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I have been a member of Bravo Fleet for 20 years, having joined in the fall of 1998. It seems so hard to believe I've stayed put for so long, especially since the first real ship I was on actually made the split to Obsidian Fleet. It left, but I made the choice to stay. I eventually worked my way up the ranks after becoming the Commanding Officer of a sim of my own (the Farragut), and went on to hold the position of Fleet Commanding Officer twice.

I'm glad to have the opportunity to just be a writer for a while. Who knows what the future may hold, whether or not I'll be called upon again to serve the Fleet in an official capacity. If not, I will always cherish the time I had in the leadership, and if so, I will do my best to honor the traditions of the fleet, and the restructuring and communal approach it's now taken on. In the meantime, I look forward to writing with my fellow sim members here on Endeavour in TF64.