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Profile Overview

Michael Anderson

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Anderson


Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Chico


Michael Anderson



Lieutenant JG Michael Anderson is the Chief Helmsman aboard the USS Reliant.


Michael Anderson was born on October 17th, 2365 to his two parents Bob and Michele Anderson. His father was a local merchant who owned and operated a local department store in Boston. His mother was a nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital. Growing up their focus was on raising their child to be the best that he could be. Additionally, living by the ocean helped foster an appreciation for the sea and the animals who lived within it. With that, they taught him the benefits of sailing and Michael developed a love for navigation.

After secondary school, he applied to Starfleet Academy where he majored in Flight Control. He excelled in his studies and upon graduating, he was assigned to Starfleet Academy as the official pilot for the Academy. It was not exactly the job that he thought he’d be assigned when he graduated, but it was a safe position that kept him close to home, which his mother loved!

Having joined Starfleet in 2385, Michael saw the long-term impacts of the Dominion War. The Federation had sustained a number of casualties that was unimaginable before the war and had lost a large portion of the fleet. All the while, ambitious young officers were working their way up the ranks (that included Michael). Michael would remain at the Academy for a few years with his missions varying from training to official transports. But it wasn’t what he’d hoped for; piloting a Starship! That changed when a Flight Control position aboard the USS Adventure opened. He was one of the first officers to put in for the transfer, and was luckily selected. With the impending supernova in the Romulan Star System, they’d been ordered to assist with relocations and while the transporters were great, having an extra pilot around to help ferry even more people was a bonus.

Finally, Ensign Anderson was at the helm of a Starship! Did he expect it to be an aged Nebula Class starship that barely made it through the Dominion War? No. But the Adventure proved to be just that – an adventure. The first mission to Romulan space had been successful. They’d been able to relocate thousands of Romulans from the inner words to new parts of the Empire. And even if their comments were rude, and their appreciation lacking, he felt like they were doing what was right.

After the Synthetic attack on Mars, the adventure was ordered out of Romulan Space and returned to whatever semblance of normalcy Starfleet expected. When news of the Supernova reached the ship, Ensign Anderson joined his colleagues in mourning the dead. This was a surprisingly unpopular move as many in Starfleet remembered the treachery of the Romulans and despised them even if that meant millions would be senselessly killed. After overcoming some workplace harassment over his involvement, things settled down on the Adventure. His opportunities to pilot the Adventure ranged from navigating through nebulas, ion storms, and even a few tactical situations. Michael had always been known as a gifted pilot, but now he finally got to apply it to a larger vessel – and he was successful!

Michael would serve five years on the Adventure. During which his leadership potential was identified by leadership. He was then promoted to the USS Beijing as their Assistant Chief of Flight Control. Being the number two person in charge of a department was a jump from his Flight Control. To say it was messy to start was an understatement. Time management was difficult. He would misspeak at meetings. All of which caused resentment among his colleagues. But as he started to gain his footing, things started to change. The Beijing was a Galaxy Class starship and she needed a strong Chief and Assistant Chief to ensure the ship got from Point A to Point B. His Chief, Alexandra Thompson, became his mentor; teaching him new techniques as a pilot and how to be a leader. Without her, Michael Anderson would have left Starfleet.

The Beijing’s gave Michael the chance to become the leader and pilot needed to be in charge of a Department. In 2400, he was again identified for promotion and transferred to the USS Chico as their Chief Flight Control Officer. And while the timing was difficult, he’d married David Thompson, his mentor’s brother and a security officer on the Beijing, just a month before his promotion. Hoping to avoid the work shock he experienced when he was first promoted to Assistant Chief, and ensuring his marriage doesn’t fall apart, Michael is anxiously excited to start his mission onboard the Reliant.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2385 - 2387 Flight Control Officer Starfleet Academy
2387 - 2392 Flight Control Officer USS Adventure
2392 - 2400 Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer USS Adventure
2400 - Present Chief Flight Control Officer USS Chico
Lieutenant Junior Grade