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Profile Overview

Nicole Levesque

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Levesque


Deputy Director of Starfleet Science
Challenger (Archive)


Nicolette Corinne Levesque

6th October 2121

Napa, California, United States of America, Earth


Nicolette Corinne “Nicole” Levesque, BS, MS, is a Starfleet officer and the former First Officer & Chief Science Officer from the starship Challenger (NX-03). She left the ship after becoming pregnant and took on the role of Deputy Director of Starfleet Science. Nicolette is an experienced scientist and Starfleet officer.


Nicole is tall and quite athletic, a multicultural woman even she is not aware of her complete ancestry and her mixed features are of little help. Because of her athletic lifestyle Nicole has a very strong and lean build. Her dark brown hair is almost always in a pony tail with bangs handing down in front of her forehead. It is a very rare thing to see Nicole with her hair down.

Physical Description

  • Height: 5′ 9″ (1.75 m)
  • Weight: 138 Ilbs
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blue


A decisive, strong willed and hard-working woman Nicole is could easily be described as a force of nature. Nicole is a dreamer since she was little, she has been enraptured by the unknown and the mysterious. This intense/eagerly curious nature of hers led Nicole to Starfleet and its opportunities to satisfy her need to know more. While her parents and siblings would describe Nicole as thick-headed or stubborn Nicole prefers determined. From a young age she rebelled against the safe, comfortable life her parents had laid out. Despite her very studious and responsible manner, when she gets deeply involved in an experiment or discovery she starts acting like a big kid.

Nicole likes to get to know her shipmates. She likes to be social with people especially because she tends to get buried in her work. Nicole’s off duty personality could best be described as cheeky; she can be very sarcastic and has a penchant for pranks. One of the few things in her life quicker than her mind has been her wit. This often plagued her through her Training Command days where she would often find herself making some sharp-tongued remark before she could stop herself. This trait manifested over the years into a habit of always speaking her mind whether the situation called for it or not. But luckily Nicole has always been very resourceful and has often been able to finesse her way out of these delicate.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Nicole is very smart, far above average in academics she has always been one to pick things up quickly. Nicole is very resourceful, when all other options fail her, she can comfortably think outside of the box for a solution. In the years Nicole spent as a Security and Armoury Officer she became very proficient with many types of weapons and martial arts. In addition to the standard defence training of Starfleet Security Nicole has spent years as a practitioner of both Jiu-Jitsu and Aikido.

Nicole does however get caught up in new discoveries. When faced with something new and unknown she can easily become wide eyed and entrapped, this has led to Nicole becoming easily lost in her work. Often, she would spend hours in the lab running test before she realised that she was into the next duty shift. It took many years before Nicole was able to get a handle on this little quirk of hers.


When Nicole first joined Starfleet, she only wanted an exciting life in space. Soon after she was all about making that next big discovery, one that could flip the universe on its head. But more recently she doesn’t know exactly what she wants; Starship Command maybe, a doctorate, she isn’t sure. For the time being she is content doing her job.


  • Earth language of English
  • Earth language of French
  • Earth language of Italian
  • Earth language of Arabic
  • Vulcan – written
  • Andorian – conversational

Hobbies & Interests

While she never appreciated it as a child, Nicole grew up in a very artistic home and her parents made sure she developed many of the necessary skills to go into the arts should she ever decide to leave Starfleet. This never happened but over the years Nicole has embraced her artistic upbringing especially in regard to painting which she often does in her off time. In complement to her painting Nicole took up Photography when it became apparent that many of the away missions, she was on didn’t last long enough for her to paint the landscape around her. Nicole also has an impressive ear for music specifically recognising a piece of music and the instruments being used in the piece. Her personal music skills are rather average, but she has picked up an appreciation for the violin.In addition to her more artistic interests Nicole also enjoys a more active lifestyle and often tries to find time to go skydiving when she is on Earth. She also enjoys watching and playing both baseball and hockey. Her sister Claudia sends recordings of each San Francisco Giants game and Nicole always tries to find people to watch it with her as she believes that watching sports alone is sad.


Political Information

  • Affiliation: Starfleet, United Earth Commonwealth


  • Mother: Anneliese Levesque, Art Teacher Pacific Union College
  • Father: Anthony Levesque, Owner of On the Side, Former Napa County Sheriff
  • Brother(s):
    • Elijah Levesque-Holden, Lawyer
    • Doctor Hadrien Levesque, Xenobiologist, Princeton University
  • Sister(s):
    • Claudia Walker, Owner of Claudia’s Winery
    • Caitlyn McKenna, Elementary School Teacher)
  • Aunt: Teresa Johansson, Captain ECS Polaris
  • Brother-in-law(s):
    • Commander Cooper Walker, Second Officer & Chief Science Officer Challenger NX-03
    • Scotty McKenna, Elementary School Vice-Principal
    • Thomas Levesque-Holden, Lawyer
  • Sister-in-law: Julia Levesque, Lawyer
  • Nephew(s):
    • Gabriel Levesque (son of Caitlyn and Scotty)
    • Mackenzie ‘Mack’ Walker (son of Claudia and Cooper)
    • Luke Levesque-Holden (son of Elijah and Thomas)
  • Niece(s):
    • Adele Levesque (daughter of Hadrien and Julia)
    • Léonie Levesque (daughter of Hadrien and Julia)


Early Life

Born in Napa, California, Nicole grew up in a rather well-off community. The middle child of three sisters and two brothers, Nicole was naturally skilled at flying under the radar. Her parents’ jobs only made this easier; her mother a teacher at a local college and her father managed the family’s local restaurant. Nicole was the odd one out of her siblings, not wanting to follow in her family’s footsteps, an opinion she expressed to her parents many times. This didn’t stop either of them from attempting to influence her decision however. She would still have to work in the restaurant every day and join her mother at the college from time to time. It didn’t change anything, Nicole was a girl with her head in the stars; she was too interested in what was beyond their solar system to worry about how to make the perfect roast beef or what was the proper way to paint. Nicole was lost to this path long before. The first time she had looked through a telescope on an elementary school trip to Manu Kea she became enchanted by the stars. While her siblings were learning to cook or teach or paint or some other “acceptable” career, Nicole was looking through some book on space and other species.

Things came to a head when she was 9, her mother made arrangements for Nicole to join her aunt Teresa on a cargo run from Earth to the Vega Colony. This would end up being the last time that her parents attempted to change Nicole’s mind. To say this plan backfired was an understatement; nothing in her short life had been better than the first time she saw the Earth from orbit. Every poem that had inspired her, every song that had filled her imagination, every movie, and every picture was all eclipsed by that one moment.

The next four years weren’t easy, but Nicole enjoyed almost every minute. In the beginning Nicole’s aunt did try to change her mind about a life in space. This didn’t last long. Not being as thick-headed as her brother or sister–in-law, Teresa recognized how Nicole felt. Instead Teresa put Nicole to work developing the skills she would need for a life in space. Nicole performed every job onboard and excelled at every one. By the time she was a teen Nicole was doing the job of crewmembers twice her age. On the return trip from Vega, Nicole spent the whole trip back researching her options and what paths would be open to her.

Nicole’s parents weren’t too pleased to say the least. They had hoped that 3 years in the black would have changed her mind about all this space stuff. It wasn’t long before they resigned themselves to the fact that they had raised a daughter who was too damn stubborn and too damn curious at the same time. With her parents successfully mollified and her siblings’ opinions ranging from mild indifference with some disbelief to full on support, Nicole was free to pursue her own interests without interference.Throughout her youth Nicole was always drawn to science and she only excelled once she returned to Earth. She begun taking advanced courses in High School and even interned at the UESPA. It was there that her supervisor suggested that Starfleet was the way to go if Nicole really wanted to explore space. Nicole however wasn’t so sure but after thinking it over and talking to her more supportive siblings she made up her mind. The next morning, she hopped the first Transbay Shuttle to San Francisco to begin the Starfleet Training Command entrance exams.

Starfleet Career

Early Career

Now that Nicole was truly out of under her parents’ thumb the chip that had formed on her shoulder throughout her life began to emerge. Nicole started to display disciplinary problems and issues with authority, eventually earning her a reputation as a malcontent. It got to the point where Nicole was probably very close to being expelled were it not for an officer who had taken an interest in her career, Lieutenant Jason Finnegan, one of Starfleet’s leading researchers at the time. Finnegan saw potential in Nicole and instead of letting her be cashiered out of the fleet he helped Nicole get her life under control. It wasn’t long before she was a class leader and someone with a bright future in Starfleet. When she asked Jason why he had been looking out for her, all he would say was that everyone hit a rough patch in their lives at some point. Thingswere starting to look up. This hard-won achievement however seemed threatened in Nicole’s third year when Cadets declared their field of study. By this time Starfleet had become too popular for its own good; everyone wanted to be an explorer on the frontier, but nobody wanted to be a researcher. Unfortunately, there just weren’t enough shipboard postings to go around. While science postings aboard starships were limited, there were more than enough opportunities for armoury personnel aboard most starships. Much to the surprise of many of her friends Nicole joined the armoury department. Surprisingly she excelled in the very different environment and graduated two years later with a degree in starship tactical operations and a secondary degree in stellar sciences.

Juno (NY-03)

Nicole’s first assignment came just a few short weeks later, when an armoury position opened up aboard the Juno. The Juno was a state-of-the-art Neptune-class frigate with a top speed of warp 2.87. She was a hell of a ship. Her range and speed meant that they spent most of their time in and around Earth’s outer colonies often following up on previous explorative discoveries in the area. Nicole would always volunteer as a security escort for the landing parties, this way she would not only gain seniority but practical science experience she could put toward a transfer. Unfortunately, Nicole didn’t have a lot of opportunities to get that experience. With humanity pushing farther and farther into space Starfleet was becoming stretched thin. In addition to the many natural disasters faced by new colonies one of the biggest problems faced on the frontier was from pirates. They would often raid a freighter or colony and be gone before Starfleet could arrive to do little more that clean up. But as the years went on, the Juno became quite adept at predicting these attacks and combating both human and alien pirates when encountered; it wasn’t long before the Juno made a name for herself as a pirate hunter. As the years went on and the space around Earth’s major colonies became safer Nicole was able to find time to take several science extension courses by subspace. She would go on to gain a master’s degree.  Nicole went on to become the Chief Armoury Officer aboard the Juno and an auxiliary science officer before she transferred in 2148.

Intrepid (NV-01)

With the advances in science and technology during the previous eight years the Juno and the rest of the Neptune-class fleet were quickly becoming outdated. Many had already been relegated to courier runs and Home Fleet assignments far away from the ever-expanding frontier. The bright side of this was that Starfleet had commissioned a whole new fleet of starships all with many open positions for up and coming science officers. Nicole was ecstatic to say the least. After four years at Starfleet Training Command and another seven aboard Juno she was finally getting her Science Officer posting. Nicole dove into her new job head first, it was a strange feeling, almost like being a buck Ensign straight out of the Training Command.

Despite how excited she was after six years of rolling out of her bunk and strapping an EM-33 to her thigh, it was hard to break some of her old habits. This was especially true for her morning routine; workout, spar, then an hour on the range. For a while this alienated her from the rest of the science department. Most of them had never held a weapon except outside of their training courses. But as her trips to the range and sparring practice became replaced with experiments in the science lab, people started to warm up to her. Within her first few months on the job Nicole was able to secure her place aboard the Intrepid; including several breakthroughs in stellar sciences, warp field dynamics and the successful charting of a pulsar. Nicole was quickly becoming a rising star in Starfleet’s science division. She would go on to write many papers on her discoveries. She was awarded the Isaac Newton Medal for her pioneering conceptual and experimental contributions to the development of quantum physics.

In 2151 with the expected launch of the Enterprise in a few short months Nicole was on the short list of candidates for her Chief Science Officer. Despite not being at the top of the list she was just as angry and resentful of the Vulcans when she heard they had installed their own officer in the position. This had been her chance to serve on Earth’s first warp five starship and it had been taken away by politics. After it was clear that the Vulcan was staying Nicole withdrew her name from consideration for a general science officer position. Instead she remained aboard Intrepid a bit more resentful and warier of the Vulcans. By the start of the New Year however Enterprise had made so many discoveries and contacts that Starfleet needed more ships to follow up on these accomplishments. Intrepid and several of her sister ships were tasked with this assignment. It really was a good year for Nicole, she finally got to do some exploring and she was promoted to Chief Science Officer.

When the Xindi attacked Earth, Intrepid had been in the area and was one of the first ships to make it back home. Nicole led the Intrepid relief teams for two weeks as they did what they could for the few survivors they could find. After that Nicole had to take some time off and went home to Napa. Luckily her family had been safe on the west coast and her mother who had been travelling was in France with her family. Even so the mood of the home was cold to say the least; Nicole didn’t stay long and returned to Intrepid early. Once their refit was over, Intrepid spent very little of the next year exploring. Instead they were assigned to outer system patrol and various fleet training exercises. It seemed like every day she was less and less a science officer and more an armoury officer again. Intrepid did manage to make contact with a few faring species who were willing to be friends of Earth. Luckily, they weren’t needed to defend Earth and Intrepid was able to return briefly to begin formal diplomatic ties.

Columbia (NX-02)

With the immediate threat to Earth over Starfleet’s attention turned back to exploration which meant Nicole had a chance to be a scientist again. With the renewed mind-set this also meant new opportunities were available to her, when Intrepid returned to Earth Nicole was offered a position aboardColumbia. Captain Ramirez didn’t want to let her go at first, but Nicole was just as thick headed about going to Columbia as she was about joining Starfleet. A week later Nicole was officially transferred to Columbia and was able to secure some leave on Earth. But Earth wasn’t the same as she remembered, especially around Napa. The anti-alien/anti-Starfleet sentiment was far more prevalent than she had ever seen it. While her family and most of her friends weren’t among the idiots, Nicole didn’t feel comfortable at home anymore. She left again and spent the remainder of her leave in New York. The same sentiments were present in the city, but it was nowhere near as prevalent. It was almost non-existent at her favourite bar, The Old Haunt. Unfortunately, her leave was over too soon for Nicole’s taste and she had to leave for San Francisco. For the next eight months Nicole familiarized herself with every square inch of Columbia in preparation for her launch.

Nicole went on to serve with distinction aboard Columbia as they racked up discover after discovery. It got to the point where there was an unofficial competition between the crew of Columbia and Enterprise on who would make the next discovery. It was often a very close competition with neither ship taking the lead for very long. Columbia also spent a lot of time assisting Earth’s newest allies; Andorians, Denobulans and even a Vulcan or two. Columbia’s first few months weren’t full of just exploration, discoveries and saving the day but several moments of contentious diplomacy. The last of these instances ended with Columbia being put between two very aggressive mining guilds. While the mission eventually ended in promising negotiations, they took heavy damage and had to return to Earth.

This was advantageous however as Starfleet had some upgrades for Columbia and this was as good a time as any to implement them. It was during this layover that Nicole met Lloyd Burton the officer in charge of the weapons installation and the brother of the ship’s Assistant Chief Engineer. They spoke briefly when he and his team first came aboard while Nicole waited for the science teams to arrive. The armoury officer in her was very interested to hear about the new upgrades they were getting but the scientist only wanted to get back to her experiments. After her equipment and personnel arrived Nicole buried herself in her work and didn’t give Burton a second thought.

Challenger (NX-03)

A week later as Columbia was preparing to leave; they received news that Challenger’s commanding officer Captain Rani Karim along with Lieutenant Commander Alec Rossi were killed in a shuttle accident. Nicole received a request a few days later to report to Challenger as the Chief Science Officer and First Officer under the new Captain, Lloyd Burton. Nicole was surprised to say the least; she wasn’t aware she had made that much of an impression when they had previously met. Nicole accepted the position and left for Challenger.

Nicole’s first mission began on a bad footing. While ferrying Earth diplomats to an important conference with the Denobulans the ship was attacked, and members of the crew were kidnapped. Nicole was one of the crew who was kidnapped by the Orions. Nicole had to find the strength to show a brave face to the rest of the crew who were looking to her for leadership in this crisis. Fortunately for the missing crew they were rescued by their crewmates who had received helped from their allies in the Coalition of Planets. During this mission, Nicole’s resentment towards Vulcans began to dissipate as she realised, they involvement in the Coalition was critical for its survival.

Over the next few months Nicole became close with Lloyd and the ship’s chief engineer Commander Michael Stanton. The three of them would share their meal times and engage in numerous social activities together. They would particularly visit the gym together and often held a morning jog around the ship. Nicole had also been successful in convincing both of them to begin watching baseball with her when her sister would send recorded videos of numerous games. As First Officer she encouraged the crew to make suggestions on social events that they all can enjoy together, one of the more popular ideas was movie night, an idea stolen from Enterprise and Columbia.

When Challenger arrived at Denobula, Nicole joined Lloyd and Michael on many visits that received a lot of coverage from the Denobulan media. She noticed how the mission was placing a toll on Lloyd as he became annoyed at the Denobulans for seeing him as a hero due to him helping lead a rescue mission many years previously on a Denobulan colony. She reassured him of his actions and reminded him of the positive impact their presence was having on the talks between the Denobulan government and Coalition delegates. While in orbit of the Denobulan homeworld the ship received a distress call from Earth colony ships heading to the Archer system. Nicole, with the rest of the crew, would engage the Romulans for the first time. They saved the colonists and escorted them to the Archer system, but prior to their arrival they discovered the new Earth colony was about to come under Romulan siege. As two ships that had Lloyd’s siblings serving on them were involved, he hastily took Challengerto help them. Nicole felt their relationship was close enough for her to question his plan of attack and his ability to command the mission, with some help from the ship’s new armoury officer: Sub Commander T’Plau. Assured that Lloyd could carry the mission out, she supported him (after a heated private discussion) and they were able to save the Starfleet ships and the system from falling into Romulan hands. Nicole was the first person who discovered that the Romulans would use nuclear weapons as part of their warfare. Their encounter in the Archer system was the first of many where the Romulans would use such weaponry against Earth and its allies. Once Sub Commander T’Plau had started to settle in to her new life on Challenger, Nicole found herself enjoying the company of the Vulcan woman.

In Challenger’s first fifty days of active service it rivalled its sister ship’s in the amount of star systems and space it mapped and catalogued. Levesque led the teams that achieved this task and was commended by Captain Burton for her efforts. Nicole’s friendship with Commander Stanton grew and the two became extremely close and were able to share with each other personnel matters.  Challengervisited Andoria during this period, and like previous diplomatic missions, Levesque would join her captain in meeting with the Andorian Chancellor. She had developed a good rapport with Lloyd as their leadership styles were alike in nature and the two shared a similar sense of humour. Once again Nicole questioned Lloyd’s decision to join an Andorian task force when one of their colonies was attacked. Both Michael and she felt he should have waited to receive confirmation from Starfleet before giving the order. Nevertheless, she supported the Captain in his efforts when he had to assume command of the task force on the behest of the Andorian Chancellor. The ship was successful in liberating the colonists and Nicole led one of many relief teams to the planet.

During the middle of 2155 the ship was ordered to make official first contact with the Deltan species on behalf of the Earth Commonwealth and its allies in the Coalition of Planets. Initially the first contact went well with both side exchanging ideas peacefully, but the ship was dragged in to an ongoing conflict the Deltans were having with a neighbouring race known as the Carreons. Nicole, with members other crewmembers were stranded on the Deltan homeworld when the ship was forced to break orbit and leave the system when the Carreons attacked. As the senior most member of the crew left, she continued the diplomatic mission with the Deltans. She believed it was in their interest to develop the relationship that they had established. Nicole took the decision to aid the Deltans with intel on the Romulans when it was discovered they were manipulating the Carreons via the use of capturing their ships by using a telepresence system. Nicole ordered those who remained with her to assist the Deltans in whatever capacity they could. When Challengereventually returned (over two months later) she returned to her duties as First Officer and was commended by Captain Burton for her actions in ensuring their crew survived on Delta and with her attempts in maintaining good diplomatic ties with the Deltan government. Unfortunately, the Deltan military attempted to use the ship in bold last ditched attempt to take out a Carreon armada by detonating its warp core through the use of a computer virus. The Starfleet crew were able to eject the warp core before it destroyed them. Nicole assumed temporary command of the Challengerwhen Lloyd was injured during their attempt to stop the Deltans’ plans from happening. Fortunately, an Andorian ship was nearby to rescue them and help them with repairs. Once the entire crew were retrieved and Captain Burton was fit to resume command of the ship it was discovered that Nicole was pregnant. She kept her morning sickness a secret until it became unbearable and she sought medical support from Doctor Kefira Ben-Ami. When Kefira confirmed that she was pregnant they traced out how it had happened. When the ship had been leaving Delta for the last time Nicole had used the transporter to hastily return to the ship with Lloyd. For a few seconds their patterns merged together and somehow, she was impregnated by him. Eventually she told him of the news when it was confirmed that Lloyd was the father to their triplet sons.

After taking some well-deserved R&R, Nicole was caught in the bombing of the University of Tel-Aviv. War rallies had taken place around Earth and the one outside the university had become violent. Nicole, who had been meeting with one of Ben-Ami’s former colleagues (a Professor Philippa Lin) to discuss her pregnancy had been injured. She, with Ben-Ami and Lin were taking to Starfleet Medical to be treated. It was here that her pregnancy was discovered by Starfleet (she and Ben-Ami had kept it quiet until they knew if the pregnancy was safe). After this, as well as spending a long time with her family, Nicole had decided that she could no longer remain on board Challenger. Her and Burton had already spoken about how they were going to co-parent their children, but Nicole knew that being on Challenger would not work for them or their children. Instead, with Burton’s approval and support, she applied to become the Deputy Director of Starfleet Science. Unbeknownst to her, the bombing she got caught in was a scare tactic to warn Captain Burton. He, and his siblings, had uncovered a group within Starfleet Security and Starfleet Intelligence being led by his former skipper (Captain Karim) while covertly investigating their father’s death. While on Mars and after finding their father alive and well, Burton had gone through the files left on an underground base belonging to Karim. Among the data was Nicole’s medical reports, including the scans that Ben-Ami had taken of her pregnancy. Seeing it as a warning that they could hurt him as well as his unborn children, Burton decided not to tell Levesque of the plot to have her killed. Instead he worked to ensure her safety and security as she transitioned to her new life on Earth.

Starfleet Science

Nicole’s position at Starfleet Science was one she enjoyed immensely. Her experience of being out on the frontlines gave her a perspective that the department lacked.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2139 - 2140 First Year Cadet Starfleet Training Command
Cadet Freshman Grade
2140 - 2141 Second Year Cadet Starfleet Training Command
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2141 - 2142 Third Year Cadet Starfleet Training Command
Cadet Junior Grade
2142 - 2143 Fourth Year Cadet Starfleet Training Command
Cadet Senior Grade
2143 - 2144 Armoury Officer Juno (NY-03)
2144 - 2146 Second Armoury Officer Juno (NY-03)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2146 - 2148 Chief Armoury Officer Juno (NY-03)
2148 - 2152 Science Officer Intrepid (NV-01)
2152 - 2153 Third Officer & Chief Science Officer Intrepid (NV-01)
Lieutenant Commander
2153 - 2154 Second Officer & Chief Science Officer Intrepid (NV-01)
Lieutenant Commander
2154 - 2155 Second Officer & Chief Science Officer Columbia (NX-02)
Lieutenant Commander
2155 First Officer & Chief Science Officer Challenger (NX-03)
2155 Deputy Director Starfleet Science
2155 - Present Deputy Director Starfleet Science