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Part of USS Odyssey: Beyond Redemption, Beyond Reason and Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

Beyond Redemption, Beyond Reason – 10

USS Odyssey (NCC-80000), Kotaba Expanse, Swallow Nebula region, Delta Quadrant
Stardate: 78424.6
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“A signal has been detected. Unimatrix four seven one seven grid nine three.”


“Signal identified. Transwarp Hub Delta Two Point Five.”

“Alter course to investigate.”

“A vessel has been detected. Current position spatial grid seven two eight six. Trajectory one one two mark five.”

“Vessel identified. Federation Starfleet, Odyssey Class, one thousand six hundred lifeforms.” 

“Prepare for assimilation.”

Gray automatically opened his eyes and realised there was something more coming for them. Rushing to his bathroom, he emptied whatever was left in his stomach and knew that he had to warn the captain.



  • This little snippet of a post was an excellent mood change from the previous post. The urgency, the immediate way that you established the anxiety in Gray, it's all excellent. It'd be easy to dismiss this post, but it sets a pivot point that might get lost as a part of a larger post. Well done.

    November 25, 2023