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Assigned for a stint with Starfleet Academy, Captain von Thune takes command of the elite cadet crew of the USS Corax, a raven-class ship

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The USS Corax and it’s crew of cadets has been tasked with a short cruise to pick up a team of aging engineers and bring them back to Devron Fleet Yards to act as advisors
in the refits being made to the oldest ship remaining in active service in the 4th Fleet, a classic ambassador-class ship. Should be a fairly straightforward job, right?


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1 March 2022

Briefs (the inside story)

USS Corax: The Old Machine

While there was no proper briefing room on board the diminutive USS Corax, the aft observation lounge afforded the crew enough space for an informal style all-hands meeting to take place. The captain rather enjoyed the idea. Meetings and briefings tend to be stuffy, overly formal affairs. Of course [...]

27 February 2022

The Sh*tlist

USS Corax: The Old Machine

On: [Ready room, some other ship] Captain Viscount Lyran von Thune stared blankly at the PADD in his hand. Still unsure if he had read the orders correctly, he read them again for the 300th time. Or something like that. Starfleet Academy? Of all the things they could have asked him to do during the [...]