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USS Calistoga (NCC-12111)

The Calistoga is a California-class vessel assigned to Task Force Seventeen. A recent change in command sees newly minted Captain Raiem Eelkom take the reigns, leading the crew through a shift in primary mission focus to that of medical response and humanitarian relief efforts.

USS Calistoga

California-class • NCC-12111 • Task Force 17

With a recent change in mission profile, the Calistoga is tasked with responding to short-range medical emergencies and humanitarian efforts. Newly promoted Captain Eelkom has accepted his first command and a shake-up in crew personnel has taken place. The Calistoga must acclimate to its new crew and captain as it supports deep space operations in task force seventeen.

Content on this command is rated at 222 on the RPG Ratings Scale, per the Bravo Fleet Content Policy. Some swearing and descriptions of violence may occur, and limited sexual content may be present. It is intended for 16+ audiences.

RPG Rating 2 2 2

USS Calistoaga image commissioned by Annex and created by Pundus

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20 July 2024

Eventide - 3

USS Calistoga: Eventide

Most of the senior staff had arrived in the small conference room as requested by their Captain. Raiem finished reading a PADD he was holding and then glanced back up at his team. He could see a mixture of tension and exhaustion on their faces, a glint of determination in their eyes, and a hunger [...]

7 July 2024

Eventide - 2

USS Calistoga: Eventide

“Captain. You should probably get that checked out.” Mayvilis pointed to the clotted wound on his head, which was somewhat swollen and egg-shaped now. She had a genuine expression of concern and was respectful in using a low voice to maintain privacy between them in their shared seating area on [...]

21 June 2024

Eventide - 1

USS Calistoga: Eventide

Captains log, supplemental. We remain on our long journey to Deep Space Seventeen after our time in the Deneb sector assisting Zaedar-three. Approximately three hours ago, we encountered the Boslic freighter with power supply issues. I elected to partake in a power transfer to the vessel to give [...]

13 June 2024

A Job Well Done - 6

USS Calistoga: Under the Jolly Roger

Captain’s log, supplemental. Calistoga remains in orbit of Zeadar-three. We have been here providing aid to the colonists for four days now. The medical supplies were well received and have been put to good use by Doctor Caade and his team in running several different primary care clinics. Our [...]