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Profile Overview

Viktoria Yu

Human Female

Character Information


Former MACO Detachment Commander (dec'd)




Viktoria Lin Yu

7th May 2119

Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Earth


2nd November 2155

Captured Romulan Ship, Bassen Rift, Beta Quadrant


Viktoria Lin Yu, BSc (call sign: “Spectre”) was a M.A.C.O officer and the former M.A.C.O Detachment Commander for the starship Challenger (NX-03). She died near to the end of 2155 during the Earth-Romulan War. Viktoria was an experienced soldier; serving in the Canadian armed services for many years.


Viktoria was an average sized woman of mixed-race ancestry with a lean athletic build. Her hair was blonde and kept short in regulation standard or pulled back into a ponytail or bun if grown out longer. She had a scar running down the side of her right leg, the result of an injury that ended her JTF-2 career and plasma burn mark just above her right shoulder blade from plasma carbine hit during her early MACO service during the Martian Rebellion.

She had a series of tattoos running along her left bicep, each a coloured stripe that encircles the width of the arm in the following scheme: white, yellow, green, blue, purple, red, brown, and black, each one acquired after acquiring the corresponding coloured belt level in Shito-ryu Karate. Above that on her shoulder, was a tattoo of a red maple leaf.

Her left ring finger also had a well-worn groove on it, signs of her previous marriage and the ring she still wore when not on duty.

Physical Description

  • Height: 5′ 9″ (1.76 m)
  • Weight: 171 Ilbs
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Brown


Viktoria was brilliant, creative, and driven. A certifiable genius with a high-IQ, she had long since turned her bored troublemaking habits into a knack for overachievement and need for challenges to her mind and body. She had a knack for finding connecting information and applicable patterns of knowledge in wildly differing subjects and then applying them in a cross-discipline manner. Combining her varied background and resume, this made Viktoria a somewhat unpredictable and brilliant tactician who was able to determine alternative courses to action outside of traditional military thought.

Her father was a lay Buddhist and with her early exposure to academia through both parents as well as her background in Anthropology, Viki herself was something of a humanist with Buddhist leanings (though tempered by the somewhat cold and intellectual pragmatism that comes with her military and paramilitary training). She preferred taking her targets down with nonlethal force, but rarely hesitated if the situation called for more extreme measures.

Viktoria was prone to sentimentalism as evidenced by her tattooed marked arm which showed a history of her early martial arts training and Canadian background, as well as by the fact that she was still prone to wearing her wedding ring when off duty, years after her divorce…such traits were usually the only clues as to what lied beneath the stoic and cold professionalism that the Spectre carried herself with.

Viktoria was normally referred to “Viki Yu” by friends and “Yu Lin” by her family, especially on her father’s Chinese descendant side.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Viktoria was a brilliant tactician and lateral thinker who long ago ditched the box she was always thinking out of. Driven to perfectionism, she had marksman qualifications with the EM-33 Plasma Pistol, the MACO Phase Pistol, and the MACO Pulsed Phase Rifle, as well as master certifications in CQB and Demolitions. She was a highly trained martial artist with a second Dan black-belt in Shito-ryu, as well as cross-training in Wushu, Kabudo, and Kali. She had starship operations qualifications, allowing for her to fill in for or assisting a Starfleet officer in ship operations, especially in situations concerning computers and calculations.

Viktoria’s background education in anthropology had an emphasis on cultural anthropology and being detached to exploration and patrol vessels has allowed her to pursue this again in her free time, with an emphasis on alien cultures. Hence, opposed to most MACOs who never leave the Colonies, Viki had a better understanding of alien cultures and thought, which she applied to situations she faces dealing with those species. She has often considered taking her Masters in Xenoanthropology remotely over subspace, but has yet to find the time. This cultural curiosity had been crossed with her military and martial arts experience, making Viktoria something of a weapons and military philosophy aficionado.

Like many high-IQ individuals however, Viki was also wracked by a host of social, stress, anxiety, and other mental issues which she does her best to hide. She had a history of depression and incidences of slightly obsessive compulsive behaviour, which she hid with an aura of cold intellectual professionalism and pragmatism that seemed sometimes standoffish or arrogant, or just plain cold-hearted.

Viktoria also suffered occasional phantom pains in her right leg and upper shoulder blade, where she had suffered nerve damage from previous injures.


Viktoria’s motivations were almost always in the pursuit of challenges to test and better herself. To expand her mind, fortify her body, and further her skill.


  • Earth language of English
  • Earth language of French
  • Earth language of Mandarin
  • Earth language of German
  • Earth language of Cantonese
  • Vulcan
  • Tellarite
  • Rigelian

Hobbies & Interests

Ever curious and always up for a challenge, Viktoria had begun collecting and trying to learn how to use non-human weapons she encountered. So far, she had managed to collect an Andorian ushaan-tor, Tellarite mattock, and a Rigelian Saras Knife.She had a weakness for old wuxia novels and western mythological epics and sagas, ranging from the Homeric hymns to Beowulf, and could also usually be found brushing up on the recent issue of Anthropologist’s Journal, especially since it had started including alien contributors.


Political Information

  • Affiliation: Military Assault Command Operations, United Earth Commonwealth


  • Mother: Doctor Elke Ekkehard-Yu, Forensic Pathologist, University of Toronto/RCMP CM
  • Father: Professor Yu Junjie, professor of applied linguistics, University of Toronto.
  • Former Spouse: Doctor Erika St. Claire, civilian scientist and instructor, Starfleet Training Command


Early Life

Viki Yu was born into a rather smart family, the daughter a linguistics professor and a forensic pathologist and from an early age was something of an overachiever. Though illiterate until the age of six, her reading level soon took off to university levels by the beginning of the third grade. Similarly, her math marks were not far behind.

Officially declared gifted at the age of twelve, Viki spent time briefly in a special education class before having to drop out do to moving outside the schools district. Back in a normal classroom setting, she quickly became bored and became something of a trouble causer, seeking her challenges through getting into fights with her peers, arguments with her teachers, and on two occasions, she was busted for hacking into the school’s network (first time to prove that she could, second time to pull off a rather stunning April Fool’s Day prank).Things got worse in high school, where Viki found herself railing against what she saw as core failings and idiocies of the secondary education system, and twice she was caught in some rather bad physical altercations and again she was caught after hacking the school network.

Sensing a need in their daughter for discipline and challenges, Viktoria was enrolled in a multitude of extracurricular activities such as Shito-ryu Karate, Kabudo, and various Kung Fu and Kali classes before finally settling on the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets, which allowed for the turbulent Viki to settle herself and find some measure of mental balance (right in time for her youth record to be sealed).

Royal Canadian Navy

After high school, Viktoria attended both the Royal Canadian Military Academy and Queens University in Kingston, Ontario on a Cadet scholarship, taking full officers training at the academy, while acquiring a bachelors in computer science and anthropology at the university.

It was at Queens that she met Erika St. Claire, an engineering and science major who hailed from Montreal, Quebec. Viki was attracted by Erika’s intelligence while Erika was fascinated by Viki’s way of recognizing patterns in completely different subjects (such as computers and cultural anthropology) and drawing applicable knowledge from both. After St. Claire came out to her parents, the two dated for three years, until Viki’s double bachelor and academy schooling was finished, and Erika had an offer to attend Oxford for her masters. The two broke off amicably and Viki began her service in the Royal Canadian Navy as a Sub-Lieutenant and junior electronics warfare specialist on the HMCS Halifax.

Joint Task Force 2

It only took two years and a promotion to full lieutenant for Viktoria to be noticed by CANSOFCOM, Canada’s special forces command her who plugged her for entry testing into JTF2 after Sub-Lt. Viki forced a freighter ship suspected of smuggling weapons for anti-alien groups across the Atlantic Ocean to stop by hacking it’s automated systems wirelessly and then leading the boarding party to ensure the computer systems were properly checked and seized as evidence.

Viki successfully passed her JTF2 Assault Operator qualifications and completed the supplementary training with top marks, before being assigned as a breaching and e-warfare specialist to a unit stationed in Toronto, Viki’s home city and location of one Earth’s fastest growing alien population demographics. Viki often found herself falling back more on her anthropology training then her computer sciences, as her JTF2 team was assigned to counterterrorism duties around diplomatic meetings and conferences.

Being stationed in Toronto also meant that Viki was able to keep in mostly regular contact with her family and it also meant that Erika would soon enter her life again. Erika was finishing her Doctoral thesis and had transferred to the University of Toronto to better be able to consult with the Vulcan Scientists at the local embassy there a rewarding task, if a tad frustrating at times. It was during this time that an minor Earth First movement tried to go big leagues by planning an attack on the Vulcan Embassy, though they found themselves quickly taken down and arrested on the embassies gates by Yu’s team, at the same time that Erika was visiting for a light debate on astrophysics over a salad lunch with one of the Vulcan ambassador’s aides. Even under all of Viki’s tactical gear, Erika still managed to pick her out. Their relationship resumed after four year hold, and two years later, they were married in a waterfront ceremony.

XenoCrimes Unit, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

A few years later, Viktoria injured her leg during a freak accident while taking down the rest of the Earth First Toronto cells, and was side-lined from service. She decided to resign and was offered a dishonourable discharge, at which point she was offered a desk position at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the only recently minted XenoCrimes Unit, which tackled crimes that involved nonhumans. With her background in computer sciences and anthropology, Yu was perfect for the job, not to mention her previous experience with groups like Earth First…her mother’s ties to the RCMP as a civilian specialist in forensic pathology didn’t hurt either.

After attending an accelerated RCMP officers training course, Viktoria was made a RCMP Corporal and assigned to the XenoCrimes Unit, a position she excelled at. Things appeared to go well and then Erika completed her third doctorate and got offered the chance of a lifetime, an offer to consult in space on a three-year joint Vulcan-Human initiative. Unfortunately, Viki felt perfectly earthbound and was not ready to leave planet. With three years of separation seeming too long for them, they both decided, though somewhat reluctantly and with a detached intellectualism about it, decided to call it quits and filed for a divorce, their careers once again tearing them away.

Emergency Response Team, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

After the separation, Yu began a spiral into depression that quickly collimated into being forced into therapy sessions with a unit shrink. A change of pace was recommended and since her leg had long since healed, Viktoria applied for a transfer to one the RCMPs emergency response teams, the federal tactical police of Canada. She was transferred to the ERT of Cape Breton which had in the decades past become one of Canada’s largest space ports. With all her previous experiences, Yu threw herself into her work and was quickly promoted to Inspector and given command of the unit on its CO’s promotion.

After several years of this, the United Earth government began targeting people with paramilitary tactical background, specifically tactical police forces, for their MACO units, as a means of broadening the experience base available for the ever-expanding role of the MACO units. Viktoria Yu’s name came up, first do to her history with taking down Earth First, and secondly due to her computer skills and anthropological training, as well as her experience in Canada’s Elite JTF2 unit.

MACO Career

Early Career

It wasn’t long before Viktoria was approached with an offer and Viki, who had begun yearning for more of a challenge and now ready to shed her earth-boundness, accepted to join the Military Assault Command Operations (MACO). She was shipped off for training, first at West Point, New York, then Mons Olympus Mars, Armstrong Lake, Luna, and Hazardous Environment Training on Titan, before completing an optional starship operations and qualifications course at San Francisco, California.

After her training and subsequent graduation, Viktoria was placed on a unit attached to Mons Olympus Colony, Mars right in time for the Martian Riots. She quickly gained a name for herself as a “Thinking Woman’s MACO”, do to her ability to come up with rather creative strategies and tactics on the fly…such as using hacked atmospheric pressure controls to knock out everyone in a room before breaching, or applying Surak logic principles to accurately predict an rebel unit’s movements through a labyrinth-like supply depot.

Republic (NV-02)

After the riots and rebellions were dealt with, Viktoria was promoted to command a MACO detachment and assigned to the Republic (NV-02) at the request of the Republic‘s Captain, following the Xindi Incident. During this time, Viktoria acquired the codename of “Spectre”, less for her silent special ops experience, and more as a play on the fact that she still technically held the rank of “Inspector” in the RCMP. She also participated in the ill-fated evacuation of an earthquake stricken Denobulan Colony and later on in an anti-piracy raid on a Nausicaan group attacking Tellerite and Human convoys on trade routes going out to Rigel and Alpha Centauri.

Challenger (NX-03)

She stayed with the Republic for two years, before being reassigned as the MACO detachment commander for the new ChallengerNX-03 at the request of Captain Rani Karim, shortly before her death in a shuttle collision.Yu initially found the idea of serving under Karim’s first officer, Lloyd Burton, as its new commanding officer an uneasy one. The two had served alongside each other on the Republic three years ago and the last time she had seen him, he was leaving the ship after the death of his fiancée. Viktoria wasn’t sure what to expect of Burton now he was to be sat in the centre chair of Starfleet’s third most powerful ship. She wondered if he was up to the task and if he had recovered from his personal tragedy.

Viktoria’s first mission began on a bad footing. While ferrying Earth diplomats to an important conference with the Denobulans the ship was attacked and members of the crew were kidnapped. She was one of the crew who was kidnapped by the Orions. Being the MACO leader, she had to find the courage to show a brave face to the rest of the crew who were looking to her for strength in this crisis. Fortunately for the missing crew they were rescued by their crewmates who had received helped from their allies in the Coalition of Planets. Viktoria soon developed a fond friendship with Doctor Ben-Ami and Ensign Hennessey, the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Communications Officer – respectively. The three of them were almost the oldest members of the crew and formed a close friendship group. Something that was new to the MACO leader. They were often seen sharing a meal in the crew’s mess hall.  Not only did she form good relationships with others in the crew, but this prompted her to consider in taking the time to get to know those in her detachment. Her deputy, First Lieutenant Khawla al-Fayyad, was a promising officer and reminded Viktoria of herself when she first started out on Mars. While her Detachment First Sergeant, Staff Sergeant Rupesh Iyer, had a very calm and peaceful manner that she appreciated. She later found out that the two of them shared the interests of reading old classical novels and the two began sharing books and encouraging one another to read different genres.

When Challenger arrived at Denobula, she joined Captain Burton in returning to the Denobulan colony that they helped in the previous year after it was hit by seismic-quakes. The two of them were awarded the Denobulan Compassion Star Medal by the colony’s governor in gratitude for their efforts in saving so many. It was here where she finally saw that Captain Burton was dealing with his personal grief internally, but she also noted that it was a source of strength for him. On their return to the ship she offered the captain an opportunity to spare with her, a gesture she wouldn’t normally offer. He appreciated the offer, especially as he was becoming frustrated in being seen as a celebrity with the Denobulan general public.

While in orbit of the Denobulan homeworld the ship received a distress call from Earth colony ships heading to the Archer system. Viktoria, with the rest of the crew, would engage the Romulans for the first time. Once they had fought back the Romulan threat, Viktoria led one of the rescue teams over to the colony ships to secure it. They saved the colonists and escorted them to the Archer system, but prior to their arrival they discovered the new Earth colony was about to come under Romulan siege. Viktoria assisted Captain Burton in coming up with a solid strategy in overwhelming the Romulans and rescuing the trapped Starfleet ships in the Archer system. Once they had won the battle and forced the Romulans out of the Archer system, Viktoria was responsible in ensuring the colonists were secure on their new homeworld. She would go on to take one of her young soldiers, Private Liam Jenkins, under wing as a mentor of sorts for him. She was pleased that Captain Burton had placed a commendation in the man’s file for his efforts on the colony ships and for him showing determination in bettering himself in becoming a field medic. However she also saw how quickly he was taking to the ship’s nurse. She offered him some relationship advice and told Jenkins not to allow his career dictate his entire life and to enjoy getting to know the new person in his life.

Soon Challenger started its mission of exploration, a move that excited the MACO leader. On a number of occasions Captain Burton insisted that she join the landing parties when they were exploring a new world. He found her presence helpful and the anthropologist in her lapped up every experience. The ship’s exploration mission was partly interrupted when Challengerwas invited to Andoria by its new elected leader: Chancellor Margerit. Margerit wished to discuss with Burton the possibility of strengthen ties between Earth and Andoria. Viktoria had planned to join Captain Burton’s landing party to the planet surface, however she felt it was more important she remained on the ship as three other senior members of staff were already present on the team. She assigned Private Jenkins as the MACO guard to protect Captain Burton, Commander Leveseque, Sub Commander T’Plau and Ensign Conrad in Shuttlepod One.

When the Andorian colony on Docana was invaded by Malurians and Nausicaans, Challenger led several Starfleet ships in the area to provide relief aid once the Andorian fleet was able to repel the invasion force. Unfortunately the Andorian task force was almost obliterated by a minefield. Only a few ships survived the ordeal, one being the flagship. Before her death, the Andorian Fleet Commander gave Captain Burton command of the remaining forces. He was ordered to liberate the fallen colony by the Andorian chancellor and Prime Minister Samuels. Once again, Viktoria aided Captain Burton in developing a stratagem that would see them succeed with their orders and avoid too much loss of life on both sides. Their well-developed operation saw Docana liberated, but the Romulans (who were the masterminds behind the Malurian-Nausicaan alliance) bombed the world after the last of the Malurian-Nausicaan invasion force retreated. It was discovered that they hoped to destabilise the local area through the use of manipulating other powers against the Coalition, similar to their attempts the previous year with their drone attacks. Yu led the entire MACO detachment from Challenger and the other Starfleet vessels in finding survivors from the colony and rescuing them from the now damaged world of Docana. For the hard efforts in saving so many lives, Captain Burton rewarded every MACO time off once they had an opportunity after the mission. He also commended Viktoria with her leadership and wrote a letter in her file.

During the middle of 2155 the ship was ordered to make official first contact with the Deltan species on behalf of the Earth Commonwealth and its allies in the Coalition of Planets. Initially the first contact went well with both side exchanging ideas peacefully, but the ship was dragged in to an ongoing conflict the Deltans were having with a neighbouring race known as the Carreons. Eventually the Carreons began a campaign of attacking the ship on a regular basis. As their weapons weren’t as advanced compared to Starfleet’s the ship received little damaged until they persisted and repeated their attacks almost daily. Viktoria saw her MACOs work closer than ever before with their Starfleet comrades in ensuring the ship survived the crisis. Captain Burton came to depend on Viktoria in supporting Sub Commander T’Plau with all security and tactical matters.  In their last battle they engaged a Romulan Bird-of-Prey which they discovered was using a telepresence capturing system to control Carreon vessels. They were able to avoid being captured themselves and disabled the craft; unfortunately the Romulans were not prepared to be captured and destroyed their ship. The shockwave from the exploding ship severely damaged Challenger further. Burton told Viktoria, along with the rest of the senior staff, his decision to order the crew to abandon ship when it became heavily damaged and unable to sustain the entire crew. Burton gave Doctor Ben-Ami a battlefield promotion to lieutenant commander and ordered her to take command of the crew and lead them to a safe place. The crew were led to a Minshara-class world they had detected on long range sensors as a place of sanctuary. The trip took a very long time in escape pods and one shuttlepod, eventually they arrived in orbit. When they began their decent they encountered an alien craft that originated from the world. The vessel opened fire after Kefira attempted to contact them. Their engagement gave the other escape pods time to move out of harm’s way and land on the planet without being hassled, but Kefira’s own escape pod was damaged and was forced to crash land elsewhere.

Viktoria took over leading the Starfleet crew once they landed. Ned became her close advisor, especially as many of the other Starfleet crew felt that Lieutenant junior grade Masuko, the ship’s second engineer, should be leading them as they were a Starfleet crew and not a MACO detachment. Ned was instrumental in convincing everyone that they needed Yu to lead them due to her expertise in survival training. She would keep them safe and alive, which was an argument he never believed he would be having with others. Nevertheless his words of wisdom, along with his good relationship with many in the crew helped calm the situation down and allowed for Yu to lead the crew successfully. This act brought his friendship closer with Viktoria.

Eventually they lead a rescue mission and found Ben-Ami’s missing escape pod and returned them to their base camp they had setup. When Kefira returned to the camp she assumed leadership and kept both Viktoria and Ned close. She found their counsel helpful, especially Viktoria’s insights on how they would survive in the “wild”. Kefira and her group from their escape pod hadn’t returned alone. While they had been away from the others they had encountered two inhabitants of the world, a pair of young boys who were brothers. Kefira found herself dealing with a philosophical issue once they had been rescued by their crewmates and returned to their base camp. She had to decide to either keep both Roburn and Edro (the two boys they had rescued from the caves they had hid in) with them or send them back to their village, even though it meant they would be forced to return to a life of mining as part of the planet’s child labour force. Both Ned and Viktoria argued for keeping the boys with them as they felt it was morally wrong to send them back to such bad conditions, especially as both boys had never attended a school and were ill from their mistreatment. Nevertheless Kefira didn’t want to stand in between the boys from ever seeing their parents again. She began to debate the issue of forcing Human values on to alien cultures and found the decision hard to make. Viktoria found it difficult to offer advice on the issue. For her she saw how happier the boys were with them, especially as Sergeant Iyer and Ensign Hathaway had almost adopted them and were providing them with a life they had never known before. However Viktoria also saw the dilemma and wondered how she would feel if some alien came along and kidnapped her children (if she had any that was). Kefira decided to leave the issue for the moment but was grateful for both Ned and Viktoria’s input on the dilemma that faced them. As it was clear that their situation could become a permanent one, Viktoria was Kefira’s right hand man. Effectively she became acting first officer. A position she never considered taking when she joined the ship. Her main priority was ensuring the crew were confident in being able to survive in their conditions. She used the MACOs to ensure their base camp was secure, while at the same she encouraged a sense of community to be built among their people. They didn’t know how long they were going be there and they needed to start to think about changing their frame of mind from being one of survival to one of actually living.  Eventually surveillance carried out by the stranded crew of the local area reported that a Carreon vessel had crash landed and destroyed a settlement that met the characteristics of Roburn and Edro’s settlement. As the threat of being detected by the aliens increased, Kefira decided not to expose their position any further by the crew exploring the local area. She gave the order to fortify their position as best as they could. Viktoria stepped up the crew’s training in hand to hand combat. By surprise, most of the crew enjoyed the change of pace and revelled in the intense training her MACOs were handing out. Soon after other missing crew appeared (Ensign Alcott, Ensign Metaxas, Second Lieutenant Trommler and Corporal Jenkins) and informed the others about the Ardanans, the species that inhabited the world they had crashed on. The species’ government did not wish to engage in any contact with “off-worlders” in fear that it would change their society. As such the knowledge of alien existence was kept a secret from the general public and only a small number of senior government officials were aware of alien lifeforms from other worlds. Placed in a difficult position, Kefira asked Viktoria and Ned their input on what they should do. Both of them advised her in keeping to her choice of keeping a low profile on the planet and to avoid any communication with the Ardanans. They soon found out that the Ardanans were quite technologically advanced due to their cloud cities that they had constructed. Nevertheless they also learnt that only the wealthy and privileged could live on these floating palaces. Those that were less fortunate lived in smaller settlements, with many of these being mining communities. This was the case for Roburn and Edro. Eventually the entire crew were rescued when Captain Burton and the others entered orbit of Ardana. They came with help with the Andorians and with a few days of hard work the entire crew were returned to Challenger.  Kefira placed a commendation in Viktoria’s file and recommended that Captain Burton put her forward to receive the Distinguished Service Medal. Burton agreed and placed the application in when they returned to Earth without Viktoria’s knowledge.

After Challenger was repaired and returned to active duty, Yu ended up having new additions join her unit as MACO HQs decided to expand the numbers on board the ship. Yu was keen to expand her unit further in ensuring they all had a wide set of skills and led daily training for them all. When the ship rescued survivors from Armstrong NCC-100, Yu had her unit support with the efforts and did the same when they saved Discovery NX-04. Eventually when it was found out that the latter ship had captured a Romulan drone ship, the crews worked together to hatch a plan to use it to attack a key Romulan base. Volunteering almost instantly to support the team that would fly it, Yu made sure the team was well protected when they undertook their attack. She saved Lieutenant Habiba’s life and after it looked like Captain Müller appeared that he was prepared to leave behind Commander Stanton and Lieutenant Conrad, the major got into quite a heated argument with him. Sadly though Stanton would sacrifice himself to ensure that the others would be able to escape. After Conrad died in his arms, the engineer launched the shuttlepod with the rest of the team in and detonated the drone’s warp core. The team’s rescue by Challenger was extremely difficult as it was being conducted as a black hole was being formed. The only way to bring them all back was through the transporter, sadly though Yu did not make it as her patterns were disrupted by the gravitational well as the transporter technology was not powerful enough to filter it out.


Yu death sent shockwaves throughout the MACO unit on Challenger. Her deputy was greatly affected by it, First Lieutenant al-Fayyad resigned her commission as she felt the death of her mentor and close friend was too much. She also wanted to avoid regretting, like Yu did, not having a proper personal life and allowing her career to take over. It fell onto the shoulders of Second Lieutenant Trommler and other individuals in the MACO unit to rally support for those that were affected by Yu’s loss. Lieutenant Masuko, who had been leading the engineering team in using the transporter, blamed herself for Yu’s death even when it was reported that her death was due to the gravitational well forming and interfering with the transporter signal. Viktoria’s official portrait was hung in the mess hall of the Challenger as part of a wall of memorial for their fallen comrades. Her picture was third in the row.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2149 - 2150 Trainee (Fast Track) M.A.C.O. Training
2150 - 2152 M.A.C.O. Operator/Tech Specialist 2nd “Redboots” Martian Detachment
Second Lieutenant
2152 Detachment Deputy Commander 2nd “Redboots” Martian Detachment
First Lieutenant
2153 - 2154 Detachment Commander Republic (NV-02)
2155 Detachment Commander Challenger (NX-03)