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Profile Overview

Created with Leonardo

Madison Thane-McGowan

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander McGowan


Chief Operations Officer
USS Interceptor




Madison May McGowan

2356, July 1



A dedicated and highly experienced officer, Mads is known to be a workaholic. This is aided by the fact that all of her immediate family are also in Starfleet service. She has a cat, and for some reason, her husband’s husband’s cactus collection, which was dropped off in Mad’s safekeeping by his ex-wife.


Mads Thane-McGowan

Mads Thane-McGowan – Created with Leonardo

Mads is a lean, slender woman with dark grey eyes and brown hair. She is of average height for a human. Despite a sweet tooth and an addiction to coffee, her fitness regime of kickboxing and weightlifting has ensured a good fitness level.


Mads is not a woman to suffer fools gladly, or even at all. Used to the fast-paced world of fleet logistics, she has neither the time nor the patience to hold anyone’s hand (plus, she can be extremely grumpy when on duty). Off duty though, and with the few people she calls friends, Mads does actually smile. Her form of showing caring is acts of service, rather than outright declarations. She also has slight OCD tendencies, which may be exacerbated by her job.


Early Life

Mads was born on Earth but within the first few months of life her parents, both Starfleet officers, were assigned to a busy diplomatic office on a starbase. While they both undoubtedly loved their daughter, and she did not want for anything, they were the kind of people who were more engrossed in their careers than in their family.

As a result of their hectic working lives, they barely saw their daughter and she was left to wander the base. An unlikely friendship with an old cargo transporter operator gave Mads an insight into logistical operations.