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The USS Serenity is a Diligent-class frigate assigned to Task Force 86, Task Group 25 and is tasked with anti-piracy and other law enforcement missions along the federation border.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commanding Officer
ID: 2213
Command Master Chief/Chief of Tactical/Security
ID: 2213
Task Force 86 Executive Officer
ID: 2208
Task Force 86 Commanding Officer
ID: 2187

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17 November 2021

Pomp and Circumstance

USS Serenity: Meeting Serenity

Nether stars twinkled from the deep beyond. Light, emitted from them hundreds, thousands or even millions of years ago splashed against the spaceframe that now hung in a steady orbit around Starbase 86’s meridian. She was a fine ship, or so said those who’d served aboard her. Sleek, [...]

8 November 2021

The Surprise

USS Serenity: Meeting Serenity

Lieutenant Heather Kowal entered the office of the Task Force Executive Officer aboard Starbase 86. She had changed into her fresh uniform and enjoyed some caffeine on her way over. She carried a padd in her left hand and told the XO’s assistant that she was there to see her. She gave her name [...]

30 September 2021


USS Serenity: Meeting Serenity

Heather nearly dropped the PADD she was reading while sitting on the couch in her personal quarters aboard Starbase 86. She had just completed her shift and had gotten notification of an urgent message as she entered her quarters. She had done the overnight shift switching with another shift [...]