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Profile Overview

Azir wolfguard

Human Male

Character Information


Tactical Officer
Starbase Bravo




Azir is a fresh intelligence officer out of the academy. He grew up in a lunar colony, both of his parents were starfleet officers and this led to his future.


Azir is the only child of Darius and Luna Wolfguard. He was born in a lunar colony, his mother was a science officer, and his father was an intelligence officer. Growing up he spent his free time watching his fathers and learning some basics. He wanted to be like his father and having 2 parents in Starfleet helped him make sure he was physically strong at a young age.

As a teenager, he spent free time working with the colony staff and learning as much as he could. When he joined the academy it was a bit of a culture shock but he adjusted shortly. he spent his time with his roommate and in the library. He spent a lot of time away from people trying to learn the history of federations’ conflicts strategy.

After graduation, he was assigned to starbase bravo.