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Profile Overview

Ezrah Alcott

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Alcott


Pilot, Starfleet Command Headquarters
Challenger (Archive)


Ezrah Jabe Alcott

27th January 2123

Denver, Colorado, United States of America, Earth


Ezrah Jabe Alcott is a Starfleet officer and currently a pilot at Starfleet Command. He was the former Chief Helm Officer of the starship Challenger (NX-03). Deciding to leave the ship on personal and medical grounds, he eventually returned to the service at the start of the war with the Romulan Star Empire.


A noticeably attractive man, Ezrah reaches a height of five feet, nine inches and weighs approximately one-hundred and seventy-one pounds. His physique is of a lighter build, yet well-toned and defined. His usually unruly hair is maintained exceedingly short, generally either in the style of a buzz cut or high-and-tight and is black in color. His eyes are a uniquely radiant blue in color. His face is usually unshaven or has days worth of growth.

Physical Description

  • Height: 5′ 9″ (1.76 m)
  • Weight: 171 Ilbs
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blue


A veraciously focussed individual, Ezrah is detail and task oriented. Occasionally prone to sarcasm and cynicism, Ezrah is an idealist with strong moral convictions about right and wrong, good and evil, and he is courageous about these ideals. Among these are the sanctity of life, galactic peace, universal education, elimination of poverty and the unifying principles of the Federation. His behavior and mannerisms are affable but they can be conservative and heavily influenced by the traditions and culture that have been preserved within his family. He places a high premium on good manners and does his best to avoid confrontations. In private, he is pleasant, articulate and compassionate. Surprising to many, he has an inherent need for recognition of his efforts and accomplishments and would like to be well-liked amongst his peers.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Ezrah’s primary strength is oriented to his skilfully trained discipline, both in speech and action. He strives to be categorically diplomatic and urbane in dealing with other people but occasionally his quick temper – the cause of a constant internal strife bests him. His weaknesses center around being inherently stubborn and briskly temperamental. Although he strives to be calm, collected and detached from the outcome of things, he is often adamant in maintaining his principles and moral convictions. His feelings can easily be hurt when he perceives that someone has crossed a line and will hold a grudge for some time. He is driven by curiosity, sometimes leading him into situations where he’d rather not be (despite the fact that his own compulsion brought him there). 


Ezrah quietly pursues perfection in his duties and his personal life while actively avoiding the frustration that often leads to the downfall of perfectionists. 


  • Earth language of English

Hobbies & Interests

Ezrah has a keen appreciation for the arts, but prefers photography above other media, and considers himself to be an amateur photographer. He is an avid reader and writer, quite often utilizing a number of different mediums and resources to satisfy a variable number of literature interests. He is also honing a developing appreciation for music, which is slightly more limited, confined mostly to music from Earth. An avid outdoorsman, Ezrah enjoys a number of recreational activities to include, but not limited to, four wheeling, snowmobiling, skiing (downhill and cross country), snowshoeing, camping (all seasons), backpacking, fly-fishing, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, hiking and mountain biking. Ezrah generally enjoys games of chance and forms of recreation requiring an above! -average amount of physical exertion (e.g.: water polo, field hockey, baseball and soccer.); he has been known to engage in those activities on a purely social level yet enjoys those of solitude, as well. He is an avid player of cribbage and solitaire and he participates in a daily exercise program to stay in good physical condition. Ezrah enjoys socializing with his close friends and drinks during social or special occasions.


Political Information

  • Affiliation: Starfleet, United Earth Commonwealth


  • Mother: Sylvia Joanne Austen-Alcott, registered Nurse at the Longmont United Hospital.
  • Father: Carter Richard Alcott, professor of anthropology (tenured) at University of Denver.
  • Brother:
    Joshua William Alcott, electrical technician on board the Earth Cargo Ship Worcester.
  • Sister: Marilynn Elizabeth Alcott, Residential Services Director at Starfleet Training Command.


Early Life

Ezrah was born in 2133 to Sylvia and Carter Alcott in Colorado, United States of America on Earth. He grew up hoping to join Starfleet and explore the stars.

Starfleet Career

Early Career

In the spring of 2151, Ezrah Jabe Alcott received notification from Starfleet’s Department of Personnel Management that his application for acceptance to Starfleet Training Command had been processed by the admissions panel and that it had received full approval for his admission to Starfleet Training Command during the fall term in the year 2151.

Starfleet Training Command, Year One

I n the fall of 2151, Ezrah commenced attendance to Starfleet Training Command, entering as most do their first year at the STC, within the general studies program. The general studies program allowed for the completion of all pre-requisite coursework and studies required by the STC to pursue a more defined education the latter three years of the students education. It also provided an opportunity for the students to experience an educational-based teaching environment with a more militaristic practice and atmosphere.

During this first year, Ezrah found it difficult to acclimate to life at the STC, both in the classroom and on a more personal level. Diagnosed in his early teens as having a learning disability and an attention deficit disorder, Ezrah was having a perplexing time balancing the two. Much of his time was geared towards the requirements and obligations of his coursework, often forcing a general lack of social life. In truth, many of the only social interactions he genuinely took part where in the midst of classroom discussion or through the minimal contact with his first and only roommate (whom found Ezrah to be an captivatingly interesting fellow, yet too introverted to his own liking). Introverted was never really a word that accurately described Ezrah; as a child, he was an exceptionally outgoing and free-spirited individual, who relied on the dynamic social aspects of the relationships with family and friends. He had worked exceptionally hard to garner admission into the STC and felt it important that his education come before any form of social entertainment.

Yet, the STC never simply tested on the scholastic aptitude of its students; rather, they observed all facets of a students STC experience and although Ezrah was doing well to earn honorable markings that drew admirable attention and recognition from several of the instructors, they were also keene to take note of the boy’s uncharacteristically withdrawn behavior and lonely disposition. Ezrah was often observed independent of his peers, nose often so far into a book or study material that the world around simply passed by. It was clearly evident Ezrah had no real close friends or companions. In the STC dining hall, he often sat by himself and it was very rare he ever attended any of the campus’ social functions and/or activities. No, for Ezrah, his time was better spent in studying and understanding the material. The first year of his education was terribly lonely for him, yet self-induced for lack of a better word.

Although his classroom instructors were aware of Ezrah’s introverted behavior, they did little in an attempt to help, choosing to believe that perhaps it was merely a phase that many students experience during their first year and that he would, eventually come out of it. But he didn’t, not right away.

It wasn’t until the second semester of his first year, shortly after the students returned from winter break, that Ezrah was more or less pulled out of his shell and thrust into the limelight. Unlike many of his peers, Ezrah was not an overtly active person, so when his pod was summoned for the mandatory physical training that would continue until graduation day, it was safe to assume that Ezrah attempted to skirt under the radar. However, had it not been for the efforts of Lieutenant Todd Constantine, Ezrah would have been doomed to continue following the path of least resistance. Within a very short time of meeting, Constantine had immediately taken notice of Ezrah and honed in on the students more perplexing character attributes. After sending each student through a rigorously tiring obstacle course, one that tested the students strength, endurance and problem solving abilities, Constantine found he enjoyed the boy’s quiet disposition, but ever observant behavior. Ezrah was an observer that often mimicked the behavior and actions of his peers should they at all serve to provide a beneficial outcome.

For the first month of physical training, Constantine closely observed and rated each students physical and mental ability, attempting to size each one up and decide whom amongst them he would appoint the pod leader (an individual who exhibited the leadership qualities that could adequately motivate and propel their fellow peers into succeeding throughout the duration of their time at the STC). Although there were several students battling for this coveted position, a title that would very well define them, Constantine found that he was continuously drawn to Ezrah. He was a loner, sure, but the boy was keene to observe, learn and adapt the methodologies employed on the obstacle course to work towards his own benefit; what’s more, Ezrah showed no hesitation in sharing this information with his peers, unlike a few that would covet this knowledge and use it only to serve themselves. In essence, he didn’t merely adapt to the obstacle course, but rather made it adapt to him.

During the final physical training event that would serve to select the pod leader, Constantine placed the group into a harolding scenario that tested, not only the body and its capabilities, but also the mind; it drew on all of their classroom education and field training to date. The scenario comprised a series of events that were based off of the actions of each student. It had a no win outcome, but tested how far a student was willing to go in order to protect their fellow pod members. For many, they quickly found it was survival of the fittest, while for others it was a psychological chew-fest. In the end, however, Ezrah proved himself to be the one who exhibited a more refined, albeit offbeat leadership-style, modeling his own behavior off of the failed attempts made by his own peers. Through many of his fellow students botched attempts, Ezrah was the only student who sought an outcome that would adequately protect and save each of his pod members. Through witty methodologies and unconventional techniques and approaches, Ezrah was the only one successful enough to save the most pod members; in the end, sacrificing himself to save just one more life. The scenario proved the point, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Constantine named Ezrah the pod leader, awarding to him the status of prefect, a title that carried with it additional responsibilities that proved to crack away the introverted shell of the student.

At the conclusion of his first year at the STC, Ezrah was placed on the academic honor role and named first year prefect.

Starfleet Training Commander, Year Two

When Ezrah returned for his second year at the STC, he came with a fresh perspective and new attitude. No longer simply compelled to ensure his academic success, Ezrah also understood how vehemently important it was to adequately maintain a proper social life, too. It was during this second year that Ezrah worked to refine the balance between the two.

The title of prefect carried with it some very coveted perks and advantages. Firstly, Ezrah found that he was provided private room accommodations within the dormitories. His room was slightly larger than the standard set of quarters, which offered a spectacular view of the bay area, while also benefiting from a private lavatory. Next, all prefects shared a private study cabin with unrestricted access to the STC’s computer library system as well as a private dining lounge. This benefited Ezrah in allowing for more personal social interactions amongst a smaller pool of the STC’s student population. Like he, each of the prefects had been selected because they exhibited characteristics and capabilities of a leader. What was more, his own personality was often reflected in those of his fellow prefects, providing for a more comfortable atmosphere in which to socialize.

Unlike the first year at the STC, the second year allowed for students to select a specialized tract to further their education. For some, they would go on to become starship engineers; others would learn to study spacial anomalies; but for Ezrah, he would go on to pilot a starship. With his math scores amongst some of the highest in the STC, Ezrah was hand selected to become a helm officer.

The academic requirements and coursework for the second year was daunting to say the least. With additional field work and physical training mandated as well, Ezrah was finding it exceptionally difficult to keep up. Yet, it was his role as prefect that helped to pull him from the trenches. Through his personal relationships, he found that he could ask for the help and receive plenty of it, while also returning the favor. Working as a team, he and his fellow peers soon discovered that, although the workload, responsibilities and expectations were significantly more daunting, if they came together as a cohesive and cooperative unit, they could very well succeed.

After returning from the winter break, Ezrah was introduced to Lieutenant Commander Audrey Carlisle, who would assume the role of his field training officer for helm operations. Including himself, there were three others that would finish this year intimately learning every conceivable aspect of small craft operations.

Ezrah was surprised to learn that at least thirty-five percent of his class had actually dropped out of the STC, leaving for a more personalized teaching approach. This allowed the students to work in smaller groups under the tutelage of an instructor that could provide the necessary experience and expertise to refine the students education.

To say that Ezrah was smitten with Carlisle would have been an understatement in the least possible way. He was immediately drawn to the woman, both physically and intellectually. It didn’t take long for Carlisle to notice the boy’s attraction to her and, although she attempted to curb and deflect the behavior, she soon too discovered a deep attraction to Ezrah. Although there was a significant age gap of at least thirty years between the two, this did little to sway them form pursuing a relationship. Although physically intimate with one another, the two shared a very different bond intellectually and emotionally. Due to the nature of their professional relationship, the two kept their personal relationship shrouded in secrecy, ensuring that their midnight encounters or tutoring sessions remained as private as possible. Should anyone discover their torrent love-affair, Ezrah would have been discharged from the STC and Carlisle possibly reassigned, but more than likely dishonorably discharged from Starfleet for fraternizing with student. The two simply couldn’t risk it.

It was because of this, that at the conclusion of Ezrah’s second year at the STC, he learned of Carlisle’s request for reassignment to the Columbia. Terribly upset and depressed in learning of the reassignment, Ezrah was hard-pressed to be swayed by Carlisle that it was a decision made in the best interest of both their career’s. At least this way, they could continue their relationship, albeit from a safe distance. Prior to her departure, Carlisle and Ezrah coincided their summer leave from the STC to coincide so as to share an intimate time.

Starfleet Training Command, Year Three

Genuinely distressed by the absence of his lover and former field instructor, Lieutenant Commander Audrey Carlisle, Ezrah reluctantly returned to the STC in the fall of 2153. Pouring himself into his studies seemed to be the only reprieve from the dreadful depression he felt in the absence of Carlisle. Although the two tried to speak as often as possible, Ezrah’s grueling schedule and the Columbia’s long absences from port made it considerably difficult to connect. With either unwilling to sacrifice their relationship due to their absence and distance from one another, Ezrah had no other recourse but to merely focus on his education.

Proving to be the most difficult year of thus far, first year students had a terribly difficult and comprehensive workload that coupled itself with long trips away from the campus to participate in survival field training and other exercises that tested the mind, body and soul… often bringing each student to the very brink of unraveling.

An intelligent man, Ezrah proved to be psychologically fit and sound, often showcasing his leadership abilities in such a way that soothed and calmed his fellow peers. For the long field training exercises, he was often placed in precarious situations that tested him relentlessly. It would have been a lie had Ezrah not admitted to being broken on several different occasions. But he also understood the need and purpose of each test.

One field training exercise in particular found Ezrah separated from his pod, completely alone in the middle of a thicket of forest without so much as a working scanner. Rather, he had only a handful of field rations, a tattered old map, a decrepit compass and a meager solar blanket. For fourteen day’s, Ezrah was tasked with the wrought of daily survival, one time encountering a large grizzly bear and on another occasion being stalked by a mountain lion. The separation, in-of-itself, was the training exercise; to see how a student would react to their limited resources and isolation from human interaction.

For his physical training field instructor, Lieutenant Todd Constantine, he couldn’t help but appreciate how much of a burden Ezrah could shoulder and how few circumstances made the boy truly uneasy. For the sake of argument, Constantine discovered that Ezrah thrived in solitude; which, for any of Ezrah’s academic instructors, would have come as no surprise considering that during his first year at the STC, Ezrah kept mostly to himself, choosing rather to focus on his coursework and studies. But for Constantine, although he considered Ezrah to be quiet, reserved and often withdrawn, the boy showcased an uncanny leadership ability that compelled and motivated his peers an in a unique way.

Ezrah proved himself to be an avid outdoorsman, utilizing what little resources he had to survive each and every day. Ingenuity proved to be his greatest asset, taking an object often deemed useless and turning it into a device that would prove most beneficial; an aspect of his personality and abilities that earned Ezrah admirable recognition.

At the conclusion of the fourteen days in isolation, Ezrah was one out of only a handful that was actually able to make it back to civilization without serious injury.

Throughout his third year at the STC, Ezrah continued to earn marks that maintained his status on the honor role board, while his social relationships continued to flourish. During the latter part of the third year, students were invited to select from a handful of assignments, a field assignment in which they would spend the final year of their STC training. This field assignment would find the students spread among several different duty-stations throughout Earth’s Starfleet, serving in the capacity of their specialized role while also completing their academic and physical training requirements.

Try as he might, Ezrah was unable to secure an internship on board the Columbia, where he hoped to reconnect and rekindle his relationship with Carlisle. Uncertain as to whether it was because of Carlisle’s own doing or their current mission, Ezrah rather chose to be randomly assigned to any duty-station opening. Several day’s before his departure for summer break, Ezrah learned of his assignment to Starfleet’s cargo division.

Starfleet Training Command, Year Four

Upon his return to Starfleet Training Command in the fall of 2154, Ezrah reported to Starfleet’s cargo and supplies division. Located in San Diego California, several hours south of San Francisco, Ezrah assumed a role within the divisions small craft operations department, where he would be tasked with shuttling cargo and supplies to different Starfleet installations on Earth, the Luna Colony as well as Earth’s drydock facilities.

Ezrah’s final year at the STC seemed to flyby at warp speed. With the added responsibilities of his internship while also keeping up with his academic studies and participating in the physical training and field exercise requirements, there was very little time to focus on anything other than his STC responsibilities. During this time, too, there was very little interaction between himself and Carlisle. In fact, the two had only spoken twice prior to Ezrah’s graduation from the STC. Ezrah had invited Carlisle to attend; however, due to the Columbia’s extended mission away from port, she would be unable to attend. To Ezrah, it appeared that their relationship had run its course and through their own lack of being able to make the relationship work, he felt it best that it come to an end. Not surprisingly, Carlisle agreed and in the second and last communique with one another, the two severed the relationship amicably.

Although downtrodden and heartbroken, Ezrah had resolved himself to focussing even more so on successfully completing his final year at the STC.

Working anywhere from 12 to 16 hour days at the cargo and supplies division, Ezrah would dedicate the vast majority of his days to completing field work. Weekends would often find him completing physical training and field exercises and then whatever off hours he had were dedicated towards his studies.

As his final year at the STC winded down, Ezrah and many of his fourth year compatriots were invited back to the STC for final examinations, physical training and field exercise testing. Like he, many of his peers were worked to the core, but excited none-the-less for the eventual conclusion of their STC education and training.

Although he tried, it was difficult for Ezrah to maintain his presence on the academic honor role, falling just shy of its grade point average. However, he did successfully pass each examination and tested exceedingly well in his physical training and field exercise testing scenarios.

In the Spring of 2155, Ezrah successfully graduated from Starfleet Training Command. In his STC service jacket were several written recommendations, one from Lieutenant Todd Constantine and the other from Lieutenant Commander Audrey Carlisle. With these recommendations in hand and with a very successful stint at the STC, academically, Ezrah was offered a permanent assignment at Starfleet’s cargo and supplies division or to the soon-to-be commissioned NX-class Challenger. Ezrah put in his paperwork to be assigned to the Challenger as its Helmsman, politely declining the cargo and supplies divisions’ offer.

Challenger (NX-03)

Ezrah’s first mission on Challenger resulted in him being kidnapped by Orion mercenaries. During his imprisonment he was beaten, tortured and sexually abused. Due to the violent nature of his kidnapping, he was relieved of his duties after he was rescued by his crew. For several weeks the ship’s CMO worked with him to come to terms with what happened but he found the whole ordeal extremely distressing. When news arrived of his father being diagnosed with a terminal disease, he took the decision to leave the ship and return home to recover and support his family.

Starfleet Command

When war was declared against the Romulan Star Empire, Ezrah returned to Starfleet but only as a pilot assigned to HQ.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2151 - 2152 First Year Cadet Starfleet Training Command
Cadet Freshman Grade
2152 - 2153 Second Year Cadet Starfleet Training Command
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2153 - 2154 Third Year Cadet Starfleet Training Command
Cadet Junior Grade
2154 - 2155 Fourth Year Cadet Starfleet Training Command
Cadet Senior Grade