Lieutenant Commander Michael Anderson


Michael Anderson was born on October 17th, 2350 to his two parents Bob and Michele Anderson. His father was a local merchant who owned and operated a local department store in Boston. His mother was a nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital. Growing up their focus was on raising their child to be the best that he could be. Additionally, living by the ocean they helped foster an appreciation for the sea and the animals who lived within it. With that they taught him the benefits of sailing and Michael developed a love for navigation.

After secondary school, he applied to Starfleet Academy where he majored in Flight Control. He excelled in his studies and upon graduating, he was assigned to Starfleet Academy as the official pilot for the Academy Commandant. It was not exactly the job that he thought he’d be assigned when he graduated, but he did not have to worry about his shuttle being targeted by an enemy.

All that changed with the start of the Dominion Cold War. He found himself piloting his Danube class runabout threw the Sol system with anxiety; would a Klingon bird of prey decloack at any moment and strike? Nevertheless, his extended stay at the academy was relatively uneventful. In 2373 with the start of the Dominion War, Starfleet transferred Anderson to the USS Montana, a Miranda Class starship. The Miranda class was an aging vessel, but throughout the first year of the Dominion War, she was on security duty around Alpha Centauri. As the Dominion started to make gains into Federation territory, Command ordered the Montana to the frontlines where she barely survived her first encounter with the Dominion. The ship nearly lost their port nacelle. With some assistance from another Starfleet ship, they were able to escape, but they were damaged beyond repair. The ship was decommissioned the next day.

With the Federation incurring huge losses, the crew of the Montana was immediately redistributed to other starships. Michael found himself on the Excelsior class USS Montgomery. Immediately they were put back on the front lines defending the Federation. The USS Montgomery was later assigned to Captain Sisko’s plan to retake Deep Space Nine. While the offensive was an overall success, the Montgomery was destroyed and nearly half of the crew went down with the ship. Michael was able to make it to an escape pod.

The story of how Michael got to the USS Adventure was the same as the Montgomery; Starfleet needed bodies on their starships. The Adventure was a Nebula class starship and they lost a large number of their senior offices to the Dominion. Michael was finally promoted to the Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer aboard the Adventure. Michael served aboard the Adventure through the close of the Dominion War. The Adventure was ordered to participate in the invasion of Cardassia, and Michael was one of the officers sent down to Cardassia prime to fight any remaining Jem’hadar forces. After the close of the war, Michael enjoyed six great years aboard the USS Adventure where they returned to Starfleet’s primary mission of science and exploration.

In 2380, he was laterally transferred to the USS Beijing as their Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer. Only this time, the Beijing was a much larger Galaxy Class starship. For eight years, he served under Captain Alexander Desario. They explored the Beta Quadrant for years. While aboard the USS Beijing, he met his partner, Lt. John Finnegan a Security Officer. The two were married by Captain Desario in 2386. Shortly after, in 2388 Michael was assigned to the Delta Quadrant aboard the USS Shepard as a the Chief Flight Control Officer.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Flight Control OfficerUSS Montana
Flight Control OfficerUSS Montgomery
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Flight Control OfficerUSS Adventure
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Flight Control OfficerUSS Beijing
Chief Flight Control OfficerUSS Shepherd