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Part of USS Eagle: Mission 3 – Intelligence Acquisitions

It’s Getting Serious Now

Lappa Moon
March 2401
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Bunnicorn’s Foot

“It was my last turn and I barely made any latinum, so I decided to go for it all,” said Ted.

“I couldn’t believe he did that,” giggled Erica.

“I rolled a 57!  Doubled my money.”  Ted smiled.

“Congratulations,” said Roger.

“Did you guys hear about the fight at one of the poker tables?  Two women were punching each other and security had to pull them apart,” said Erica.

“Yeah, we missed a good catfight,” said Ted.

“Behave, Teddy,” said Erica, slapping his arm.

Lori set her fork down onto her plate.  “It wasn’t a fight and they didn’t need to be pulled apart.”

Roger eyed Lori.

“Yes it was,” said Erica.  “It’s all over the casino.”

Lori looked directly at Erica.  “It wasn’t a fight.”  She emphasized each word as she spoke.

Erica gasped and Ted laughed.

“Oh, my, it was you!” said Erica.

“That’s my girl.”  Roger smiled as he caressed her back.

Ted gave her a thumbs up.


Erica was a talker, so it was funny that she didn’t know what to say.

For another minute or so, the two couples ate silently.  Though relaxing, Roger was still vigilant.  When he saw three Ferengi security approaching, he got Lori’s attention and motioned towards them.

Sir, ma’am, would you please come with us?” said the largest of the three from security.

“”Why?  Where are you taking us?  We already gave our statements,” said Roger.

“We need to talk with you again.  Please, sir, we don’t mean any trouble.”

“We haven’t finished our dinner,” said Roger.

“We’ll comp you a meal for tomorrow.  All four of you.”

Roger was impressed over how easily a Ferengi offered someone something free.  “All right.”  He got up.  “Kavi?”

Lori slowly chewed and swallowed her last bite.  Grabbing her glass, she finished the last of her synthehol.  Making a show of taking her time, she got up, Roger holding her hand.  “I’m ready.”

“This way please.”

Roger addressed Ted and Erica.  “We’ll see you later.”

“Be careful,” said Ted.

Erica sat silently, her face almost as white as the tablecloth.

Roger let Lori go ahead of him so he could watch her back.  As they left the dining area and began meandering through the gaming section, he noticed people looking at them, pointing, or whispering.  It seemed they were the talk of the town.  He wished he could see Lori’s face, but he could tell by her bearing she was confident and not worried.  How much had her first undercover mission affected her?

The trek continued and Roger noticed they were closing in on an elaborate, ornate wooden staircase leading to a separate mezzanine between the first and second levels.  Its shape was curved, with large, mirrored windows that blocked viewing inside, but didn’t reflect the lighting; probably holographic windows.  It extended out like a balcony, providing a wide view of the floor below.

It was obviously for someone important.

“Sir, ma’am.”  The Ferengi motioned for them to go up the steps first.

Roger wondered how it was possible for Lori to so easily ascend while wearing high heels.

Reaching their destination, the security man told them to wait.  He tapped a code into a keypad next to the door, walking inside.

Roger and Lori were alone as the other two from security had remained on the lower level.

“Are you okay?” said Roger.  “You know we’ve been summoned by Klunt, right?”

Lori didn’t answer right away.  “Compared to Nessa Trennel, Klunt is an amateur.”

Roger could sense the hardness in her voice.  At that moment, he realized she truly was Kavi Rozen, head of the Red Heaven syndicate.

“You can go in now,” said Security.

“Let’s go, Lover,” said Lori.  “Time to talk business.”



  • I love the slow reveal the dialogue at the start gives us - and the very different reactions their newfound friends have - Erica seems to be the more shocked one, while Ted is more amused by it all. I love that little detail with these two cameo characters - thought was put into giving them distinct personalities that continue to pay off as the story goes. We're led into the next phase, and we get a fantastic moment with Roger realizing Lori is her character - I appreciate his wondering earlier how much of an effect the previous mission had on her...and now he's starting to realize. That connective nature of the story really kicks it up a notch. Nice work!

    May 27, 2023
  • This almost had the feeling of being called into the principles office when they were just trying to eat their meal and enjoy the rest of the night. I wonder how things will go down, let's hope things don't turn sour and go horribly wrong. I agree that it seems that Erica is a bit more shocked while Ted seems a bit amused by it, the incident with Lori and the woman from the table. Great stuff!

    May 29, 2023
  • It us indeed getting serious now. I wonder if their cover has been blown or if Klunt sees "opportunity" in the form of the "Red Heaven syndicate." With a Ferengi you never can tell until it's too late. I thought it was interesting that Klunt employed Ferengi as security. You usually see Nausican or Klingon mercenaries filling that role for Ferengi bosses. Fun little insight into Klunt's character. This line at the end, "Roger could sense the hardness in her voice. At that moment, he realized she truly was Kavi Rozen, head of the Red Heaven syndicate" really stuck out for me. Is there going back to the old Lori possible?

    May 30, 2023