Task Force 47

The SS Vondem Rose is a duly registered and certified armed merchant vessel of the United Federation of Planets, owned in part by no less then twelve shareholders. Major shareholders in the vessel are Sidda Sadovu & Gaeda Ruiz, both Federation citizens, with the rest consisting of members of the crew originally from the SS Vondem Thorn, the enterprise’s previous vessel.

The SS Vondem Rose serves as the mobile headquarters for Totally Legitimate Salvage Operators LLC, owned by the same shareholders as the vessel itself as well as a handful of other interested and one uninterested party.

While the vessel bares a striking resemblance to a modern Klingon Defence Force Block 5 K’t’inga-class battlecruiser, the Bureau of Ship Registration would like to remind all interested parties that the vessel is merely an armed merchant vessel. Distinguishing marks are the purple paint scheme and the stylised rose emblem on the ship’s hull.

If you are in need of discreet courier services, deep space salvage operations, dispute resolution or property acquisition and liberation services, contact Totally Legitimate Salvage Operators LLC.

“We’re legit! It says so in the name!”

The stories of the Vondem Rose and her crew are rated:
RPG Rating 2 2 2This is roughly equivalent to 16+

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27 August 2023

Killing Strangers - 20

SS Vondem Rose: Killing Strangers

It had taken another few days to iron out an agreement with this so-called Deputy Director. But she’d been accorded comfier accommodations, even freedom of movement. She’d reached out to Na’roq, Gaeda and Orelia, informing them of her immediate plans. Someone had to bring in Shreln and they [...]

26 August 2023

Killing Strangers - 19

SS Vondem Rose: Killing Strangers

Either someone somewhere had screwed up, or careful meteorological forecasts had dictated that today of all days would be a rainy day in Banksy City on Kyban. Sidda wasn’t an expert on weather control systems, just an avid experiencer of their works, but she did know that occasionally it just had [...]

22 August 2023

Killing Strangers - 18

SS Vondem Rose: Killing Strangers

Calling the old Thorn crew together in the conference room was Sidda’s first order upon returning to the Vondem Rose. The second order was given immediately, delaying the first by thirty minutes – she and everyone who had gone planetside needed a shower. And a decent meal if they could [...]

14 August 2023

Killing Strangers - 17

SS Vondem Rose: Killing Strangers

The sun was hanging high and oppressively overbearing in the sky as the team from the Vondem Rose finally made their way out of the Maze Valley and into the vast depression beyond. The bowl was nestled amongst gentle hills that eventually gave rise to a mountain range just visible from Landing, but [...]