Profile Overview

Ghislaine Dubois

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Senior Chief Petty Officer Dubois


Chief of the Boat & Quartermaster
Challenger (Archive)


Ghislaine Marie Dubois

14th February 2115

Wissant, France, Earth


Ghislaine Marie Dubois (née Chardonnet) , is a Starfleet enlisted officer and the Chief of the Boat and Quartermaster on board the starship Challenger (NX-03). She is one of the most experienced members of the crew and one of the finest quartermasters in the fleet.


Ghislaine is slightly smaller in size and is known to always keep herself looking clean and tidy. She general keeps her blonde hair tied back.

Physical Description

  • Height: 5′ 4″ (1.63 m)
  • Weight: 132 Ilbs
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue


Ghislaine is a thoughtful and bright person, she is a natural leader. She believes that if you’re going to do a job, then you should do it right the first time.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Ghislaine is an extremely social person and will take on the worries and concerns of others. Sometimes she can become bogged down by them and will often need to share them with others before she becomes either frustrated or upset by them. She is a perfectionist with her work, and she is extremely good at it.


Eventually Ghislaine wishes to retire from Starfleet early and enjoy spending the rest of her time in Wissant with Antoine.


  • Earth language of French
  • Earth language of English
  • Earth language of German
  • Vulcan (partially)

Hobbies & Interests

  • Fishing
  • Cooking
  • Swimming
  • Kick boxing
  • Sewing


Political Information

  • Affiliation: Starfleet, United Earth Commonwealth


  • Mother: Bridgette Chardonnet, marine biologist
  • Father: Leon Chardonnet, former manager of Chateaux Wissant (deceased)
  • Husband: Senior Chief Petty Officer Antoine Dubois, Chief of the Boat & Quartermaster, May (NCC-64)


Early Life

Ghislaine was born on February 14th, 2115 in Wissant, France. Ghislaine grew up helping her parents manage the family’s hotel (a châteaux that sat close to the seafront). As a lonely child she sought the friendship of those she went to school, one of them becoming her best friend and later husband: Antoine Dubois. Ghislaine shared her mother’s scientific mind; she spent many summer holidays in between the chateaux and helping her mum (a part-time marine biologist) at the marina in Boulogne. If she was not with her parents or her friends, then she would spend her time with her maternal-grandparents who owned a local fishing company. Ghislaine loved being on the water, as a result of this her grandfather certainly believed that she had inherited her mother’s enjoyment of the water. Ghislaine was fortunate that she and Antoine had similar tastes in hobbies and interests. He too came from a family that were mainly fishermen, except for his father who was semi-professional photographer.

By the time she was a teenager, Ghislaine and Antoine both attended Lycée Auguste Mariette in Boulogne. Growing up in a rural fishing town had given Ghislaine many practical skills and experience. As such has teachers were certainly impressed when it came to what she was able to create with a range of materials, be it wood, metal or fabric. Along with this she was keen with biology and languages.

Eventually Ghislaine and Antoine decided to attend college in the French capital of Paris. Both of them took separate courses and would eventually graduate with a number of qualifications. Ghislaine had focussed her efforts in learning English and Germany while studying contemporary textiles. Antoine had focussed on manufacturing engineering, which resulted in him getting an apprenticeship after they left Paris and moved home to Wissant. Antoine would work in Calais for a few years working at the port on the boats that were docked there.

By the time both of them had reached the age of twenty-two they were engaged and shared a two-bedroom apartment in Wissant. During this time Ghislaine had taken on the role of managing the family châteaux after her father died of a fatal stroke. Before their wedding, Antoine had given up his job in Calais and returned to help Ghislaine with the châteaux. Before her thirtieth birthday, Ghislaine had discovered she was unable to conceive a child naturally; her and Antoine tried other means but decided to give up after the fifth attempt as it brought too much pain to them both. Instead, Ghislaine and Antoine decided to expand the châteaux to include a residential centre where children could stay. They linked in their families fishing companies too, allowing for youngsters to experience what it’s like to live in a fishing community like Wissant.

Starfleet Career

Early Career

Ghislaine considers her and Antoine’s decision to join Starfleet as something that would provide them both with a bit more meaning in their lives. The châteaux had become a thriving business, one that was being overseen more and more by Ghislaine’s mother who was being supported by other family members, including Antoine’s parents and brother.

Their initial training lasted six months; both of them passed and because of their previous skills and experience were successful in gaining places on specialist courses within the engineering department.

Akagi NCC-21

After completing her training on Earth, Ghislaine was assigned to the Daedalus-class starship Akagi (NCC-21) as a uniform specialist. For the next seven years she enjoyed being part of the quartermaster crew. She found her qualifications in contemporary fabrics and hands-on style helpful with her duties. The Akagi, under the command of Captain Chadwick Murdock was assigned several duties between Earth and Denobula which ranged from mapping to convoy protection duty and ferrying VIPs. Ghislaine soon found her work mundane and quite repetitive alongside this she was missing Antoine who was serving on board the May (NCC-64). She placed applied for a transfer and was pleased to try her hand at something else.

Bucharest NE-02

Her posting on the Bucharest would be quite the challenge for Ghislaine. The ship was primarily assigned to the defence of the Sol and Centauri systems. As such the ship was responsible on taking errand duties for Starfleet. Ghislaine had taken on more than one role on the Bucharest: she had kept the role of uniform specialist along with being the ship’s fabrication specialist. Three months in to this assignment and she was asked to assist the communication’s officer with their duties as protocol officer by Captain Calista Vaughn. Vaughn had caught Ghislaine speaking both French and German in the mess hall along with hearing her trying her hand with Vulcan when the ship was providing aid to a Vulcan science vessel. This type of work excited Ghislaine, she never felt like she stopped. When the Bucharest had put in for upgrades at Jupiter Station for a month, Ghislaine had been fortunate enough to organise for time off to spend with Antoine who had taken some time off while the Maywas having a refit. Both of them spent their time together in Wissant before returning to duty.

Nova Scotia NCC-56

By mid-2131, Ghislaine was provided with the opportunity to join the Nova Scotia, a Daedalus-class ship. Nova Scotia had just completed a three-year tour of the home territories of the Earth Commonwealth. The ship had docked for an extensive overhaul before it was being sent back out to provide logistical support to many Earth colonies. Because of their specific mission, Captain Saina Charan (the skipper of the Nova Scotia) used her rank to create a new role – one that had not existed in Starfleet before. She created position named Logistical Manager. She was looking for someone who would act as a deputy to her quartermaster but was responsible and specialist in dealing with the ship’s mission requirements. Nova Scotia would have a number of resources, equipment and vehicles on board to help with their mission. Ghislaine had applied for the job, hoping that her experience of managing her parents’ châteaux and her service records from the Akagi and Bucharest would impress Charan. Luckily for her they did and Charan gave her a promotion and the new role. Captains Murdock and Vaughn had given her shining references.

During the Nova Scotia’s mission, Ghislaine found her work exciting. They would move from world to world, working among different settlements to assist in any way they could. When the ship visited Altair VI, Ghislaine was able to put her knowledge of fishing to good use when she led a team from the Nova Scotiat o assist a small fishing settlement. Many aspects of it reminded her of her hometown of Wissant. One evening, while walking along the shoreline, Ghislaine come to a sudden realisation that she did not like being so far away from home – especially from her husband. Even though Antoine had admitted to her in a letter he missed her, he had stated how proud he was of the work she was doing. At the end of the year as Nova Scotia neared to Earth, she made a request to Captain Charan for a transfer. Charan was hesitant to agree to it. She had found Ghislaine someone she trusted and admired as a colleague. However, when she explained she felt needed to be closer to home to be with her husband, Charan eventually agreed.

Reykjavík NE-06

After taking a trip on an Earth cargo vessel (the ECS Horizon), Ghislaine had received a communique from a former colleague of hers: Preston Norris. He was the former first officer and chief engineer from the Bucharest who had recently taken on command of the Bucharest’ sister ship the Reykjavík. The ship’s former crew had all been re-assigned to another vessel and he had been given a promotion along with the task of re-staffing the Reykjavík.He had heard of Ghislaine’s return to the Sol system and offered her the position of Quartermaster of the Reykjavík. The ship was a small ship and as a result he was handpicking everyone. He shared how highly Captain Vaughn had thought of Ghislaine’s work and wanted her. Unsure at the offer, as she was hoping to get a posting at a Starfleet installation, Norris had explained to her that the ship would remain in the Sol system. The ship was to be assigned as part of a small task group that would be required to support Earth assets within the home system. It would be a relatively simple assignment. Accepting the offer, as well as another promotion, Ghislaine found the change in routine a welcome. She was able to see Antoine more because the May had been posted as the flagship of the task group.

When the ships were assigned to assist in the construction of the terraforming outpost on Triton, the largest moon of Neptune, the Reykjavík took heavy damage when it was hit by a meteorite shower. Overwhelmed by them, the ship was forced to crash land on the surface of Triton, which resulted in the loss of many crewmembers. During this crisis, Ghislaine coordinated with many enlisted crewmembers in getting them into EVA suits and safety zones. She was able to get to the bridge and found only Captain Norris barely alive; everyone else had died from the crash. She pulled Norris off the bridge and got him and a few others safely behind a sealed bulkhead. By the time rescue shuttles had arrived, Ghislaine had led what remained of the crew in being able to power down the ship’s warp core and make sufficient repairs to keep life support and environmental systems operational. For her courageous leadership she was commanded by Captain Norris after he recovered. Unfortunately, the Reykjavík had to be towed by the May to the Obama Repair Facility. Ghislaine was then offered a temporary position on Earth at Starfleet Command Headquarters, which she gladly accepted

Starfleet Logistical Support, Starfleet Command Headquarters, Earth

What was meant to be a temporary assignment became a fixed one as Ghislaine enjoyed her position. She was able to see more of her family and when he was able to, Antoine took time off to see her. The two of them enjoyed this time. In 2137 she was promoted to Petty Officer First Class and made the liaison officer with the Earth Cargo Services branch in San Francisco. Weekly she would meet with her counterparts in the civilian sector to discuss shipping and supply requests.

While on Earth, she received a number of requests from Captain Norris to return to the Reykjavík once it was fully repaired. Politely, she turned him down however she soon set her eyes on another challenge.

Obama Repair Facility, Earth orbit

When the quartermaster for the Obama Repair Facility retired, Ghislaine was quick to apply for the job. She felt her years managing logistics, supplies and working with so many people made her the perfect candidate. Her interviewing process was a difficult one, however she was successful. She was given the rank of Chief Petty Officer and a staff of twenty-five to manage. The repair facility was undergoing a major overhaul at this time, in preparation for it being able to support the bigger NX-class ships that Starfleet were building.

Being back in space was a welcome change for Ghislaine, she was constantly dealing with requests for needed materials and tools so the repair engineers could get on with their job. She remained in this position for three years until the day the Maydocked. She discovered from Antoine that once the ship had received its expected overhaul and general repairs it was being sent off as part of a small group of ships assigned to assist with the construction of the colony on Deneva. Not willing to be away from her husband for a long period of time, she applied for the position of quartermaster and chief of the boat on board the newly built Miranda (NV-07). Captain Alicia Lockhart automatically accepted her application and was eager to have the experienced enlisted officer with her.

Miranda NV-07

The terraforming and colonisation of the Deneva system was an exciting project, but nine months in and tragedy would strike. While supporting civilian miners in the Deneva asteroid belt, Antoine was badly hurt. He was rushed back to the May where Ghislaine was waiting for him. The doctors work tirelessly on him; however, his injuries were serious. A cave-in crashed him and badly damaged his spine. He is told he will need months, possible a year before he is able to walk again. Fortunately for him the ship was carrying the supplies that would be used to construct and equipment the first hospital on the colony. Ghislaine though knew she would not be able to continue with her work on the Miranda and requested a transfer to the May to fulfil Antoine’s job as its quartermaster. Captain Lockhart agreed to the transfer much to Captain Hollander’s delight.

May NCC-64

In between her shifts, Ghislaine cared for Antoine and helped him to his rehabilitation sessions. The excitement of building a new world began to diminish for them both and by the start of 2145 (eleven months after she joined the May) they both realised that they cannot carry on. Feeling like she’s never staying in one place for long, Ghislaine became frustrated with her situation. She was now a well-seasoned officer who knows how every major system worked on a ship and could do her job blindfolded. Nevertheless, she knew she needed to put her husband first. Both of them sent in requests for an extended leave of absence so they can return to Earth for Antoine to receive the best care in his recovery.

Starfleet Logistical Support, European Division, Earth

After getting a lift back to Earth on a freighter, Ghislaine requested an easy job for her to undertake on a part-time basis while Antoine began his treatment. Fortunately for them a position for a supervisor opened up for her to apply in Starfleet Logistical Support in Europe. They are able to return home to Wissant and on the days she worked she commuted into Brussels. It took almost five years for Antoine to be able to walk again and during this time he became guilty of holding Ghislaine back. She ended up reminding him of the vows they took and promised him she would never leave his side. Knowing that she needed to be out in deep space, Antoine pulled a few favours and had Ghislaine transferred to the NX Project as one of its Senior Logistical Managers. She put up a fight with him, stating she didn’t want to go however when he is discharged with a clean bill of health, he tells her that she is going as he can return to duty.

Warp Five Complex, NX Project, Earth Orbit

It was not long until Ghislaine’s love for wanting to be an explorer returned to her. The excitement of a deep space assignment became overwhelming for her. The prospect of visiting alien worlds became too much for her. By the end of 2153 her and Antoine had a long chat about her applying for the role of chief of boat and quartermaster for one of the NX-class ships. He insisted she applies as he is offered his old position back on the May. Ghislaine is quick to apply and on New Year’s Eve, she received confirmation from Captain Karim (the new skipper of the Challenger NX-03) that she wanted Ghislaine to join her ship. Ghislaine and Antoine see the year out and in January 2154, both say their goodbyes as they go their separate ways to their new assignments.

Challenger NX-03

Joining the crew early in 2154 meant that Ghislaine was able to participate in seeing her new ship being completed. It was Ghislaine’s job to prepare the ship for everything it would need to start its deep space assignment. During this time, she became friendly with a number of the crew, she become a mentor and mother figure to many of the younger enlisted officers. It was the latter role that she would find herself fulfilling when tragedy would strike. Challenger’s commanding officer died in shuttle accident. Karim’s loss devastated the crew; as such Ghislaine would spend much of her time counselling those who were close to the captain. During this sad time many of the crew drew close, with Ghislaine almost becoming a community leader – a role she had not expected to take on.

Ghislaine would get on very well with her superior officers, especially Captain Karim’s replacement: Lloyd Burton. Burton was meant to be the ship’s first officer and chief armoury officer. Once Burton had appointed a new first officer, Commander Nicolette Levesque, Ghislaine made every effort to get to know the woman as she knew they would be working closely, especially with personnel matters regarding the enlisted officers. Along with Levesque, she developed an excellent relationship with Commander Michael Stanton, the ship’s chief engineer, along with members of the engineering department. Her skills and experience would be depended on once Challenger was launched. She highly impressed the senior staff with her approach and many of the junior officers would go to her for advice on a range of matters.

It would be on her first few missions with Challenger where Ghislaine would experience battling aggressive alien races. She had only been in battle a small handful of times; this had only been when her previous assignments had included convoy duty. They had scared off the odd alien pirate attacks, but nothing this big. She found the whole experience extremely nerving, but she didn’t let it get to her that much. When members of the crew were kidnapped, Ghislaine remained positive and ensured she would reinforce with the enlisted crew that they would rescue their missing crewmates successfully. She believed every word and proud of the work the crew achieved in bringing back home their lost colleagues.

When Challenger was assigned the duty of assisting their Andorian allies in liberating their colony on Docana (later the ship would lead the efforts), Ghislaine would experience how to deal with working with Andorians. When a bulk of the Andorian fleet was crippled and destroyed by a minefield (it was later discovered to be Romulan in origin) she was assigned to help the Andorians. Part of her work included providing an area where Doctor Ben-Ami could have an extra triage area and the rest included providing much needed parts to assist the Andorians with repairs. While assisting the Andorians with repairs, Dubois had picked up a number of tips and tricks from their engineers.

During the middle of 2155 the ship was ordered to make official first contact with the Deltan species on behalf of the Earth Commonwealth and its allies in the Coalition of Planets. Initially the first contact went well with both side exchanging ideas peacefully, but the ship was dragged in to an ongoing conflict the Deltans were having with a neighbouring race known as the Carreons. In the open battle between both sides, Challenger was forced to leave its orbit of Delta to avoid being destroyed by the Carreons. Ghislaine’s expertise came in to full use when the Carreons began a campaign of attacking the ship on a regular basis. As their weapons weren’t as advanced compared to Starfleet’s the ship received little damaged until they persisted and repeated their attacks almost daily. It was during this period that Ghislaine created a new approach in rationalising the ship’s spare supplies to ensure it survived. In their last battle they engaged a Romulan Bird-of-Prey which they discovered was using a telepresence capturing system to control Carreon vessels. They were able to avoid being captured themselves and disabled the craft; unfortunately, the Romulans were not prepared to be captured and destroyed their ship. The shockwave from the exploding ship severely damaged Challenger further. Captain Burton ordered the crew to abandon ship when it became heavily damaged and unable to sustain the entire crew. When the survivors landed on an unnamed Minshara world, Ghislaine would assist the remaining senior staff in keeping morale up. In fact, it was down between her and Chef Lawson that helped keep the spirits of the crew up. She would once again use her fishing knowledge to help capture food for the crew. Ghislaine would go on to provide assistance in ensuring the camp they had setup was operational and would help the crew survive based on what supplies they had left. Eventually they would be rescued by Captain Burton after he and the others had dealt with the Carreon-Deltan crisis.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2129 - 2130 Enlisted Training Cadet Starfleet Training Command
Crewman Recruit
2130 Uniform Specialist Akagi (NCC-21)
Crewman Recruit
2130 Uniform Specialist & Fabrication Specialist Bucharest (NE-02)
Crewman Apprentice
2130 Uniform Specialist, Fabrication Specialist & Protocol Aide Bucharest (NE-02)
2130 - 2131 Logistics Manager Nova Scotia (NCC-56)
Petty Officer 3rd Class
2131 - 2132 Quartermaster Reykjavik (NE-06)
Petty Officer 2nd Class
2132 - 2137 Logistics Coordinator Starfleet Logistical Support, Starfleet Headquarters
Petty Officer 2nd Class
2137 - 2140 Logistics Coordinator & Liaison to Earth Cargo Services (North America branch) Starfleet Logistical Support, Starfleet Headquarters
Petty Officer 1st Class
2140 - 2143 Quartermaster Obama Repair Facility
Chief Petty Officer
2143 - 2144 Quartermaster & Chief of the Boat Miranda (NV-07)
Chief Petty Officer
2144 - 2145 Quartermaster & Chief of the Boat May (NCC-64)
Chief Petty Officer
2145 - 2150 Logistic Supervisor Starfleet Logistical Support, European Division
Chief Petty Officer
2150 - 2154 Senior Logistic Supervisor NX-Project
Chief Petty Officer
2154 - Present Quartermaster & Chief of the Boat Challenger (NX-03)
Senior Chief Petty Officer