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USS Chico (NCC-87077)

The USS Chico is a California Class Starship assigned to Task Force 86. As a California Class, the Chico is primarily assigned routine missions such as second contacts, cargo deliveries, and ferrying dignitaries. Will her new assignment change all that?

USS Chico

California-class • NCC-87077 • Task Force 86

The USS Chico is a California Class Starship. Entering the service in 2395, the USS Chico has just finished working out the kinks in time for their first Commanding Officer to be transferred to a more luxurious command. Operating out of Starbase 86, the Chico’s crew endeavors to keep the Federation fully stocked, staffed, and running smoothly.

Now under the command of Captain Harris Hill, an experienced officer with limited leadership experience, the USS Chico will continue its mission to keep the Federation running, as long as it doesn’t get too hazardous, risky, or scientific!

Frontier Explorer Division

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Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commanding Officer
ID: 113
Chief Flight Control Officer
ID: 113
Security Officer
ID: 113
Operations Officer
ID: 113
Flight Control Officer
ID: 113
Science Officer
ID: 113
Engineering Officer
ID: 113