed the look from his XO. He lifted a single [...]

6 November 2023

Do Not Disturb - Pt 1

USS Sausalito: A Probe of Our Own

[Ready Room – USS Sausalito] “That’s it, Commander. Observe and report.” “But it’s just a probe, Sir. It could easily be destroyed or at the very least, taken in for study.” replied Alen. “You know the Borg, Mister Krolo. So long as we leave them alone and they don’t consider you [...]