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Part of USS Eagle: Mission 6 – Hunter or Hunted and Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg


USS Eagle
June 2401
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“The Borg sphere is approaching Alpha Brama,” said Iziraa.

Captain Kirby was laser-focused on the image of the sphere on the forward view screen.  Based on what they had seen so far, the Borg weren’t scouting for an attack, but were searching for something specific.  It was frustrating not knowing what that was or what they would do if they found it.  It was even more frustrating being helpless observers.  The Borg were ignoring them, which would be insulting if the Borg had thoughts like that.

“Captain, I’m detecting two vessels from Alpha Brama on an intercept vector to the sphere,” said Iziraa.

That was a surprise.  Kirby expected another planetary distress signal, but the people on this world were different, being remnants from the Romulan Empire.  It seemed they preferred going down fighting.

“The ships are taking a position blocking the sphere,” said Iziraa.

“Magnify.  Helm, keep our distance,” said Kirby.

The Romulan ships held their ground as the sphere closed.  When at point-blank range, the Romulans opened fire.  Kirby frowned as the scene unfolded.  The sphere was undamaged.  One Romulan ship exploded in an orange fireball.  The second ship was floating dead in space.

The sphere continued on its way as if nothing had happened.

“The sphere is in orbit and is scanning the planet,” said Iziraa.

“All stop and hold our position here,” said Kirby.  “Once the sphere leaves, move to the Romulan ship.  We’ll see if we can help any survivors.”

“Yes, sir,” said Helm.


“The sphere is breaking orbit and heading out of the system,” said Iziraa.

“Helm, make sure the sphere is gone, then move to the Romulan ship,” said Kirby.


“Roger, prepare an away team and beam over to the Romulan ship,” said Kirby.

“Captain!  The Borg sphere has reversed its course,” said Iziraa. “It’s coming back here.”

The tension that had been present on the bridge just got worse.  The entire time the Eagle shadowed the sphere, it ignored them.  Now, for whatever reason, the Borg seemed to have changed their minds.

“Hold our position.  Do not raise shields or prepare weapons,” said Kirby.  He could see the incredulity on each officer.  “We can’t outrun them and we can’t defeat them in battle.  Our best chance to survive is to do absolutely nothing that can be interpreted as aggressive.”  Kirby hated issuing those orders, but he had to do what he could to protect his people.

Kirby felt a hand on his shoulder.  Turning to see who it was, he stared into the worried eyes of Doctor Weaver.  Without saying anything, she expressed fear that couldn’t be put into words, but also confidence in him that he was making the right decisions.

He reached over and squeezed her hand.




  • Dun dun duuuuun! Was it a trap, or did the sphere see something they wanted? I enjoyed the false floor and feeling like we would get a rescue post, and's coming back! There is plenty to worry about here, and I am wondering how this crew will respond to the very near threat of a Borg Sphere! I like the connection at the end between Kirby and Lori - I've enjoyed this crew navigating and growing their friendships! Very interested in what happens next!

    December 7, 2023