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Andorian Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander T’han’in


Chief Security Officer
USS Yudhisthira (Archive)






[Being re-written from another character into this one]

Chorlyx was born on the civilian-operated Deep Space Station K-7. His early formative years were spent stargazing, meeting people from all horizons, and assisting his parents operating  a lounge catering to travelers transiting through on their way to far-flung locations. He soon found that he had a knack for fixing machinery, having repaired the food replicators and other industrial appliances without having to request assistance from station personnel. Moving into his teens, his reputation for being able to fix anything had spread to hangar bays where he spent much of his spare time receiving an apprenticeship of sorts, familiarizing himself with strange, fantastic alien designs and technologies.

When he came of age, he applied to Starfleet Academy, where he hoped his talents would afford him the chance to see for himself the wondrous worlds that comprised the Federation. His application was approved, and within weeks, he found himelf on board the USS Deimos on a course for the prestigious facilities of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers on Tellar Prime. Graduating with honors, he requested a planetary support assignment, and got his wish.

In an effort to enforce their claim to territory close to the border with the Cardassian Union, the planet Sigma IV was selected as the site of a new colony. That colony became Chorlyx’s first assignment. For 16 months, he worked with the settlers to build infrastructure for power and defense. The Cardassians interpreted the move as an act of aggression, and a raiding squadron to destroy the settlement. The small contingent of Starfleet personnel assigned to Sigma IV resisted however it could, but without support from orbit the situation was desperate. The colony fell in a matter of hours. They however reformed as a guerilla resistance outfit until the USS Ajax lifted the occupation.

Having suffered injuries in the fighting, Chorlyx was given leave during which he took up extra training programs in combat and starship engineering. When he requested to be cleared for duty again, it was decided that he would serve shipborne duties until he has healed completely, and was assigned to the USS Achilles.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
Cadet USS Corax
Cadet Senior Grade