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Part of USS Mariner: M1: Into The Gamma Quadrant and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

16) Just Another Monday – Part 1

USS Mariner - Various locations
March 2401
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It happened. The very thing that was worked so hard to avoid happened. The Dominion was on the ship and making its way to a nice seat in its guest quarters. The crew had to accept the presence of these warmongers on their ship, even though their captain had ignored their pleads not to do so. Rami walked around the corner and nodded, seeing many people in the lower decks that had collected together. There were at least 20 or so people ready to do this. “Thank you all for coming. Your voices of concern are heard, and I will answer them. Our Captain's neglect regarding this mission makes it obvious that she is under the influence of the delusional news that the Fourth Fleet is providing. If anything, they cause this mission to go as far south as it is now.”

“Are we truly going to do this? We all know what is at stake if we do this” L'iera voiced her concern. The Deltan medical officer had rightfully clarified that the consequences would be heavily paid on them. 

Raising her shoulders, “Do we have a choice? The Captain willingly ignored our requests to deny access to these people. Well not only the Captain, the whole command team regards our complaints as void as the mission is more important.” Keeyiro pointed out while she leaned against the side wall looking at L'iera.

“Ensign Cho makes a valid point. The command team has been ignoring our plead. Now we have the people on board that have brought suffering to our people 30 years ago, and we are supposed to be smiling at them as if nothing had happened” Rami said. “Will we stand for this injustice, for a battle that might be very fabricated by the Fourth Fleet?” Seeing many people shaking their heads “Are we going to stand as we lie again to Opaka Outpost and Deep Space 9? Our colleagues that we swore to protect?”

Cailra shook her head. “What makes us better than the Dominion if we are going to lie against our colleagues…. We need to stop this madness and take control of the situation. Do damage control where needed” Cailra spoke out deep concerns on how the Command Team was doing their jobs as leaders of this ship.

The vibe was changing. Officers and enlisted raise their hands, motivated by the common goal of doing something about this. Rami had a small smile on his face as he nodded to them agreeing with the points that were made. They would soon see control back to the ship. “We need to take control of the situation, ”Ensign Cho, Lieutenant Cailra take five people with you and control the Engineering. As soon as we get the engineering, drop this ship out of warp if you do not hear from me. I will take a team to take control of the bridge. Ensign L'iera you come with me, and I also take four people with me on this. As soon as we got control over the bridge, we dropped the ship out of warp" 

“What will happen after that?” L'iera crossed her arms looking back at Rami with concerned eyes. 

Rami looked back at the Deltan and slightly narrowed his eyes. He found it annoying how many questions the Deltan asked of him in the given vibe that could easily be broken. “We take the command team in control to escort them to the brig, weapons to stun. And we escort the representatives back to Dominion space where they belong” Rami build a solid foundation for his plan. But in his mind, he was ready to airlock the representatives into space for all he cared. “If there are no further questions, the rest will spread over the ship to take control of any that resist. Now move out" He said that everyone needed to start this coup. 


a team of seven moved quickly through the hallways as they arrived at the engineering and spread out. Cailra nodded to Keeyiro to stir the pot and take the lead even though she was a senior in the given situation. She was however more careful. Maybe she thought that while her actions were justified any aftermath would be milder if her participation was less to be mentioned. 

Keeyiro saw the signal from Cailra and shrugged rolling her eyes as she grabbed her phaser out of the holster. “Alright listen up! We are taken control of this engineering! Stop whatever you are doing. The Command Team will be relieved of their duties soon.” Seeing in her eye corner a person grabbed his phaser and aimed at him. “Come on kid, be smart, and don't make me shoot. Let us be civil and reasonable with the situation our Captain has brought upon us” 

“Reason? This is mutiny, Ensign!” A voice came from the second level of the warp core area. 

Looking up, Keeyiro saw Adrian standing there with two engineers standing ready to fire their phasers. “Well let's see what you are made off Commander, DEFENSIVE POSITIONS!” She ducked behind a console and opened fire. 


Standing in the turbolift, Rami got his phaser ready for the go and looked at his side to L'iera. “You are not troubled with what is going to happen right?” He needed to get her on his side at any cost, or this might backfire if they were getting doubts right now. 

L'iera shrugs. “Violence is not the way. We should talk to the bridge crew before aiming at them” 

“How do you think that will go….Please stand down. We kindly ask you to drop us out of warp and help us relieve our command team from their position because they are following delusional ideas?” Rami looked back at the door. “No hostile take over is the only way, peer pressure and the element of surprise, if there are any wounded you can take care of them” 

“I just hope they are not going to resist us too much” L'iera was already starting to regret this insane plan. 

Rami nodded as the door opened, and he raised his phaser with the others spreading into tactical positions. “Please remain calm, I, Lieutenant Shew, take over command of this vessel. Lieutenant K'Nala do me a favor and get us out of warp right now” 

Some crew looked stunned at the people's aggression that they consider their colleagues or their friend. K'Nala looked carefully over her shoulder and saw the phaser aimed at her “Lieutenant yourrr actions imply that you are causing a mutiny on the ship. You do realize that?”

He noticed some crew slowly getting into defensive positions. “Lieutenant I am not going to ask you again” Rami locked his view on K'Nala who grabs to her phaser as she got a shot in her shoulder from Rami. “Take cover!” He orders as others start opened fire. 


  • I had figured the nerves of the crew would play out through some impedance in their daily functions or through some concerning dialogue, but I did not fathom for a moment that we were going to mutiny. I was too focused on what the Vorta were up to. I suppose my mindset was exactly the same as the captain, and that is what I appreciate most about this twist. You took us along, using our distrust of the Vorta to distract us from the real danger aboard the Mariner. And now, here we are with phasers drawn, and it's not because of the Vorta and the Jem'Hadar, but because of the captain's approach to this mission. Love it when our commanding officers are fallible!

    May 29, 2023
  • I knew this was coming, yet for some reason I had hoped it wouldn't come to this. The mutiny stands no chance of success. This is going to have long-lasting repercussions for the USS Mariner coming forward. Even after the loss Fleet mission is completed.

    June 2, 2023
  • Everybody grab a phaser! It's happening! Shew is becoming a bigger antagonist than the Dominion, which isn't a bad thing. It's interesting to see a character who dispises the Dominion for justifiable reasons, Starfleet & Bajoran, there's a lot of bad history there; but given his response to L'iera I think his anger might be confusing things. It's a nice glimpse to see that he doesn't really have a plan for after mutiny either.

    June 8, 2023
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