SS Vondem Rose (NR)


The SS Vondem Rose is a duly registered and certified armed merchant vessel of the United Federation of Planets, owned in part by no less then twelve shareholders. Major shareholders in the vessel are Sidda Sadovu & Gaeda Ruiz, both Federation citizens, as well as a third party that on papers is noted as Revin.

The SS Vondem Rose serves as the mobile headquarters for Totally Legitimate Salvage Operators LLC, owned by the same shareholders as the vessel itself.

While the vessel bares a striking resemblance to a modern Klingon Defence Force Block 5 K’t’inga class cruiser, the Bureau of Ship Registration would like to remind all interested parties that the vessel is merely an armed merchant vessel.

The Vondem Rose was present in the recent Battle of Haydorien, where she played a small but critical role in defending a Starfleet minelayer as well as assisting in the post battle salvage operations, removing an abandoned Klingon bird of prey from being an obstacle in a major shipping lane.

SS Vondem Rose



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24 August 2021

Twenty-five thousand litres of maple syrup

SS Vondem Rose: Pirating from the pirates

Despite proper registration, despite playing by the rules, Starfleet still had a tendency to distrust a klingon warship, armed merchant freighter that is, arriving at a fleet base at high warp without seventy-two hours’ notice, forms in triplicate and announcing intent to visit hours before [...]

19 August 2021

“That’s Queen Bitch.”

SS Vondem Rose: Pirating from the pirates

“Defend the landing bay!” came the barking voice over the loudspeakers, urging the assembled men and women there further in tasks they were well aware of already. “Don’t let them into the base! Klingon filth!” “Really wish the Old Lady would shut up,” Grell muttered just loud enough [...]

16 August 2021

“Yah I was just about to…”

SS Vondem Rose: Pirating from the pirates

Vondem Rose Nearing the Republic/Federation border Bridge “Another three days and we’ll meet up with a Romulan freighter, the Setlik. We sell half the cargo to them, making up all expenses accrued so far, then we carry the rest on to Torkin IV, where Roelin will be awaiting his shipment of the [...]

6 August 2021

“This isn’t over pozhilaya dama.”

SS Vondem Rose: Echoes of the Tkon - Particle Anomaly Detected

Martian Thorn Bridge “Just what the hell are they doing?” Gaeda asked as he sat forward in his seat, an elbow on his knee and chin on his fist. The Martian Thorn had been following the USS Cavelo for over a day now, following a rather strict regime of emission control while under cloak and with [...]