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Profile Overview

Created in Midjourney

Asher Thane

Llanarian Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Thane


Created in Midjourney

Asher Thane-Mason


Early Life

Asher spent the first twelve years of his life living with his mother on Llanaria. Given the brutal war that occurred a few decades before his birth, that childhood was not all sweetness and light. Many areas of the planet are still uninhabitable and many cities are still under reconstruction in one way or another.

When his mother became ill, and passed away, and having no other family, the llanarian authorities tracked down Asher’s father, Thais Thane, and Asher was shipped off to live with a father who had no clue to his existence up to that point.

The bright point in his new situation was his step-mother, Madison Thane-McGowan. Unable to connect with his father at first, it was his step-mother who Asher bonded with. The two are close to this day, with Asher often preferring to spend time with his stepmother rather than his father when he is on leave.

Starfleet Career

Having just left Starfleet Academy, Asher has been posted to the USS Manticore. This poses some problems for him, since the Manticore is commanded by none other than his father’s husband, Raan Mason.