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Part of USS Eagle: Mission 6 – Hunter or Hunted and Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

Intruder Alert

USS Eagle
June 2401
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Matt Kirby

The stress of waiting for the Borg to do something ended when a drone appeared on the bridge. Reacting quickly, Captain Kirby leaped out of his chair.

“Don’t do anything! Stay where you are and don’t make yourself a threat.” Kirby looked at Iziraa, who had her hand on the phaser on her hip. “Lieutenant!” His voice was stern.

Iziraa held her hands up in a surrender position. She was clearly unhappy about the situation.

The drone had paused, apparently observing everyone on the bridge. Once it seemed to be satisfied that no one would attack, it moved directly to the science station.

Haia Ohtani

Trying very hard to not panic, Haia gasped when a Borg drone transported onto the bridge. After the captain ordered everyone to stand down, the intruder walked straight for her. Her eyes widened. Her breathing increased. Her heart was pounding so hard, she thought it would burst from her chest. She whimpered. When the drone reached her, it pushed her out of her chair, sending her sprawling across the floor.

Matt Kirby


The Andorian was again reaching for her weapon.


Swearing in her native tongue, Izi stood still, watching as Haia was tossed aside like a rag doll.  Her anger was boiling.

Matt Kirby

No one moved. No one said anything. The Borg accessed something on the science console. Words flashed across the screen, but Kirby couldn’t make out what they said. He didn’t know how much time passed, it seemed to stand still, but when the drone was finished, it turned to look at the captain. Their eyes locked, sending a cold, chilling feeling rushing through him. It felt like he was seeing something that was literally undead.

The drone shimmered away, gone from the bridge.

“Nick,” said Kirby.

“I’m on it,” said Saunders as he hurried to the science station.

Doctor Weaver was tending to Ohtani.

“Sir, the drone accessed our crew files,” said Saunders.

“That’s it?  Anything else?” said Kirby.

“That’s all,” said Saunders.

Kirby wondered why the Borg would be interested in their crew list. He also wondered why they waited to search them only after they went to the aid of the damaged Romulan ship. They had scanned two planets and a starship. Who were they looking for?

“Sir, the sphere is on a course that will take them directly to their space,” said Iziraa.

“They’re leaving?” said Kirby.

“It would seem so, sir.”

“Continue tracking it for as long as you can,” said Kirby.

Iziraa nodded.

Kirby was more flustered now than he was before. What was going on?


Internal scans revealed there were no other Borg on the ship. Commander Allen led an away team to help the survivors on the Romulan ship. Kirby had a short conversation with the leaders of Alpha Brama, but none of them could answer why the Borg scanned them or what they wanted. It was now six hours later and there was no sign of the Sphere. It seemed they got what they wanted, so they went back home.

“Helm, take us to Starbase 93, best speed.” Kirby sighed. It seemed this was a mystery they just may not ever solve.



  • An unresolved mystery; well even the Enterprise has been in that sort of situation once or twice. Not everything gets neatly sorted out. An enjoyable read.

    December 11, 2023