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USS Bellatrix

Odyssey-class • NCC-84008 • Task Force 72

USS Bellatrix, under the command of Fleet Captain Th’lora Vehl, is an Odyssey-class heavy explorer, the largest starship class in Starfleet service, serving as a frontline explorer and flagship with an emphasis on diplomatic and command capabilities. The ultimate expression of the Utopia Planitia school of starship design exemplified by the Galaxy-class explorer of the 2360s, the Odyssey has design features and aesthetics that harken back to a more hopeful era in Federation history. In service, she has complemented leaner, more efficient explorers, like the Ross and the Obena, by providing advanced long-range communications and command functions, engineering and technical support, and medical facilities once only found on starbases.

Alongside USS North Star, USS Glasgow and USS Alexandria, USS Bellatrix serves as the flagship of the Bellatrix Heavy Explorer Squadron currently deployed to Task Force 72 in the Fourth Fleet.

Bellatrix Heavy Explorer Squadron

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