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Dazia Kiaol

Trill Female

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Ensign Kiaol


Damage Control Specialist
Hazard Team Alpha
USS Lakota


A young Trill straight out of the Academy, Ensign Kiaol showed great promise during the early days of her assignment to the USS Venture, but that promise was threatening to evaporate quickly as she realised life on a starship has its challenges. A relationship formed with Nisha Kedam, whilst supportive in nature, also led both done a rocky road until the intervention of their specific department heads. Thankfully, both kept their noses clean from then on and performed their duties admirably.

The events of Frontier Day saw Venture report to Avalon Fleet Yards for extensive repairs, and so Dazia accepted a temporary posting aboard Starbase Bravo alongside several of her colleagues, joining the crew in the engineering department.