Profile Overview

Erik Larsen

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Larsen


Chief Communications Officer, DFC Jarok
Challenger (Archive)


Erik Anderson Larsen

6th December 2127

Malmö, Sweden, Earth


Erik Larsen once served on board Challenger (NX-03) as its second communication officer before being approached to join the Coalition of Planets’ Officer Exchange Program. He went on to join the Vulcan cruiser, Jarok, under the command of Commander T’Plau.


Erik is very much the typical Scandinavian in appearance, with light blond hair and blue eyes. His style is very conservative; thus, his hair is always neatly trimmed (though he has been known to let it grow out), and his uniform is always immaculate. Erik works very hard to maintain his physique. Since joining Challenger, he is known to work out with some of the MACOs.

Physical Description

  • Height: 5′ 10″ (1.78 m)
  • Weight: 170 Ilbs
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue


Erik is not a shy individual; he simply chooses not to interact much with others. He is always excessively formal with others unless ordered not to be. Erik chooses to not form attachments to others, fearing that they will be violently taken from him as his family was. He is someone that desperately wants companionship and wants to open up to people…but his own ingrained fears of loss will just not allow him to do so.

Strengths & Weaknesses

A good problem solver, Erik is methodical in his approaches which is backed up with good organisational skills. He always sets a high standard for the department however can be quite stubborn in his ways, he will almost never ask for help, especially if it is needed and has been known to be quite demanding at times.


Eventually to command his own ship.


  • Earth language of English
  • Earth language of Danish
  • Earth language of Swedish
  • Earth language of Russian
  • Earth language of Spanish
  • Earth language of Xhosa
  • Earth language of Hindi
  • Vulcan
  • Denobulan
  • Rigellian
  • Draylaxian
  • Andorian

Hobbies & Interests

Erik enjoys reading romance novels, cooking and eating American cuisines and playing board games.


Political Information

  • Affiliation: Starfleet, United Earth Commonwealth


  • Mother: Sophie (nee Amundsen) Larsen (deceased, 2142)
  • Father: Johannes Larsen, MD (deceased, 2142)
  • Brother(s):
    • Fredrik Larsen (deceased, 2142)
    • Isac Larsen (deceased, 2142)
    • Axel Larsen (deceased, 2142)
    • Gusta Larsenf (deceased, 2142)
    • Rikard Larsen (deceased, 2142)
  • Partner: Ensign Hannah Jackson, Second Armoury Officer, Poseidon (NP-01)


Early Life

Erik Larsen was born in June of 2127, the first of his parents’ six sons. The family lived in Malmö, one of the larger cities in southern Sweden; his father was a medical doctor and his mother taught mathematics part time at the local university. Over time, as Erik grew and matured, he would take on a lot of the day-to-day tasks in the family home so his parents did not have to choose between career and home.

In school, Erik was an above average but not remarkable student. He did well in mathematics as well as social sciences but did not fare so well in other courses. When Erik was fourteen, his father was offered a slot in the Inter Species Medical Exchange program; he accepted and soon learned he was being sent to Draylax. In preparation for the transition the entire family took classes in the Draylaxian language and culture. They left for the fateful four-month voyage on a Draylax Merchant Fleet vessel on April 15, 2142. Near the midpoint of the voyage, the transport vessel was attacked and boarded by Nausicaan pirates. In the ensuing fire fight, Erik sustained a severe trauma to his head and was rendered comatose; when he came to, it was seven months later, and he was back on Earth. None of his family survived and Erik discovered he had some new skills, most likely brought on from his brain “rewiring” itself after his cranial trauma: he now could see and recognize patterns very easily, where most could see only chaos.

Erik returned to his former school in Malmö, a shell of his former self. Although his grades skyrocketed and became nearly perfect, Erik was now cynical and bitterly withdrawn from his classmates. He no longer had any desire to associate with them and only interacted with them when required. Seeing few alternatives for himself, Erik applied to Starfleet in 2146 and was accepted.

Starfleet Career

Early Career

His skill set suited him to a Communications Officer position, much to his chagrin. Erik nonetheless excelled in his courses and by the time he left Starfleet Training Command in 2150 he could speak over three non-Earth languages fluently.

Poseidon (NP-01)

Erik was posted to the Poseidon (NV-01) after he graduated and served on that vessel for five years. His time on the Poseidon prepared him for his future assignments. Not only did Erik excel in his assignments and workload, but he eventually was able to regain his confidence in social situations. He became close with one of the ship’s armoury officer, Ensign Hannah Jackson, and the two became romantically involved. They would spend most of their time off-duty together, either in each other’s quarters or in the ship’s mess hall sharing a meal. Not once did they allow their relationship to interfere with their work.

Challenger (NX-03)

In 2155, with United Earth Starfleet’s NX project well under way, Starfleet was looking for seasoned professionals to bolster its commissioned officer ranks. The Second Communications Officer position opened on the Challenger (NX-03). Erik applied, certain that he was going to be rejected because of his relative inexperience, but to his surprise he was accepted. Hannah who had recently been made the Poseidon’s second armoury officer, encouraged Erik to take this new opportunity. He was sad to have to leave her and the Poseidon, but so excited about the possibilities on Challenger.

Initially, Larsen was unsure of his new surroundings and the people he met. Fortunately for him, his superior (Ensign Hennessey) took him under his wing and Erik began to look up to the older officer as a mentor. The two of them would share the odd meal, reviewing the ship’s communications log while Hennessey would be teaching the younger man a new alien language. Unlike some of the other younger crewmembers who enjoyed being together socially, Erik kept himself apart from them unless it was a big social occasion on the ship.

It wasn’t long after the ship had been launched that Erik found himself in the middle of the action. When the ship had been ordered to assist their Andorian allies in liberating and defending one of their colonies, Erik was assigned to the bridge while Hennessey was off the ship. Erik was Captain Burton’s liaison between all ships after Burton had been given command of the task force. The experience of coordinate communication between a large number of ships was thrilling and kept the young officer busy. When Hennessey returned, he was highly impressed with Erik’s aptitude and work that he put him in for a commendation.

During mid-2155, Captain Burton ordered the crew to abandon ship when Challenger was heavily damaged from repeat attacks by the Carreons. When the escape pods reached an unexplored Minshara class world, Erik took on the role of acting head chef after Chef Lawson’s escape pod went missing for a few days. Eventually she and others from her escape pod were found. Erik continued to assist her in cooking meals to ensure the crew survived. Sometime afterwards, Captain Burton found his crew and rescued them with the help of the Andorians. Erik returned to Challenger, but was commended by his superior officers for his adaptability while they were in ‘the wild’.


Before the end of 2155, Erik was offered the chance to join the officer-exchange program with the Coalition of Planets and become the Chief Communications Officer on board the newly built Vulcan combat cruiser, Jarok. As it was under the command of a former superior of his, Commander T’Plau, he agreed to the unique chance.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2146 - 2147 First Year Cadet Starfleet Training Command
Cadet Junior Grade
2147 - 2148 Second Year Cadet Starfleet Training Command
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2148 - 2149 Third Year Cadet Starfleet Training Command
Cadet Junior Grade
2149 - 2150 Fourth Year Cadet Starfleet Training Command
Cadet Senior Grade
2150 - 2155 Communications Officer & Linguistic Expert Poseidon (NP-01)
2155 Second Communications Officer Challenger (NX-03)
2155 - Present Chief Communications Officer DFC Jarok
Lieutenant Junior Grade