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Peter Crawford

Human Male

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Captain Crawford


Mission Lead
USS Mackenzie


Peter Crawford


Roundup, MT


Peter Crawford continues to serve in whatever capacity Starfleet asks.


Peter is 5’10 with dark brown hair.  His eyes are green, and he’s fairly unassuming to look at.

Has a scar on his leg from a farming accident when he was 10.  Depending on the day and his mood his beard will be shaved, rough, or nearly full.

Peter is driven by a desire to succeed in his future with Starfleet.  His parents were not supportive of his choice and he wants nothing short of their approval.  He sees this as his chance to make something of himself that isn’t connected to his family’s ranch and history.  He is optimistically pessimistic most of the time and has a habit of sarcasm and biting wit at times.  Given that most of his life was spent at home, he tends to be a loner most of the time.  Through the four years of the academy, he slowly has come out of his shell but  Deep desire to learn.

He is an only child. A rancher by trade, he enjoys holodeck programs where he can spend time back home without leaving his assignment. Horseriding and the wide-open spaces of Montana are where he goes to relax.


Alternate Universe Peter Crawford Details Are Below

Born 2339.  Daughter Carolyn was born in 2360.

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Early Life (2354-2370)

Peter was born on April 1st,  2354 in Roundup, MT to Jeremy and Patricia Crawford.  They own the Crawford Ranch just ten minutes outside Roundup.  The land has been in the family since 2022 when it was sold to them by their long-time friends, the Dahls.  The Dahls and the Crawfords both had eschewed technology and its application on the ranch.  That tradition continues today.  Peter has always pushed back on that tradition and it has been a constant point of contention with his parents and extended family who live on the spacious ranch with over 10,000 acres.

He worked on the ranch since he was 7 years old.  When he was ten, he nearly lost his leg in a farming accident but the doctors were able to save it.  He still experiences mild phantom pains.  Peter attended the local school and grew into a gifted thinker and reader who loved to work on the farm equipment with a manual in one hand and a tool in the other.  He graduated from Roundup High School at 16 in May of 2370 and immediately enrolls in Starfleet Academy.  His parents do not support him and do not assist him in his application or move.  Peter attempts to convince them but they argue and he leaves without reconciliation.  They are estranged from this point forward.

Starfleet Academy (2370-2374)

Peter enters Starfleet on his own and throws himself into his studies.  He initially expresses interest in engineering but changes his focus to operations after a chance encounter with an Operations Chief from an orbiting starship.  He tries to build connections with his fellow cadets, but his age is often a barrier or simply a nuisance.  Through it all, Peter remains convinced of his dream to join Starfleet and seek out his future in space.  His second year is a repeat of his first and he puts his head into books and studies as much about operations and engineering as he can in his spare time.  In his third year he is invited to a study group of fellow operations cadets and forms friendships that become an anchor for him as he continues to learn, train, and push forward in his education.  He grows especially close to a girl, Kacy Tran.  They are soon in a relationship that lasts through his final and fourth year at the academy.  They consider marriage but Kacy admits her family wishes her to marry someone more traditional.  They part ways amicably but are heartbroken at the reality. Peter graduates early from the academy in February 2374 and is assigned to the USS Denver.

USS Denver (2374) (The Stories of Peter Crawford in 2374)

Peter was assigned as a Chief Operations Officer to the USS Denver on February 26, 2374, as an Ensign. He was promoted to full Lieutenant by Captain Talon on March 24, 2374, in a battlefield promotion. Captain Talon cited his leadership skills and performance on the mission. He was reassigned in late 2374 to the front lines of the Dominion War.

Starfleet Service (2374-2400)

Crawford was assigned to the USS Colorado River in 2374, another Nebula class.  He was assigned as Chief Operations Officer.  He was awarded multiple commendations during the Dominion War after the Colorado River takes part in multiple battles.  He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in 2375 when the XO was killed during a battle and field promoted to XO.  He served on the Colorado River until 2380.

He applied to the USS Euphrates River as XO and is accepted in 2380.  He served with distinction until 2385 when he is promoted to Commander.  He is assigned the USS River Thames as CO in 2385.  He remains CO until 2395 when he’s promoted to Captain.  He takes command of the USS Watership Down in 2395 to 2400.

USS Olympic (2400-7.14.2401)

Captain of the Medical/Science Olympic Class USS Olympic.  He is shifted to Starfleet Command in July of 2401.