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Part of USS Eagle: Mission 3 – Intelligence Acquisitions

The Fan

USS Eagle
March 2401
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Sitting in his command chair, Kirby could sense how the bridge crew was feeling.  He felt it as well, but didn’t show it as he needed to be their strength.  Iziraa’s antennae were moving in opposite circles.  Saunders was idly running through engine readings.  At science, Ohtani was reading the same PADD the last twenty minutes.  He mused at how each person dealt with the waiting.

His people had meticulously done everything to prepare.  The plan was risky.  No, it was probably foolish.  After receiving reports on battles with the Jem’Hadar, including Starfleet losses, Kirby was willing to risk his career to get the Breen deployments.  He ran it again in his mind….

Ready Room Flashback

“As you know, sir, the original idea came from the Enterprise under Captain Kirk,” said Saunders.  “While near planet 892-IV, they discovered wreckage of the SS Beagle, a merchant ship under R. M. Merik, that had been missing for six years.  It was determined survivors made it to the planet, a civilization like the old Roman Empire, but in the mid 1900s.  Making a long story short, a landing party was sent to find any Beagle survivors in an attempt to limit cultural contamination.  They were captured, but the chief engineer launched an EM pulse that disrupted power and allowed the Enterprise people to escape.”

“The chief engineer saved the day.”  Kirby chuckled.

“That’s what we do, sir.”

Kirby smiled.  “Go on, Nick.”

“We were going to do the same thing, but after conducting extensive scans of the Bunnicorn casino, we discovered Klunt has an extensive EMP shield system protecting the complex, so we needed another plan.  Doing more digging, we found something from the Enterprise NX-1 under Captain Jonathan Archer.  They were captured by Orions and were being towed.  The chief engineer sent a positron burst through its navigational deflector.  This broke the tether and knocked out the power on the Orion ship.”

“You can do that to the casino without harming any of the people?” said Kirby.

“Yes, sir.”

“So all we need is the right time to do it so we can…”  Kirby’s voice trailed off.  “Thank you, Nick, you’re dismissed.”


Still waiting.  For some reason, it was always said to be the worst part.  Kirby could see the reasoning, but he felt waiting for a bad situation to happen really was better than being in one.

The tactical console beeped.

“Iziraa?” said Kirby, moving forward in his chair.

“Checking…  Confirmed, sir.  It’s them,” said Iziraa.


“Sending the pulse now,” said Saunders.

“Scanning,” said Ohtani.  “It worked!  The casino  is dark.”

“Transporter room, now!” said Kirby.

“Transporter room acknowledging.  Beaming now, sir.”

“Iziraa, go take charge of the security team,” said Kirby.

“Aye, sir,” said Iziraa.

“Transporter room to bridge.  Mission accomplished, sir.”

“Lieutenant Iziraa is on her way,” said Kirby.

It was time to see if the old saying about something hitting a fan was going to happen now.




  • I enjoyed this spotlight on Saunders very much. His obsession with starships called Enterprise is obviously relatable and it's proven very handy in his profession. I especially loved the line: “That’s what we do, sir.” It's such a warm and reassuring bit of characterization, a nice diversion from many of the bedraggled and overworked engineers in Trek. His confidence is reassuring!

    June 10, 2023