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Orion Cisgender Woman


Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Mayvilis


Executive Officer
USS Calistoga






Stardust City


A skilled pilot and natural leader, Mayvilis has climbed the ranks of Starfleet with several commendations for her quick thinking and tactful approach in ship-to-ship combat.


Mayvilis has a lighter green complexion and naturally pink lips, her hair is a dark brown with golden accents and has a light natural curl. She is tall at 6’2″ and slender in her build.

Created by Annex


Mayvilis is known to be an approachable leader but expects the best out of those who report to her. She is completely dedicated to her career as a starfleet officer and this comes before her personal life. That being said, Mayvilis will embrace downtime in order to recharge and maintain a healthy social life. She is a firm believer in the balance between one’s work and the rest they require to do their job optimally.


Early Life & Pre-Starfleet

Mayvilis was born in the world of Stardust City – just outside of Freecloud. Her early childhood however was not a happy one. Both of her parents were drug addicts and mixed into crime syndicate activities, she was often left to fend for herself and was close to following a life similar to her parents. When she was seven years old, her mother in a moment of lucidity, put her up for adoption through a support agency on Stardust City.

Mayvilis was adopted by two loving humans in the Federation, who lived on Earth. It was bittersweet leaving all she knew behind but at the same time she even in her childhood seemed to understand that it was for the best. The transition to life on Earth was a difficult one and Mayvilis struggled to fit into a routine and environment that was completely juxtaposed to what she had known on Stardust City.

Her adoptive parents were very supportive, kind and patient and got her all the help she needed. Eventually, Mayvilis grew comfortable in her new environment and quickly fell in love with her adoptive mothers. One of her mothers was a school teacher and her other mom was a piloting instructor at Starfleet academy. Mayvilis quickly gravitated towards this talent and her mom embraced teaching her all she knew about her craft.


Mayvilis elected for follow her mom’s path in life and worked hard to gain entry into Starfleet. She gravitated towards the command stream and desired to take the helm of a ship. She embraced her Academy days and performed well – she received high marks in leadership courses and was top of her class in piloting.

Upon graduation in 2385, Mayvilis took a posting on the USS Bismarck where she served for five years working her way up to the rank of lieutenant junior grade. She enjoyed this entry phase to her career and made several lasting friendships.

In 2390, Mayvilis was offered a promotion to full lieutenant and the position of chief flight control officer. She gladly accepted the challenge. During her time on the Casanova, Mayvilis was cited for exceptional performance in piloting and her leadership abilities. She embraced opportunities to take command shifts and complete additional command-level training. She was promoted to lieutenant commander and took the position of second officer in addition to her chief flight control officer duties. She spent ten successful years on the vessel growing into a capable command officer.

Opportunity for a full executive officer position was granted in 2401 on the USS Calistoga. Mayvilis accepted the posting and had to move through her reservations as she had spent a good portion of her life and career on the Casanova. With goals of obtaining her own command, however, she knew it made good tactical sense to advance her career and gain her own center chair someday.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2381 - 2385 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2385 - 2387 Helm Officer USS Bismarck
2387 - 2390 Helm Officer USS Bismarck
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2390 - 2395 Chief Flight Control Officer USS Casanova
2395 - 2401 Chief Flight Control Officer & Second Officer USS Casanova
Lieutenant Commander
2401 - Present Executive Officer USS Calistoga