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Helena Dread

Human-Betazoid Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Dread


USS Douglas




Helena Elaine Dread




Helena Dread is now a captain, which she does not like, did not want, and constantly refused to be for most of her career.


She’s tall at 6’1.  Her hair is always tied back or pulled into a bun.  Her eyes are intense, and she walks with purpose.

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They used to call her ‘Hell on Wheels’ at the academy and eventually settled on “Hella.”  She is a driven, passionate, and unflinching person.  She is very much no-nonsense, sarcastic up to ’11’, as she says, and filled with vim, vinegar, and sarcasm in equal amounts.  Her reputation precedes her; she is known as a force of nature.


Early Life (2356-2374)

Helena Dread was born to Gerald and Trilene Dread on Betazed.  She was half human and half Betazoid.  She was empathic to a point.  Testing shows she was more human, thus limiting her access to the abilities of her mother’s side.  She attended a traditional human school while experiencing a Betezoid school as well.  She became dissatisfied with her experience and resented her mother, who resented her inabilities.  She left with her father in 2370 to emigrate to Earth, where she completed high school in Spokane, Washington.  Her interest in medical studies pushed her to apply to Starfleet Academy.  She was accepted.

Starfleet Academy (2374-2378)

Helena earned her nickname here, first as ‘Hell On Wheels” and then simply ‘Hella.”  Her inner passion and emotions exploded outwards during her freshman and sophomore years.  She’s known to party and is on disciplinary review in her junior year. Dread focused on herself and graduated as a medical officer at the top of her class in 2378.  She decides to pursue her dream of being a medical doctor.  She was accepted into the program on Starbase One in cooperation with Johns Hopkins University.

Starbase One (2378-2384)

While working as a medical officer on the expansive Starbase One, she attended classes through Johns Hopkins University.  Her first two years were spent studying hard with little social life to be had.  In her third year, she began working on her clinical rotation, finding emergency medicine as her favorite area.  She spent her fourth year focusing on emergency and station medicine.  Her two years of residency were spent on Starbase 1, Starbase Bravo, and Starbase 72.  She received high marks on each station and position.  Upon graduation, she is promoted to Lieutenant.

Starfleet (2384-2401)

She was assigned to the USS Lionheart, an Olympic Class starship from 2384-2388, as Assistant Chief Medical Officer.  In the midst of an attack on the ship in June of 2387, the Chief Medical Officer is killed, and she was field promoted to his position as well as a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

Dread was then assigned to the USS Jackson’s Lake, an Excelsior class in 2388, as Chief Medical Officer. She served with distinction from 2388 to 2394. During this time, she is awarded several commendations for working under fire on the ship and away teams.

She was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in 2394 as she transferred to the USS Gunnison, where she was both Chief Medical Officer and XO.  She became an excellent XO and was awarded several commendations for her actions and performance in the role.  She applied for the XO role aboard the USS Peregrine Falcon, an aging Excelsior Refit ship, and was accepted in 2398.  She is promoted to commander.

She serves as the XO and worked well with her CO.  In 2399, the ship came under heavy attack.  Due to her extensive training with the crew and her self-sacrifice, the ship was saved in time for reinforcements to arrive.  However, her captain was lost.  She received a field promotion to Captain and was given temporary command of the ship to get it home.  Upon returning home, her promotion was made permanent.  She returned to Starbase Bravo to work within the medical department as both a trainer and mentor to medical cadets.

USS Olympic(2401-2401)

She serves as XO on the USS Olympic with Peter Crawford as CO.

USS Daedalus (7.15.2401-9.15.2401)

Dread was assigned to the Rhode Island class ship to support the Mackenzie Squadron.

USS Douglas (9.15.2401-Present)

In a surprise reassignment, Dread and her crew are assigned to the Constitution III USS Douglas.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
9.2401 - Present USS Douglas Captain
2401 Captain USS Daedalus
2401 XO USS Olympic
2400 - 2401 Medical Teaching Supervisor Starbase Bravo
2398 - 2400 XO USS Peregrine Falcon
2394 - 2398 Chief Medical Officer, XO USS Gunnison
Lieutenant Commander
2388 - 2394 Chief Medical Officer USS Jackson's Lake
2387 - 2388 Chief Medical Officer USS Lionheart
Lieutenant Commander
2384 - 2388 Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Lionheart