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Profile Overview

Created in Leonardo

Thais Thane

Llanarian Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Thane


Thais Mari Mason-Thane

2nd April 2344



Thais Thane is an extremely capable and experienced executive officer. He is calm and professional on duty, with an aura that inspires confidence in the officers around him. He appears unflappable, which hides the fact he does in fact, have a fiery temper. He is far too in control of himself to show that, even when needled.

A veteran of the war on his home planet, Thais took to Starfleet service like a duck to water. From a political family on his home planet, he has the advantage of diplomatic training prior to Starfleet, which he often utilises to calm tensions if required aboard ship.

Married, both his spouses and his son are also in Starfleet service, so family occasions when he can get them all together are extremely important to Thais.


Created in Midjourney
Created with Leonardo
Created in Midjourney



Spouse(s): Raan Mason, Madison McGowan

Children: Asher Mason-Thane

Father: Mari Thane

Mother: Illa Thane