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With a developing humanitarian crisis in the former Romulan Neutral Zone, the Echelon has been dispatched to quell an outbreak of Terrellian Plague. Will they be able to help, or will this result in a massive diplomatic failing?

USS Echelon (Archive)


The USS Echelon (NCC 97400) is an Echelon-class starship and first to bear the name, commanded by Commander Aris Suin of the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 93. Echelon is a rapid response vessel often deployed for humanitarian relief and high priority engineering assignments. She is a sought-after assignment for those wanting to make a difference in the frontier of space and a little closer to home.


Content on this command is rated at 111 on the RPG Ratings Scale, per the Bravo Fleet Content Policy. Mild swearing, occasional violence, and sexual innuendo may be present. It is intended for all audiences.

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15 July 2023

1 - A Call For Aid

USS Echelon: We Are Here To Help

Aris was sat in his brand-new seat digesting and arranging his thoughts. When they had returned from the Yadev II system, they had been informed of a disease outbreak amongst several worlds previously under the authority of the Romulan Empire. It was decided the Auckland was not suited to a mission [...]