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Profile Overview


Human/Kobliad Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Vantek


Starbase Bravo


Gale Vantek




Born to a human mother and a Kobliad father, Gale carried forward the hopes of both people. Embodying his mothers softness and his fathers skill and determination. However, his performance in education left a little to be desired as it was noticed that he tended to underperform. Being described as distractible. However, when tested on items that required physical participation it was typically noted that he did so with an above level aptitude. Coupled with a budding creativity he was diagnosed with ADHD via his human genes. When he came of age he was eventually offered the opportunity to try for the Academy. Some felt that given his disorder and his dependency on deuridium lest his cells deteriorate and fall into Apoptosis that Starfleet might be too much of a career path and that he might be better suited to a quiet life as an artist.

Vantek appreciated being able to indulge in his art if he wanted, but ultimately felt more stimulated by the challenges and ever evolving nature of life in Starfleet. He attended the academy where he passed, earning attention for his ability as a marksman and tactical acumen despite his shorter than normal attention span. After graduation he was assigned to Star Base Bravo to help fill the ever rotating pool of security personnel bodies moving on and off the station.


Gale has blue eyes, and the tell tale Kobliad ridge that bisects all Kobliad faces. He keeps his dark hair short, and combed to the side and back in a sort of tousled mess. He stands around 6 feet tall and weighs around 200 lbs.


Gale is usually pretty quiet when meeting new people. Some might label him as shy or standoffish. He typically likes to observe situations and people before involving himself. He’s always an optimist and puts the mission in front of himself. If he’s gotta stay late running reports, then he’ll stay late. That’s what the team needs. If he needs to spend 4 hours after the end of his shift cleaning phasers, then he’ll do it. He likes to be proactive and get ahead of anything his superiors and the mission might require. Vigilance and preparedness are his watchwords, so he’s usually not given to the standard social pursuits others his age might enjoy. Personal interests include famous historical military strategists, and philosophers, as well as artists.