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Profile Overview


Orion Male

Character Information


Chief Tactical Officer
SS Vondem Rose (Archive)


A large hulking brute of a man, Orin is the chief tactical officer aboard the SS Vondem Rose despite his disability. A mute due an unfortunate incident in his youth with a band of slavers, Orin was rescued by Sidda and given a spot on her crew, which he accepted without delay. While his build leads a number of people to write Orin off as a brute, he is in fact a relatively gentle soul, who will take time for those that need him as long as they show respect. It’s this softness that has won Orin the heart of the fair Jessica, whisking her away from Ayer’s Rock.

A skilled combatant, Orin is also responsible for leading the majority of assault teams that the Vondem Rose may deploy in their anti-piratical activities.