Vote BFC-0061

Bravo Fleet Command


Amending the Bravo Fleet Magistrate Code, Section 1, Clause 2 on the subject of term length for Appeals Panel Members.

Bravo Fleet Magistrate Code, Section 1 – The Magistrate Corps

An appeals panel will exist to examine all issues brought by appellants. The panel consists of three active members selected from non-Bravo Fleet Command Bravo Fleet members, each with at least 1 year of membership in the fleet. Should a sitting member of the Appeals Panel be advanced to a BFC position during their term, they will be permitted to finish out their current term, or asked to resign at their or the Magistrate’s discretion. The Magistrate will have a brief application and investigation period to obtain members who wish to participate and will be positive additions to the panel. After the selections are made, the three panel members will serve non-consecutive six month one-year terms.

This vote, regulated by Section 10 of the Bravo Fleet Magistrate Code, requires a two-thirds majority consensus of Bravo Fleet Command’s eligible voters.