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Profile Overview

Michael Dooley

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Dooley




Michael is a common looking person and always sports a crisp uniform. He carries and presents himself in the same professional manner at all times; whether it be on or off duty. He has a compact and athletic build and enjoys cardiovascular exercises on the holodeck. Michael currently serves as the Chief Intelligence Officer aboard the USS Excalibur.


Michael was born on Earth, in the Southern region of the North American Continent. His mother, Tracie was a local school teacher and his father an intelligence officer in Starfleet. His father died in an accident shortly after Michael was born, leaving him and his older brother alone with his mother. When he was 12 years old, his mother fell ill to a contracted virus during a vacation on Andoria. Due to the strictly quarantined nature of the disease, both he and his brother were left with Tracie’s mother, a retired Starfleet Counselor. Therefore, Michael and his older brother, Sean, spent most of their adolescent and puberty years with their grandmother. Michael was a quick steady when it came to aspects of school, but he also showed a tremendous gift for tactical and critical thinking. Michael’s grandmother drilled them constantly, developing his and his brother’s latent photographic memory. Michael also showed an interest in psychology. Michael was a fun loving, soft spoken and caring child. Despite his athletic prowess and combat abilities, Michael was gentle. He and his brother often spent time with their grandmother at the largest hospital on Earth, volunteering to spend time with the sick children that were there while having the sense that they were close to their mother.

Sean went off and joined the Starfleet Marine Corps. when he turned 18. Michael followed two years later but suffered a physical injury to the back of his neck. After spending a year attempting to have doctors convince the Marine Corps. that he was physically fit for service, he eventually took a civilian position with Starfleet Operations Command. After spending nearly eight years in the bureaucratic position, Michael applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted. Initially, Michael found fitting in at the academy difficult due to the fact that he was older than most students and had a habit of working into the late hours of the night. He excelled in the tactical and security sections of the academy, although lagged somewhat in the sciences courses. During his second year, he started to fit in more and found several like-minded people. He also got a chance further his study of psychology. While at the academy, he joined the wrestling and swimming team, even though he was scoffed at first for his age. He quickly proved that he was in better shape than cadets that were ten years his junior. Michael quickly established himself as master tactician, able to keenly interpret the battlefield. He also used his knowledge of psychology to help get inside his opponent’s heads, also giving him an edge. With the help of his newfound friends, he could bring his science grades back up.

Michael graduated near the top of his class and was assigned to the USS Horizon as a tactical officer, earning the respect of his crew members and commanding officer. He worked on the Horizon as member of the tactical department for several months before being transferred to the intelligence department, at his request. He would spend two years working for intelligence, eventually working his way up to a junior grade Intelligence Officer. After a successful three-year stint on the Horizon, he was transferred to the USS Yamaha where he took the post of Assistant Chief Strategic Intelligence officer. Four years into his posting, the Yamaha was attacked by a rogue Gorn vessel as she was conducting a routine mapping mission. While the ship and crew were able to defend the attack, the Yamaha was heavily damaged and without the help of Michael and his fellow crew mates, the ship would have been totally lost. The crew managed to limp the ship back to Starbase 13, where she was declared a lost. After that incident, Michael was re-assigned to Alpha Quadrant operations as a “floating” Strategic Operations and Intelligence Officer. His main job was to fill in short term open positions in the Intelligence Departments on vessels where individuals were on Extended Leave of Absence, or ships which presented an issue in the conduct of their Intelligence Department. After four years of floating to approximately fourteen ships, Michael placed a request for permanent assignment aboard a starship.

Most recently, Michael accepted the position of Chief Intelligence Officer aboard the USS Excalibur (where he is currently serving); a position which he has never held.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2365 - 2373 Clerical Worker Starfleet Operations Command
2365 - 2369 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2370 - 2373 Tactical/Intelligence Officer USS Horizon
2374 - 2378 Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer USS Yamaha
2378 - 2388 "Floating" Intelligence Officer Starfleet Alpha Quadrant
2388 - Present Chief Intelligence Officer USS Excalibur