Vote BFC-0062

Bravo Fleet Command


Amending the Bravo Fleet Charter to include a provision for conflict of interest voting and to fix gender neutral pronouns.

Bravo Fleet Charter, Article I, Section 3 – Voting

Vote Tallies & Abstentions – Unless otherwise stated in this Charter, votes by the eligible voters require a simple majority (51%) to pass. Votes to change the Articles I, IV, V, and VI of the Charter require a two-thirds majority of the eligible voters to pass. Unfilled positions are not tallied in the voting totals in any fashion. If a position is empty, the total number of votes needed to pass a measure is reduced by one. Members are free to abstain from voting. Members who are directly involved in a vote (e.g. their own nomination) are required to abstain. Should a member abstain from voting, the required number of votes to pass the measure is reduced by one.

Prohibition on Multiple Voting – To the extent a member may be in multiple positions that would grant him them two votes on the same topic, that member must choose in which voting capacity he they will enter his their vote. For example, a member that is in both the eligible voters and the Conservatorship must choose to vote either as a member of the eligible voters or as a member of the Conservatorship, and may not vote twice. This provision does not prevent any member from serving in dual capacities, only from voting on the same topic in dual capacities.

Bravo Fleet Charter, Article IV, Section 3 – Removal of Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer

Removal by Indictment – A Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer may be removed by indictment through the following process:

  • The Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer is afforded the same right to appeal his their case as given to all members. However, during his their appeal, the Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer will be held under an Order of Advanced Incarceration and the Bravo Fleet Executive Officer will be acting Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer during this time.
  • If the Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer is found guilty of the indictment, he they will be removed from his their position.

This vote, regulated by Article I, Section 3 of the Bravo Fleet Charter, requires a two-thirds majority consensus of Bravo Fleet Command’s eligible voters.