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Profile Overview

Lloyd Burton

Human Male

Character Information


Commanding Officer


Fleet Captain


Lloyd Edward Burton

21st May 2118

Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom, Earth


Fleet Captain Lloyd Burton, BS is a Starfleet officer and the current Commanding Officer of the starship Challenger (NX-03). Lloyd has gained his experiences through determination and pure professionalism. He is deemed one of Starfleet’s gifted tacticians and as a result of his work since commanding the Challenger, he has further expanded Earth’s influence and presence within its local area. His actions have further developed the relationship between Earth and the Andorian Empire. Burton was the first human who was an honouree member (with the rank of Commander) of the Andorian Imperial Guard, along with that he was the first Starfleet officer to be promoted to the rank of Fleet Captain. He also hold a high popularity among the general public of Denobula.


Lloyd has a slight muscular athletic build. He keeps himself well-groomed and decent when on duty. He normally keeps his hair in a stylish short combed way. He normally lets a bit of stubble grow and used to hate having a beard, however he has been known to grow it out.

Physical Description

  • Height: 5′ 11″ (1.82 m)
  • Weight: 161 Ilbs
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Blue


Lloyd is a capable and faithful officer; as such he loves the work he does. He enjoys his works immensely and is never afraid to lend a hand in helping out with taking on extra duty shifts if required. The Romulan War has changed his perspective on many things, as such it appears that he holds a grudge against them the losses he has had to suffer at their hands. It has become a source of strength for him as well as one of weakness.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Once a passionate man, Lloyd has had his sense of adventure, that he once found strength from, over the years get knocked by the suffering he has had to endure. His relationship with Ros still to this day haunts him in his dreams; nevertheless, he always does his best to keep it out of his working life. Lloyd is known to be an empowering leader and is always willing to help those under his direction to improve. He has been noted by many as a commanding officer who encourages his fellow crewmates to aspire to improve themselves. 


Lloyd has always wanted to command his own starship. This was in fact because of a competition with his older sister Madison to see who would reach the rank of Captain first and get their own command. Something she won a year before him; however, he feels he has won the competition as he has been giving command of a NX-class ship. Since becoming a captain, Lloyd has mellowed from this and instead the war with the Romulans has made him even more determined to do whatever it takes to win the war.


  • Earth language of English
  • Earth language of French
  • Earth language of Spanish

Hobbies & Interests

  • Boxing
  • Rugby
  • Lacrosse
  • Running
  • Skiing
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Rock climbing


Political Information

  • Affiliation: Starfleet, United Earth Commonwealth


  • Mother: Professor Dame Lynette Burton DBE, BS, MRes, PhD., retired exo-archaeologist, Oxford University
  • Father: Doctor Fraser Burton BS, MS, MA, PhD, ScD, physicist, Cambridge University (deceased)
  • Brother(s):
    • Commander Roman Burton, Second Officer & Chief Engineer, Discovery (NX-04)
    • Lieutenant Seth Burton, Chief Helm Officer, Republic (NV-02)
  • Sister: Captain Madison Burton, Commanding Officer, Voyager (NV-03)
  • Brother-in-law: Stephen Braddock, architect, New York
  • Nephew: Oliver Braddock


Early Life

Lloyd was born on May 21st, 2118 in the British city of Canterbury. In his early childhood he grew up with just his parents and his sister, eventually the family grew to include his younger brothers Roman and later on Seth. The four Burton children were very close. Before the birth of his brother Roman, the family moved to Portsmouth, due to the change in his father’s job. 

As a teenager, Lloyd would enjoy the change of scenery from the historical city of Canterbury to the seafronts of Portsmouth. On many occasions he would go watching a number of ships from the British Royal Navy pass through the various yards of Portsmouth. Sharing his passion for adventure with his two brothers, every weekend they would head to the historic dockyards and walk along the seafront to see what ships they can see. The Burton family had a privileged life with many holidays taken abroad to other countries around the world. By the time Lloyd was in his teens he had also visited the Moon and the Utopia Planitia colony on Mars.

During secondary school, Lloyd developed a knack for sports and was noted by his teachers as being highly talented. He was captain of the school’s rugby and lacrosse teams for four consecutive years. On the side he also enjoyed sparring and ended up joining a local boxing club, something both his parents disapproved when they found out. This would not be the only thing his parents would dislike. By the time he finished secondary school at eighteen he followed in his sister’s footsteps and joined Starfleet. His father chastised him for his decision, believing he was being foolish and reckless.  This caused a lot of tension between them both, with Lloyd not speaking to his father for almost a year.

Starfleet Career

Early Career

It was an exciting time to be at the Starfleet Training Command in 2136 due to the increase in Starfleet’s construction of survey type starships. Lloyd studied hard for four years. He graduated top in his class and gained degrees in interstellar combat as well as starship operations. He would go on to graduate in 2140 with a posting on board the newly constructed Intrepid (NV-01) as an armoury officer.

Intrepid NV-01

Lloyd served aboard the Intrepid for three years, slowly making his way through the ranks and becoming the ship’s assistant chief armoury officer by 2143. During his three-year tour on board the Intrepid, he was part of many of Captain Ramirez’s landing parties on other worlds. On nine occasions he was commended for his bravery in defending his fellow crewmates and even saved the captain’s life twice. Once was during a hostile negotiation with a group of Rigelians and the other when the captain was taken hostage by Nausicaan pirates. While on the IntrepidLloyd developed a relationship with one of the engineers, Ros Noble. The two became extremely close and Lloyd considered asking Ros to marry him. Nevertheless, tragedy struck in 2143 when the Intrepidwas helping defend several Earth Cargo ships from pirates. Ros was injured during the fire fight and was taking to the ship’s sickbay after a power conduit overloaded in main engineering, pushing her off the top level and hitting the deck below her. Ros recovered after being in a coma for two weeks. When she awoke, she suffered from a complete memory loss due to the head trauma she had endured, this meant she couldn’t remember anything of her life including her relationship with Lloyd. Following numerous attempts to help her regain her memory, Ros told Lloyd to leave her. She resigned her commission and decided to live on Earth to see if she could find herself. Heartbroken, Lloyd requested to transfer off the Intrepid. The daily reminder of what he had lost was too much to deal with. Captain Ramirez reluctantly agreed to Burton’s transfer request when the ship returned to Earth for re-supply and minor refits at the end of 2143.


Lloyd’s request to transfer off the Intrepidwas finally accepted and he was assigned back on Earth to help with the NX-Project. He was assigned to deal with the research and development of the tactical systems. He was part of the team under Captain W.M. Jefferies that enhanced polarised hull plating and plasma cannons. Lloyd remained with the NX-Project until construction began on the first class, the Enterprise.

Charlton NCC-134

Once construction on the Enterprise began, Burton was offered the position of joining theDaedalus-class explorer Charlton as its chief armoury officer in 2148. Under the command of Captain Pavel Rednic, Lloyd developed as a field officer over the next five years. During one of the missions, Lloyd led a landing party to help rescue a crashed civilian freighter. While in the process of rescuing the survivors an avalanche occurred, trapping the landing party and some of the civilians. Lloyd led the group to a safe set of caves however tension began to rise between several colonists, forcing him to resolve the difference between the different sides. Eventually everyone was freed by rescue teams from the Charlton. For his outstanding work, Lloyd was commended for his leadership. Later on in the year, he was made the ship’s Second Officer once the position became vacant.

Republic NV-02

When the Essex returned to Earth in 2152 for a brief refit, Lloyd was offered the position of joining the crew of the Republic, an Intrepid-class ship, as its first officer and chief armoury officer. Willing to progress his career he accepted and joined the crew as it continued to explore territories close to Earth and patrol the trade routes between the many Earth colonies. In 2155, after two years of serving on the Republic, Lloyd was forced to face his past when Ros was appointed as the ship’s chief engineer. Part of her memory had returned, allowing her to re-join Starfleet. Starfleet needed experienced engineers and officers due to the Xindi crisis. They were eager to reinstate her and send her to an active field assignment. She still couldn’t recall any memories of their relationship; however, over the next year the two would somehow reconnect and became close friends. Eventually during a mission on Alpha Centauri, Ros began to recall her feelings for Lloyd and the two decided to take the next step in their relationship. Fate though played a cruel game and only a month in to their relationship Ros died in Lloyd’s arms. They had saved a group of trapped orphans on a Denobulan colony after an earthquake had devastated the world. A support beam, holding up one of the main walls of the building the orphans were in, collapsed on top of her. The fallen wall crushed her spine. As she took her final breath, she told Lloyd she was sorry she wasted time in finding him again. Unable to deal with losing Ros for a second time, Lloyd requested an immediate transfer off the Republic. Captain Jennings understood the need for Lloyd to leave; she had lost her husband in the Xindi attack and didn’t want Lloyd to suffer and not enjoy his work.


Starfleet were keen to return Lloyd to the NX-class project. This time he was responsible in overseeing the installations of the new weapon systems on board the Columbia NX-02, and even turned down the position of Chief Armoury Officer under Captain Hernandez because his brother was already serving on the ship as one of its engineers. Instead he was offered to help oversee the final stage of construction of the third NX-class ship, the Challenger.

Challenger NX-03

Lloyd took a few months of leave from Starfleet after returning to Earth in December 2154. He stayed with his parents and helped his mother in setting up her charity to help families who had to relocate after the Xindi attack on Earth in 2153. After she was appointed as a Dame within the British Commonwealth in the New Year’s Honour List, she offered Lloyd the opportunity to become the Chief Executive Officer of her charity. After some soul searching, Lloyd gracefully turned his mother’s offer down and returned to Starfleet to carry on with his new job by mid-January 2155.

Lloyd oversaw the final stages of Challenger’s construction in orbit of Earth until it was finally completed. Tragedy struck the ship when its commanding officer, Captain Rani Karim, died in accident when a transport collided with her shuttle, forcing both vessels to crash in to the English Channel. Karim died on impact. The loss of Challenger’s new CO devastated the crew, especially Lloyd who was to be the ship’s first officer and chief armoury officer. Starfleet Command decided that with Lloyd’s combined field experience alongside his intimate knowledge of the Challenger and its crew he would be Karim’s replacement. Finding the decision difficult to digest, the newly promoted Captain Lloyd Burton took over directing the final stages of the Challenger’s construction and preparations for its first mission.

The first year of commanding the Challenger was eventful for Lloyd. He escorted Coalition delegates to Denobula on his first mission in a bid to convince the Denobulan government to sign the Coalition Compact. During the mission itself the convoy that Challengerwas part of was attacked by Orions and some of Lloyd’s crew were captured. Working with their new allies, Lloyd led the mission to retrieve his kidnapped crew. The mission was a success and the delegates arrived at Denobula without any further incident. During this assignment Lloyd got to know the Andorian Ambassador Margerit well when she was forced to take command of the Andorian cruiser that was assigned to the convoy. While at Denobula the Challenger responded to a distress call from two Earth colony ships that were heading to the new colony in the Archer system. Lloyd took the decision to escort the colonists all the way to their new home, it was fortunate he did as when they arrived, they discovered that the Romulans were attempting to annex the system. Lloyd led a small combined allied fleet against the Romulans and was able to force them to retreat from the system. From here Challenger was ordered to begin its exploration mission.

This mission was partly interrupted when Challenger was invited to Andoria by its new elected leader: Chancellor Margerit. Margerit wished to discuss with Burton the possibility of strengthening ties between Earth and Andoria. She felt after observing him in their last encounter he would understand her more. Their talks were interrupted when the Andorian colony on Docana was invaded by Malurians and Nausicaans. Lloyd rallied several Starfleet ships in the area to provide relief aid once the Andorian fleet was able to repel the invasion force. Unfortunately, almost the entire Andorian task force was obliterated by a minefield. Lloyd was promoted within the Andorian Guard as an honouree member with the rank of Commander. He was ordered to assume command of the fleet and take back the fallen Andorian world. This was a position he felt uneasy in, especially as it was an Andorian matter. Chancellor Margerit told him and Earth leaders if he refused to undertake the mission then it would severely damage relations between their worlds. Admiral Gardner ordered Lloyd to do whatever it took to remove the Malurian and Nausicaan threat from Docana without bringing Earth in to an interstellar war. Lloyd planned a well-developed operation that saw Docana liberated, but the Romulans (who were the masterminds behind the Malurian-Nausicaan alliance) bombed the world after the last of the Malurian-Nausicaan invasion force retreated. It was discovered that they hoped to destabilise the local area through the use of manipulating other powers against the Coalition, similar to their attempts the previous year with their drone attacks.

Lloyd commanded the Challenger to Delta IV to make official first contact with the Deltans and their government. The mission was going well until the Deltans’ bitter rivals, the Carreon, launched a number of unprovoked attacks against the peaceful Deltans. Lloyd was forced to leave Delta to remove their presence from the conflict, but a number of his crew were stuck on the planet below. As the ship left orbit it was attacked by the Carreon yet was able to defend itself before it received heavy damage from the Carreon armada. For next three months the ship was under constant attack by the Carreons, luckily their technology was not on par with Starfleet’s meaning they were able to swiftly deal with any aggressive ships. Lloyd was forced to order his remaining crew to abandon ship when it was heavily damaged and could no longer sustain them all. He remained behind with Commander Stanton and Sub Commander T’Plau to make repairs and to try to retrieve their missing crewmembers on Delta IV. During their attempt they encountered a Romulan vessel that was using a telepresence capturing system to control the Carreon armada. They were successful in stopping the Romulan ship and gaining evidence to prove to both the Deltans and Carreons that the Romulans were manipulating them. By the time Lloyd returned to Delta, with a very badly damaged Challenger, a conflict between the two races was in full swing. The Deltans offered to help repair the ship and in return Lloyd agreed to help them find a way to stop the fighting. When the last remaining Carreon forces approached the Deltan homeworld, Lloyd took the ship in bold attempt to make contact with the Carreons to find a diplomatic solution. Unknown to him and his crew, the Deltans had rigged the ship’s warp core to explode in a final bid to destroy a bulk of their forces. The Challenger crew discovered the sabotage and Lloyd ejected the ship’s warp core in time to save his ship. Lloyd and the others were rescued by their Andorian allies from the Andorian battlecruiser IGS Avenkerev.  Eventually they retrieved their entire crew and were towed back to Earth by the Avenkerevto discover they were at war with the Romulans. Lloyd developed a good relationship with his counterpart, Commander Anthi, from the Avenkerev. The two ship captains decided not to tell their crew about the war until they crossed in to friendly territory.

Before Challenger arrived in Earth orbit, Burton was informed that he was to become a father. Due to a transporter accident that involved him and Commander Levesque during the Deltan-Carreon conflict, some how she had become impregnated. It turned out they were to have triplet sons. Finding out he was about to become a father was a welcome surprise for the young captain.

Shortly after Challenger had arrived in the Sol System, Burton was informed by his superior officer that his father had been killed during a shuttlecraft accident. As the entire crew were giving two weeks of R&R, Burton returned to his family home to be with his mother and siblings. It was during this time that he was approached by Fleet Admiral Moira Hathaway, Starfleet’s Commander-in-Chief. She did not believe the evidence behind Burton’s father’s death. Having the skills to explore the circumstances behind his father’s death, Lloyd launched his own personal investigation. It ended with him being joined by his siblings as they tried to work out why the admiral was suspicious. Eventually they discovered that Hathaway’s instinct was right and their investigation led them to uncovering that their father’s death was faked, in fact it was a cover up for him to go underground so he could work on Earth’s work to build a warp seven engine. He was supported by a group within the security and intelligence branches of Starfleet that had been working to protect the lives and interests of the United Earth Commonwealth. What made this harder for Burton to deal with was the fact this group was being led by Captain Karim, Challenger’s original skipper who Burton had believed had died too. While on Mars he and his siblings had uncovered a plot by this group to build a large fleet of ships that they would use against those that threatened Earth. Once their plans had been exposed, a majority of the officers working for this section of Starfleet Security and Starfleet Intelligence, fled Mars (Captain Karim being one of them) leaving Burton’s father and other scientists behind. His brother called this group Section Thirty-One, due to the fact they recited this part of the Starfleet Charter to justify why they did what they did. Nevertheless, it was suggested by Burton and his brothers and sister that the work their father had started should continue as it would help the war-effort. Fleet Admiral Hathaway ended up classifying the whole ordeal and with United Earth Defence Secretary Anthony Stark, also discovered that this group were being supported by Admirals Gardner and Black. Hathaway re-assigned them both and took direct control over Starfleet’s efforts with the war effort. Burton left his father on Mars and agreed with his siblings not to share a word about their father’s existence to anyone, including their mother.

Only days later from this, Lloyd had to deal with an incident that involved Section Thirty-One targeting Commander Levesque and their unborn children. Levesque, who had been attending Tel Aviv University to uncover more information about her bizarre pregnancy, had been injured when rioters (a splinter group of Terra Prime) had attacked the university during an anti-war rally. The demonstration had turned violent and they ended up smashing through the offices and research labs where Levesque was. Thankfully she had been saved by Starfleet Security, who had been alerted to Levesque being targeted. Burton and his siblings had discovered Levesque’s medical files on Mars and were able to get a message, with the help of Admiral Hathaway, for Levesque to be protected. Dealing with this matter, Burton ended up accepting Levesque’s request to remain on Earth to see her pregnancy through and to leave Challenger. Saying yes to her request was a simple one as Burton knew that she would be safe on Earth due to Hathaway assigning an undercover security protection team to Levesque as she took up her new post as Deputy Director of Starfleet Science. Burton went on to ask his chief engineer, Commander Stanton, to succeed Levesque as his first officer which he did. The two joined the rest of the Challenger crew to celebrate the wedding of two other crewmembers.

Once Challenger was repaired, Burton was promoted with the new rank of Fleet Captain by Fleet Admiral Hathaway. She wanted him to take a more active role in the war and soon sent him and the Challenger crew to investigate the whereabouts of their sister ship, the Discovery. Fearing that he had lost his brother, who served on the fourth NX-class ship, Burton was eager to find the ship.

Sadly at the end of the mission, Burton had to deal with the loss of three members of his senior staff after a daring raid against the Romulans. The deaths of Lieutenant Conrad, Major Yu and Commander Stanton affected him greatly. Fortunately for him, Stanton’s husband had requested to join Challenger as his new first officer and chief pilot. Burton went on to use his new authority further and promoted Lieutenant Masuko to chief engineer. Eventually General Casey, the head of the MACOs provided Burton with Yu’s replacement before Challenger was sent back to the frontlines.

Sent to lead an assault against a Romulan forward supply base as well as a key military target, Burton had prepared himself for what awaited him. His plan was created down to the smallest detail, however when they discovered that the Tholians had taken matters into their own hands and defeated the Romulans at Burton’s intended target, Burton was forced to turn back home. When they encountered a distress call from the Kriosian flagship, Burton was eager to help them. On some sort of mission based around redemption, especially when he and his crew determined that the Romulans were once again using their ship-capturing device to manipulate a conflict between the Kriosians and Klingons, Burton took it as his own mission to reveal the truth in a bold attempt to turn the Klingons and Kriosians against the Romulans. Though he was able to convince the Krioisians, he was not completely successful with the Klingons. The conflict between the two powers become out of hand and it resulted in Krios being conquered by the Klingon Empire. An action that Burton went on to blame himself for.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2136 - 2137 First Year Cadet Starfleet Training Command
Cadet Freshman Grade
2137 - 2138 Second Year Cadet Starfleet Training Command
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2138 - 2139 Third Year Cadet Starfleet Training Command
Cadet Junior Grade
2139 - 2140 Fourth Year Cadet Starfleet Training Command
Cadet Senior Grade
2140 - 2143 Armoury Officer Intrepid (NV-01)
2143 - 2148 Tactical Engineering Specialist NX-Project
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2148 - 2150 Chief Armoury Officer Charlton (NCC-134)
2150 - 2152 Chief Armoury Officer & Second Officer Charlton (NCC-134)
Lieutenant Commander
2152 - 2154 Chief Armoury & Executive Officer Republic (NV-02)
2155 - 2155 Deputy Construction Manager NX-Project
2155 - 2155 Commanding Officer Challenger (NX-03)
2155 - Present Commanding Officer Challenger (NX-03)
Fleet Captain