Stone Sirmans

Hello all. My name is Stone and I currently live in South Georgia, USA; born and raised! I grew up with a deep passion for Star Trek and all affiliates, canon and non-canon novels. I recently graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and am in the hiring process to work for a state law enforcement agency.

My simming biography begins in Bravo Fleet many years ago where I found a great love for writing, simming, and all aspects of the game. Shortly after starting with my first character, I found myself 'sprawled out' among Bravo Fleet and other Star Trek RPG fleets; some are still around, others are not.

After writing and playing on various games for years, I made the difficult decision to leave RPG'ing all together to focus on school and an increasingly hectic social life. I'm happy to say that after my four year hiatus, I have returned to Bravo Fleet and could not be happier with how things are in my writing career and the Bravo Fleet community.