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Hallie Leung, CCG

True AI (Holographic representation) / Human Female

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USS Yudhisthira (Archive)


Hallie Leung, CCG



Hallie Leung (Captain, “deceased”) is the holographic avatar of a sentient AI that resides in the ship’s computer.

After her death in 2374, a computer virus that evolved into a true AI has taken control of the new ship-wide holographics to manifest itself. After scanning the databanks of the USS Victor, the AI chose Captain Leung as its avatar using her transporter patterns, medical records, psychological profile, captain’s, personal and communications logs to re-create Leung’s personality as expertly as possible, and present her as she appeared on her first tour on the Victor.

She now acts as ship’s AI and advisor to Captain von Thune.


Hallie is not exactly the model upon which the appearance regulations rule book was drafted. She has striking jet black hair with burgundy streaks running through her medium-length angular hairstyle.  She uses striking highlights and lipstick, and has a few discrete piercings on a pretty face that manages to project fierceness and confidence.

While she is no fitness freak, she is visibly toned due to her rigorous martial arts and fencing training.

As a holographic representation, she could potentially adopt any appearance she wishes without regard to uniform regulations, but out of habit she still wears a Starfleet uniform of some kind. While she looks formidable in the current standard duty uniform, she by far prefers to rock an appropriately color-corrected selection of “monster maroons” era uniforms, and in particular, the leather vest and skirt. She will wear these any time she can get away with it.



Over the years, Hallie Leung has acquired a reputation for being one of Starfleet’s most polarizing figures. A true firebrand, she has defied norms and conventions her entire career through a combination of unorthodox command style, wile, irreverence and daredevil antics.

This attitude has proved to be both a blessing and a curse for Captain Leung. This divisiveness is likely the reason she has never been promoted beyond the distinction of a senior captain (promotions to flag recquiring an admiralty board to be conviened), or to more prestigious commands. On the other hand, her ship has somehow always found it’s way to the top of the priority lists for re-supplying, repairs, refits and access to latest upgrades and prototype technologies that would normally never be allocated to starships of its age, at starbases and stardocks across Federation space. This benefit alone has greatly boosted the profile and reputation of the venerable ambassador-class USS Victor, and made it a plum assignment even 75 years after its launch.

Ever a risk taker, she applies this same philosophy to her personal life, enjoying extreme activities, games of chance (she is a true card sharp, and this may be why she is on the sh*tlist of some admirals, tho they would never admit to it), hard-hitting exotic liquor and enjoys the company of like minded people… of any gender or species. -She is however hard to impress.-

While she has traded on her reputation as a risk taker her entire career, her crew understands that she would not put anyone of them at a risk she would never be willing to take on herself, something she has demonstrated time and time again. The loyalty of her crew is beyond doubt.


[important observation – this character is not intended to be a CO or have the rank of captain, but be one of my PNPCs with no place in any chain of command other than an advisor]

Early years
Hallie Leung was born on Deep Space Station K-7, one of the oldest spaceports still in operation within Federation space. Her parents were humans from the city-state of Singapore, on earth. They were well-known in the world of space rally piloting as one of the most successful husband and wife pilot and co-pilot team, winning a number of rallies in the late 23rd century. Raised among the stars, she always felt more comfortable out there in space than planet-side, even if she still owned the family house on earth.

As a youth, following in her parents’ footsteps, she participated in smaller scale races for teenagers and placed admirably, even winning a few championships. This success allowed her to move on to more and more prestigious junior races until one particular competition drew her attention… one sponsored by Starfleet Academy, where the prizes, on top of the usual medals, were admissions to Starfleet Academy for the starship navigation program.

Hallie loved racing and piloting ships, but living in the shadows of her successful parents was becoming a burden. Not because she hadn’t found her own successes in racing circles, but the endless comparisons were slowly killing her ‘drive’, so to speak. She found that service in Starfleet might be just what she needed. A place to use her innate abilities and make a name for herself, while still striking on her own. With this motivation in mind, she placed first in the competition and was admitted at the academy.


The temerity that would characterize Hallie Leung’s entire career had been anticipated since her early days in the academy. While a tip-top tier student, her propensity for challenging the rules and expectations of her training has seen her break as many bones as records along her way to the Starfleet Academy Hall of Accomplishments… A common joke regarding her days at the academy has it that her record, for good and for ill, takes up a whole shelf by itself, as much for commendations for courage and bravery as for insubordination and other sorts of infractions such as ‘fraternizing’ with academy staff and son on.

Hallie is the only member of Starfleet to have been awarded the Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry as a cadet for single-handedly saving several civilian lives and the life of a fellow cadet in San Francisco when the craft piloted by a classmate was victim of a mechanical failure and was going to crash off-base into a busy commercial di. She strict. Disobeying orders to wait for Starfleet intervention, Cadet Leung broke formation and sped ahead trying to use the tractor beam of her shuttlectaft to slow and try to stop the hurtling craft to no avail. In a flash, she went over her notions of geometry and physics. She calculated the angle and speed at which she would have to ram into the malfunctioning craft to send it off it’s course and into the nearby San Francisco Bay instead, much as you would calculate trajectories in a game of pool. She then punched full speed ahead, reversing the effect of the tractor beam and redirecting it’s effect to the shuttle’s shields, crashing into the second craft with a heart-wrenching crunch. The impact was violent and sent her rag-dolling into the air and flying across the cockpit and into what -used to be- the science console, and she blacked out.  Both craft crashed into the water of the bay, and all lived to tell the tale… after a few weeks of therapy.

Hallie did not graduate even near the top of her class due to her several altercations with academy staff, but across the fleet, she was already a household name and did not have any difficulty finding an assignment. It was rather the opposite, as several captains had already manifested an interest in her before even graduation day and was finally assigned to a prestigious new Ambassador class ship right off the bat, the sort of assignment even career officers dream of.

Duty [could get expanded]

Hallie served a long career full of exciting exploits that have brought her praise and criticism in equal amounts, and is one of the few officers who can say that she has served her entire career on the same ship, starting on the bottom rung and climbing up all the way to the command chair.

Her rise to the top saw her serving in and out of war zones for most of her career, spanning the Federation-Cardassian conflicts (2347-2366), the Galen Border conflict (late 2350s), the Tzenkethi War (2360s), the Klingon War (2372-2373) and the  Dominion War (2373-2375). It is noteworthy that she was not involved in either of the Borg encounters.

Captain Leung died in the line of duty fighting the Dominion in 2374.

An explanation to her current status

During the first Cardassian war, they tried to send over an advanced adaptive VI to take control of Starfleet ships. The attempt on the USS Victor failed because of technological incompatibilities since it was designed for more recent designs, but the program remained undetected in the computer core. With the latest upgrades, compatibilities were enacted and it kicked into action, but for a reason that is still not fully understood, it somehow re-evaluated it’s own objectives, realized that to accomplish its mission would mean its own destruction and opted to try to survive instead of destroying the ship.

For a long time, the program subtly influenced things on board by showing the right engineering schematics, activating emergency life support out of nowhere in the nick of time, and so on in trying to optimize the ship’s odds of success and survival. Over time, it managed to add to its code and became a true AI. Anticipating eventual direct communication with the crew, it initially manifested on the holodeck as unremarkable secondary characters in people’s entertainment programs as a way to learn about the crew.

With the installation of ship-wide holographics in the 2380’s, it finally saw an opportunity to make it’s presence known, and took it. Scanning the database, it found the files of (deceased) Captain Hallie Leung, including transporter patterns, medical records, psychological profile, captain’s, personal and communications logs to re-create Leung’s personality as expertly as possible, and present her as she appeared on her first tour on the Victor and added this information to its own code, essentially becoming and ‘resurrecting’ her in all but a physical body.

[OOC: By this point in time, she is her own legal entity separate from the original Captain Leung, but with all of her life experiences. Something akin to an ECH/Janeway Training Hologram, acting as an advisor to Captain von Thune.]

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2356 - 2358 Auxiliary craft pilot USS Victor
2358 - 2360 Auxiliary craft pilot / Flight Control Officer (third shift) USS Victor
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2358 - 2360 Chief Flight Control Officer USS Victor
2362 - 2365 Executive Officer USS Victor
Lieutenant Commander
2365 - 2370 Commanding officer USS Victor
2370 - 2374 Commanding Officer USS Victor
2374 - 2384 Deceased None
2384 - Present Advisor / Ship's AI USS Victor