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Profile Overview

Charlie Fox

Human Male


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Fox


USS Pioneer




Charlie Fox


San Francisco, USA


Charlie is a very kind but down-to-the-point kind of guy. Charlie was born with a human neurological disease called ADHD, but when his parents discovered it, they chose not to have it removed. They believed that removing it would change the personality that the young man had developed. Because of ADHD, his brain worked so that he could see things differently, allowing him to work with his hands and mind when it came to solving problems, whether it was mechanical or technological.


Name: Charlie Fox

Height: 6 ft / 182.88 m

Waist: 33 in

Weight:  77 kg / 12 st 4 lb

Sexuality Orientation: Straight

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue eyes

Place of birth: Earth

Date of birth: 17/12/2367


Charlie had a funny but strange personality. It was like he had a split personality and was not sure if it was because of his ADHD because he could switch between being a funny, fun working guy to a bossy, serious working guy with a bit of fun showing through his persona as he worked. When his ADHD is at a high, he likes to be left alone to solve the problem and retreats to either his quarters or he goes to his quiet space on the ship that’s near the ship’s bow plating. Here there is a nice small hum between the bow plate and the artificial gravity generator, unlike on the older ships where there was automatically no gravity on this part of the ship due to the ship design, but Charlie had managed to sort it out with his engineering skills that at a push of a button the gravity was disabled within that small section of the ship. Doing this shows Charlie’s state of mind and how he is when his brain is in overload.


Early life → 2367 ∼ 2385

Charlie’s life before Starfleet was a strange one that soon got explained why it was when he reached the age of 14 when he was diagnosed with ADHD. but first, his childhood before this age was always a strange one in school growing up he always found it hard to concentrate and focus on the task at hand, he always preferred to be active and working with his hands more than just his mind and writing. Even though he was born on Earth, he spent most of his life on or around Jupiter, as his parents were scientists attached to Starfleet researching on the Jupiter station. So even though here on the station, they had the same medical treatments and equipment as on Earth, Charlie unfortunately fell through the gaps as the station was mainly a science station and even though they had medical personnel there his medical care was not the best like it would have been if he had grown up on Earth.

So growing up, Charlie had a hard upbringing as he had trouble doing what he got asked to do, but had no problem doing things he should never be interfering with. When the engineering team had a problem that they could not fix at the time and left it temporarily working till the next shift, they would always wake up in the morning to it being fixed as Charlie would be up during the night fixing what they could not fix. Because of how his brain worked, he could see a fix around the problem they could not see and sometimes even improved the system, like the sensors. For example, he could improve their resolution by 20% on this occasion.

Starfleet Academy → 2385 ∼ 2389

Just like Charlie had with his growing up, he found things very hard at the academy and barely passed his first year and his entrance exam. Close to the end of the first year, Charlie made friends with some of his classmates, as he always felt like an outsider because of how his brain worked. Charlie came close to one of his classmates, especially because she also found it easier to do things with their hands than sit and write their assignments, but could still do her assignments with ease. He found Melissa Rogo to be special to him. When they became close Charlie began to hold her in high demand and respect because she gave him the time to help him be able to pass his exams and he gave her the time to teach her new ways of doing things with her hands in an engineering aspect.

In the following three years, Charlie managed to pass his exams and his classes with a lot more ease with the help of Melissa and soon the help of his classmates but they also improved in areas that they were not great at with the help of Charlie and his mind and how it worked.

USS Alamo → 2389 ∼ 2393

Ensign/Engineer → 2389 ∼ 2393

Charlie found it hard when he got assigned to the Alamo, as he didn’t have his best friend by his side. During the first year of his assignment on board the Alamo, he had trouble getting used to the changes and the way a ship roster went, the different hours that he had to work and the different shifts that he was on. He was used to doing the normal daytime shifts they had at the academy and being able to relax at night. After a few months, he managed to get into the swings of things and he made a new friend, one in particular person who was 3 years behind him and rose through the ranks very quickly. He soon made friends with some of the engineering crew and made some good friends, but no one could ever replace Melissa Rogo, as she connected with him not just in an intellectual capacity but also in an emotional one because of his ADHD.

Lieutenant Junior Grade/Engineer → 2393 ∼ 2398

Three years into his service on board the Gilroy, Charlie finally got his first promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade for the excellent work he had done since coming aboard the ship. He struggled at first, but he soon found his way and got used to the different shift patterns. Through the years, Charlie excelled on many of his missions and assignments but occasionally got things wrong. Thanks to his new friends, together they corrected the mistakes and rectified the problems. The two became great friends and always had each other’s back when it came to work and engineering problems.

Lieutenant → 2398 ∼ 2401

The years on the Gilroy were great for Charlie but he was looking for a change and looking for a different environment and mission he didn’t wanna just be on a shit that was not really designed for battle and only for mainly peace-keeping and diplomatic missions he wants more so he kept an eye out for possible ship changes and as soon as one comes about he took it. But he took him by surprise that just before Frontier Day happened, he got promoted to the rank of lieutenant. A promotion he was not expecting to get while on board this ship, and it was another reason he was looking to change ships.

USS Pioneer NCC-74657 → 2401

Shortly after Frontier Day Charlie found the opportunity to move his career alone and took the position on board, the USS Pioneer only to get another promotion to Lt Commander for the role he was needed for on board the Pioneer. he’s only been on board a few weeks and has already had one away mission that almost ended in tragedy, with the loss of a shuttlecraft and almost the end of his own life let alone that of his away team. But on the good side of things, he and his away team managed to stop a Cardassian plot and find a variant string to a cure for a virus that had shown itself years ago on board the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D under the command of Captain Jean Luc-Picard. shortly before he left the Alamo he made friends quickly with Lieutenant Jabir Tior and made the effort to keep in contact even though he knew that replies would be long in between replies as the Gilroy was heading to the Delta quadrant.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2385 - 2389 Engineering Student Starfleet Academy
2389 - 2393 Ensign/Engineer USS ALAMO NCC 86406
2393 - 2398 Lieutenant, Junior Grade/Engineer USS ALAMO NCC 86406
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2399 - 2401 Lieutenant/Engineer USS ALAMO NCC 86406
2401 - Present Lieutenant Commander/Engineer USS PIONEER NCC 74657
Lieutenant Commander