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Romulan Female

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Lieutenant Commander Nisea


Chief Tactical Operations Officer
Second Officer
USS Osiris


Lieutenant Commander Nisea’s journey from Romulan exile to Starfleet officer is a testament to her resilience, intelligence, and unwavering commitment to justice. Her dedication to her role as Director of Promenade Security on Starbase Bravo is marked by her sharp tactical mind, her investigative prowess, and her ability to command respect from her colleagues. Despite the challenges she has faced, Nisea remains a paragon of ambition and dedication within the ranks of Starfleet, a beacon of Romulan strength and Federation unity.


Nisea’s appearance is a striking blend of Romulan elegance and human warmth. Her warm, expressive brown eyes exude intelligence and curiosity, reflecting her deep commitment to her role as Director of Promenade Security on Starbase Bravo. She often wears her sleek, raven-black hair pulled back into a lengthy ponytail, which allows her pointed ears to stand out as a testament to her Romulan heritage.

Her uniform is always immaculate, and she carries herself with an air of authority, yet her charming smile can put those around her at ease. Nisea’s physical attractiveness is matched by her grace and poise, a testament to her discipline and dedication to maintaining her personal appearance.


Lieutenant Commander Nisea is a striking example of Romulan resilience and intelligence. She possesses a sharp, strategic mind and a knack for tactical planning, making her an invaluable asset to Starfleet’s security forces. Nisea’s ambition and cunning nature drive her to excel in every endeavour, whether it be marksmanship, investigation, or leadership.

Nisea’s determination to forge her own path is evident in her decision to remain with Starfleet, despite the ridicule and scorn she faces from her fellow Romulans. Her loyalty to the principles of justice and exploration embodies the finest aspects of the Federation’s ideals. While she may appear stoic and focused on duty, her warm and friendly demeanour shines through in her interactions with her trusted colleagues.


Nisea’s journey from Romulan exile to esteemed Starfleet officer is a testament to her unwavering determination and resilience. She found herself on the path to Starfleet service in 2382 when she worked as an exchange officer. Recognising her potential, Nisea petitioned her superiors to sponsor her application to attend Starfleet Academy’s Officer Candidate School, a decision that would forever change the course of her life.

Her acceptance into the Officer Candidate School in 2383 marked the beginning of an arduous but rewarding journey. Nisea honed her skills in tactical and security, learning the art of marksmanship and tactical planning. She proved herself as a quick study and a natural investigator, earning the respect of her instructors and peers. In 2384, she graduated, her eyes set on a career dedicated to safeguarding the Federation.

Nisea’s first posting aboard the Rhode Island-class USS Weytahn in 2384 allowed her to put her training into practice. Her talent for tactical thinking quickly became evident, and she excelled in her role as a security officer despite the lack of action the science vessel saw. She was offered a sabbatical to assist her people during the Romulan Evacuation of 2385, but her lack of connection with her people meant she was more interested in working with the Federation on its answer to the crisis. Although the Weytahn was small, it conducted many a patrol in the region in the many weeks after the disastrous collapse of the Star Empire. Deep down, she knew that this would surely be the rebirth her people needed.

She continued to refine her investigative skills in 2388 by joining the USS Guardian, an Inquiry-class vessel, where she earned a reputation for her sharp mind and keen eye for detail.

In late 2399, Nisea transferred to the USS Arimathea, a Centaur-II class science ship, as a favour to the ship’s old commanding officer. Her role as a security officer onboard the Arimathea was integral to the ship’s operations, and she served with dedication until the vessel’s decommissioning in 2401. At that point, Nisea embarked on her latest assignment, taking on the role of Director of Promenade Security on Starbase Bravo.