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Part of USS Saratoga: Victory and Relief and Bravo Fleet: Ashes of Deneb

4 – Victory and Relief

Captain's Ready Room / USS Saratoga
May 2401
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Both the Saratoga and Triumph had been in orbit of Nasara II for the past couple of weeks working on assisting with rebuilding after the Lost Fleet’s occupation of the planet. While the Polaris and a few ships that had teamed up were able to liberate the planet, the Saratoga Squadron was sent to help clean up the mess and begin rebuilding. Things were complete and they were in a good spot to be able to finish on their own.

Azras was in her ready room sitting next to the window looking out at the planet below. They were due to depart within the hour, “Computer begin log.” Azras ordered as the computer chirped in response.

Captains Log Stardate 2401.5,


We have finished replacing the command center for orbital defenses for the planet after the previous one was destroyed to stop the Dominion from turning the orbital weapons on the planet. The system is fully operational and the planet is protected yet again, hopefully, the new system will be harder to override with the new safeties that have been put into place.


The residents of Nasera II have been given supplies, we also picked up where Polaris and the Verity had left off and began to rebuild homes and brought more supplies that they were in desperate need of. The governor invited our crews for a feast last night as a thank-you for our assistance. The night went smoothly and we were able to enjoy some food and good company. It was a good way to end our stay here at Nasera.

“Computer pause recording,” Azras said as the computer beeped indicating that it was paused. While there was a good ending for those of Nasera, it wasn’t a good ending for Commander Aarven. The court marshell proceedings had taken place yesterday morning and things didn’t end well for her.

Azras got up and headed to the replicator, “Coffee, black.” She said as the cup of coffee materialized on the replicator padd. Taking the cup of steaming hot coffee she walked back over to where she was sitting and sat back down. She took a sip before bringing it down to her lap holding it with both of her hands as she stared out the window again catching her thoughts. “Computer resume log,” Azras replied.

While things have gone well for those of Nasera, Commander Aarven’s court marshall has been concluded. Aarven was noncooperative throughout the whole procedure, refusing to talk during the initial investigation to the outburst she had during the actual proceedings sealing her fate. I think she wanted this outcome, though I will probably not know her thoughts. She has been discharged from Starfleet and will face prison time. She is currently being transferred to Earth via a transport that had met up with us yesterday afternoon. 


She has major problems that she will need to get straight and she will have all the time to do so. I have informed Captain Tilana of the outcome and that she is free to promote Zhayva to Chief to replace her. I wish things had turned out differently, I wish I could have gotten through to Aarven to find out what her deal was. Some people just don’t seem to want help or admit there is a problem.


We will be leaving Nasara II within the hour where we will be meeting up with the Knight before traveling to Starbase 93. 

“Computer end log,” Azras said as the computer beeped ending the log. Taking a sip of her drink she continued to stare out the window at the planet below. After a few moments of silence, Azras walked out of her ready room and headed out onto the bridge where they would begin the process of departing Nasara II.


  • In my time with Nasera, we never met the actual governor, only the Vorta that had subjugated and terrorized the planet. After all the time spent exploring the suffering of Nasera, it warmed my heart to read about the happy ending and the thank you feast. Thank you for a fitting conclusion!

    January 19, 2024
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