Part of USS Olympic: Mission 1 – Uneasy Alliance and USS Mackenzie: The Mackenzie Squadron – The Uneasy Alliance

09 – The Uneasy Transfer

USS Olympic
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Crawford was in shock, “They can’t be serious.”  The Mackenzie’s Diplomatic Officer sat across from him in the ready room in as much shock as the captain.

“The message and orders just came through,” he handed the PADD to Pete, “They’re recommending we have an observer to watch and document the process.”  Charlie sighed, “They didn’t even require a JAG officer to be involved in ensuring justice is served properly.”  He was frustrated with the answer and annoyed at the lackadaisical attitude from Diplomatic Services.  One of the larger cases to come out of the Dominion War, and they were just handing him back to the colonial justice system.

The captain of the Olympic groused, “I wonder how long I could tie him up in paperwork.”  He handed the PADD to Hargraves, “Dread is going to lose her….”  He raised an eyebrow as the ready room door flew open, and his XO spilled into the room.

“This is unacceptable, Pete.”  She threw her PADD down on his desk, “Palak won’t live to see tomorrow if we turn him over.  Hey, Charlie.”  He gave a weak wave.  Helena paced the room, “Palak was dying…but we found an effective treatment option to put his condition into complete remission.  If we do it, he’ll live another ten years or more.  We turn him over to them – he’ll be dead within the week.”  Crawford gestured to the couch, but she shook her head as she continued to tread the carpet in frustration, “They’ll argue he’d suffer and that he should feel the real pain after what he’s done…and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Goddamn Dominion.”

Crawford understood.  He was playing host to a genocidal madman.  What he had done was not in question.  The investigation had spanned an entire year with documentation, photographs, and witness recordings filling a massive file.  There was a conviction in absentia in the books.   He was certainly confused, but another emotion had been filling his reservoirs recently.  Concern.  The discovery of a Changeling on the Thomas Jefferson changed how he saw the current situation.  Pete had faced Changelings, clones, and more the first time around.  He’d watched as his clone had taken his last breaths.  And his daughter’s clone was still locked up somewhere in the depths of Federation custody.  He again pointed to the couch, “Have a seat, Helena.” She ignored him this time but slowed her pacing.

Charlie glanced at Captain Crawford, “The orders are pretty clear – we have to transfer him to the Janoor III government within 12 hours of receiving.  I’m the last person to pull a rebellion – I’ve seen what they do to people who full impulse out of spacedock.”  He nervously tapped his fingers on the arms of the chair.

Pete leaned back in his chair, “I’m not going to get you stuck in the transporter buffer without a way out, Charlie.”  He spoke forcefully to his XO, “Will you please sit down, Hella?”  Dread snapped her head up at the use of her nickname and burned red with embarrassment as she skittered over to the couch and plopped down, staring daggers at Crawford.  “Thank you.”  He sighed and brainstormed, “We can medically make a case for his delayed transport while still meeting the deadline.  Dread will continue his treatment.  I’ll argue for her to go with him to continue treatment to ensure it completes.”  Helena sat up, interested but still scowling.  “I’ll demand a support person be allowed along to support the good Doctor Dread.”  He leaned back in his chair, a sly smile crossing his lips as Charlie had a premonition confirmed moments later when Crawford said, “…and that support person will be you. Part nurse, part observer.  They like you, anyway.”

Hargraves grumbled, “This is what I get for suggesting a solution, isn’t it?”  He had enjoyed working alongside the Janoor III colonists and bridging the gap between them and everybody else in the mission.  He was worried his piece of this mission was about to turn him against them.

Dread spoke from her couch, “Don’t think I like it any more than you do, Charlie.  I’d rather not put myself into a situation surrounded by people who just want to murder my patient and divide his body in lots of justice.”  She shook her head at Crawford, “I wish I had a better idea, but I don’t.  So we go with this one.”  Helena stayed on the couch.

Crawford appreciated her acceptance.  “Helena – continue the treatment of your patient. Take Charlie with you to give him a crash course on how to help you without getting in the way.  I’ll make the call to Janoor to tell them what’s what.  Twelve hours from now, we’re taking our patient to them.”

The Diplomatic Officer stood and followed his new assignment out the door.  He was thankful the captain would be the one making the call to the colony.  He hadn’t been looking forward to doing it himself.


  • Well you sure have placed Olympic in the middle of a moral quandary worthy of the heydays of Trek. That's such a nasty little catch-22: follow orders and let Palak die, or undermine the legal system to save Palak's life with necessary treatment. All the more fitting a question to be answered by a medical ship! I like the messy solution, trying to salvage the best of both options, but compromise is a hard thing in the middle of a war zone. I can't imagine ANYTHING could POSSIBLY go wrong! hahahaha.

    June 1, 2023