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Part of USS Sausalito: A Probe of Our Own and Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

Do Not Disturb – Pt 3

Near Coppelius
June 2401
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[Briefing Room]

“I still don’t think we’re the right ship for this job, Sir.” said the XO.

“If they expected us to engage,” began Alen, “I’d agree, Number One. But we’re going to keep our distance and observe only. I think the Sausalito can handle that.”

“It’s not our ship we’re concerned with, Captain.” chimed in Shara, the Andorian Chief of Engineering. “I’ve read reports and I know the Borg are suppose to not attack unless provoked but they have become more and more unstable and predictable as of late.”

Alen nodded as he turned to face the only staff member that hadn’t said a word since they all entered the room.

“And what about you, Miss Evens? As our Security and Tactical Chief, you have to have some input?” he inquired.

“I would recommend arming Security personnel and maintaining the ship at Yellow Alert, Sir.” said the young CSTO. “I understand what you’ve been saying about them, but I agree with Lieutenant Shrar. They have been acting strange lately and I’d like to be ready for the unexpected.”

Alen knew he’d be nowhere without his crew. Their insight was valuable and he trusted them deeply.

“Okay. We’ll be dropping out of warp soon. We’ll stay at Yellow Alert and arm your people.” he conceded. “Hopefully, it will be for naught. Dismissed.”


  • The is a palpable fear in the crew of the Sausalito, and can you blame them? No Starfleet ship stands a good chance again the Borg, but the XO is right to say: “I still don’t think we’re the right ship for this job, Sir.” If the Borg do turn for them, they’ll need to pull a miracle from a hat. There’s also clearly a history the crew has with the Borg that adds to the nerves as they consider the moment. Nice job with setting up the situation!

    November 24, 2023